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Cumbernauld Theatre is a 300 seat community based theatre, situated Just outside Glasgow. It presents a busy and varied programme which includes a wide range of touring shows. own productions, youth theatre and all types of music.

In addition to programming, casting and direction of Cumbernauld Theatre Company productions and supervision of the Theatre's community drama team. the Artistic Director will work closely with the General Manager in aspects of planning. administration and fund raising.

For full information and an application form please contact:

Denis Clifford

General Manager

Cumbernauld Theatre




Tel: 0236 737235 Fax: 0236 738408 Cumbernauld Theatre is working towards Equal Opportunities



The Ramshorn New Playwright

starting April. Qualified STAT-registered teacher. 041 353 1513.

introductory workshop in Glasgow - Saturday 16th April. Also courses for individuals

Initiative Strathclyde Theatre Group are planning

a two—week

developmental summer school for potential playwrights and creative writers between 25 July and 5 August.

For further information contact Sylvia Jamieson on

041 552 3489, or write to The Ramshorn New Playwright

Initiative, The Drama at the


98 Ingram Street, Glasgow, Gt tES



*subject to approval

Queen Margaret College



Working, or want to work, in theatre with, in and for the community?

Want to focus and extend your skills as a theatre professional and as an enabler?

Starting in September 1994, a post-experience/ postgraduate *Diploma in Community Theatre run in collaboration with Edinburgh’s Theatre

Study full or part-time, mornings or evenings plus some weekends.

For more information contact Lynne Clark on 031 317 3545 or write to: Drama Department, Queen Margaret College, Clerwood Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 8TS.


DESKTOP PUBUSIIIH COURSES One-to-one tuition. Flexible hours. Pay as you learn. Course notes. Competitive prices/discounts

Bing (041) 333 1761.

I Desperately seeking tuition Too many nights thinking I can do better. I need someone to teach me how to play guitar better. Style Irish/Scottish folk. Phone Billy 0389 55829. I French tuition Native teacher offers private lessons at all levels. Also theses corrected. Phone Loe'i'za 041 334 6824 (evenings).

I Um protect Recruitment and taster day. Monday 25 April. 10.30am—4pm. Springwell House. Ardmillan Terrace. Edinburgh. Telephone for details 031 226 7575.

F1539 QTILSE $ page: 0F.

‘E'xri Lee

-I Oi-I

COURSES May-Sep 94 1-5 days




Details: SCOT Innovation, Netherdale, Galashlels TDl 3EY, 0896 2196

I Singing tuition: Teacher. qualified London, Siena. Geneva, M.A. (Hons). Dip C.d.C, Dip L.O.C. has vacancies beginners/advanced in Edinburgh and central region. Telephone 0324 621935.

For a Head Start 111 Life,

Apply Here.

Thinking of going to college or university in September" Apply direct to lilinhurgh's 'i‘elford College for an IINC or IINI) course. and get the practical skills you need to find a ioh

At Edinburgh's 'l‘eiford ( ollege. learning is geared to your specific needs

by friendl). helpful staff

( i'c.iti\c. l)csigii. ( utiiiiitittic .itimis .iiid \chi.i

Foundation Studies' ADV CERT Design Studies With ()ptions' ADV CERT Stitched Textiles and Fashion Design [IND illustration and Media Design [IND Interior Design [IND Design and Typography for i’nnt [IND Marketing Design' [IND Communication in i-Zurope' [INC/[IND languages and (.ommunication' [INC Sigiiwork [INC Arts Management [INC/[IND Beauty Therapy [IND Television and Radio Production [INC/[IND

lluildiiig \ct‘\ ices. ( oiistriit tioii .iiid l iigiiiecriiig

Built Environment (\vitli architectural technology. construction management and quantity surveying options) [IND

[Electronic and lilectncal Engineering [INC Building Services [Engineering Mechanical' [INC Engineering“ [INC

Business. Matingcitieiit. ()lliu .iiid \diiiiiiisti'.itioii

Business Administration [INC/[IND Public Administration [INC Distnhution Supervisory Management [INC Office Administration [INC lnfomiation and (mice Management [IND (Lomputing [INC Housing“ [INC Business information ‘l‘echnologv [INC/[IND

(.ilci‘iitg.'Ilnspitnlits. lutit'isiu .itid I misiiim r Studies

Food and Beverage Management [IND Food and Beverage Service Management [INC Licensed House Management [INC/[IND' Bakery and (.onfectionen [’rthucttott [INC Food l’rixluction Supervisory Management [INC Professional Culinary Arts' [INC/[IND Applied ( onsumer Studies [INC/[IND Hospitality Operations [INC [tospitaiitv Management [IND Hospitality Front Office“ [INC

Science with Preparatory Studies in Management [INC Dental Technology (2 or 5 years) [INC/[IND

Counselling Psychology" [INC \pul'l .iiid Ii isiii'e

Health and Fitness [INC/[IND

Sports Coaching [INC/[IND leisure Management [INC/[IND IIIH’.H‘\ .iiid IIIIHI'IIIJIIHII Skills

European information Systems' [INC Libran' and Information Science' [INC

(Joiirses marked ' will run subiect to validation and approval from SCOT‘H',

For more Information. contact the Course Information Office on 031-332 249! between (I3Sam and 4.35pm quoting rean 93, Id

The (College also has a Central Admissions Team for advice on eboosing your course. Details of this drop-in facility are available from the Course Information Office. Careers Officer also available. The College has a nurserjyfor children ofstudents.

(,‘reu'e Toll. Edinburgh Eli-2 2N1. Telephone 031-332 2491. Fax 031-343 1218.



\i \\ 5in i s - New HORIZONS‘ c

N aw You

Follow the trail for Cheap Nursery places

WILKII 80088 NURSERY Tel. 031 225 2079 ext for details.

with this advert.



-£reo lolly for enquiries

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