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This is a recipe irom Tuscany

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1 medium-sized onion, thinly sliced growmg- Eddle Glbb 5ml(1tsii)smn pepper. pressed in a hears how a couple of pestle and mortar - - -

m (1% 02) shall“ walnuts, mme them are survwing against minced the odds.

3509 (12 oz) camaroli or risotto rice

125 ml (4 fl oz) Vin Santo The story of the Han/iestoun brewery is 1 litre (1% pints) vegetable stock basically The Good Life transported grated Parmesan cheese from Surbiton. Surrey to Dollar,

extra butter, to serve Clackmannanshire. Ken Brooker was a

regional manager for the Ford Motor Company, nailed to the cross of ajob he didn’t like by an index-linked pension. company car and all the other perks of the successful executive. But the creature comforts didn‘t bring much satisfaction and Brooker found his real enthusiasm was increasingly directed towards his hobby homebrewing. Over yet another pint of homebrew. Brooker and another enthusiast decided to turn their pipe dream into reality. ‘I knew l would regret it if] didn‘t do it.’ remembers Brooker. ‘My whole way of life was wrong and now l've found a

Melt the butter with 3—4 teaspoons oi water and saute the onion until it is translucent. Add the green pepper and walnuts, and simmer tor 1-2 minutes.

Add the rice and simmer until it becomes golden. Then pour about three quarters of the Vin Santo over the rice and leave to reduce. Stir in the stock and simmer until the rice is cooked. then add the remaining Vin Santa and cook until the rice is al dente.

Turn oil the heat and stir in plenty of Parmesan cheese and butter. Let the mixture cool for 2-3 minutes so that

the rice absorbs the “I”: “to” much greater degree of contentment.’ Nearly six years on, Harviestoun sells

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1‘33"“. Loyd Swan’s “all” around a hundred barrels a month with

Journey which was publish“ this plans to add a fifth beer to its range Montrose, a malty 80/- style brew

month b V imi . . o - ' . V 3 "0" (£1 99) aimed mainly at the Scottish market.

m it's a drop in the ocean of beer brewed by the giants Scottish and Newcastle I Che: Jules 415 Sauchiehall Street, and Tennents, but Brooker reckons it's

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Glasgow with the opening last week of Independent brewers have flourished sending all sorts of exotic ales north of among tourists. Neame was brought up a Chez Jules Michael Divers’ third in part because of the Government‘s the border. in Kent and his two beers. Stag and franchise in the city, The restaurant is ‘beer orders’ which allowed pubs tied Tomintoul, a Speyside independent Caillee, are much hoppier than is marked out from its older brother pieme to breweries to sell 'guest' beers, Until which produced its first beer last traditional for Scottish beers, but Victoipe by a cheaper menu and a more then, to be an independent brewer was November, is still at the delicate stan- Neame believes there is a market for Bohemian atmosphere, according to like trying to sell breakfast cereal to a up stage, but owner Peter Neame says something a bit different. That’s why Divers, Expect to pay well under a supermarket chain owned by Kellogg's, its sales are on target. Even by he believes real ale is here to stay. tenner for a starter and main course, However, this freeing up of the market Harviestoun’s standards it’s small. ‘There’s no advertising behind real ale with house wine at £6. Divers is keen encouraged competition, and Scottish brewing less than twenty barrels a and yet it grows,‘ says Neame. to point out that Chez Jules is independents now have to vie with week, but Tomintoul’s beers are ‘Fashions are based on the back of ‘vegetarian-friendly’. English regional brewers who are 'PYOVing POPUlaf locally. particularly adveniSing-’



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