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David Stewart, whose family company owns six real ale pubs in Edinburgh and is organising the Independents Festival, has seen a big increase in interest in real ales over the last six years. ‘Caledonian can take some credit for the revitalisation of Scottish real ales,’ he says. ‘We want to make people aware that Caledonian is not the only Scottish brewer and show them how diverse the range of beers in

en Breoker, Eric Harris, Ingrid Breeker. Scotland is.‘

The Scottish Independents Beer Festival is at the Guildford Arms, Edinburgh from Monday 25 April—Sunday 8 May. Harviestoun is regularly available in Glasgow at the Brewery Tap. Sauehiehall Street and Blackfriars, Bell Street; and in Edinburgh at the Starbank Inn. Laveroekbank Road and the Golden

Rule. Yearnan Place.

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Beer from £1.25 a pint

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All tickets £1 for Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s performance at the Royal Concert Hall on 4 May at 7.30pm. Tickets from Ticket Centre, 041 227 5511 and all Ticketlink outlets.

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Two tickets tor the price at one tor The Step Finn aerobics classes at Partick Burgh Hall on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm, Spot and 7pm during April. For turther inionnation telephone 041 9441708.


AEROBICS Free Inernbershlp (nornaliy £5) pins £1 ott yearth class tor Step Aerobics at Peilocksbaws Mb liail on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5.30pm

For farther intonation contact See ingten on 041 038 3579.

To tdte up one oi these otters present your Clyde Card to the venue box oitice. All otters subject to

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Glasgow 01 1l0.

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The List 22 April—5 May I994 89