COMPETITIQNS Japanese films

()nibulm (which means ‘The Hole‘) is a masterpiece of fantasy set in medieval Japan as powerful clans battled against each other for supremacy. Made in 1964 by director Kaneto Shindo. it is a sometimes violent. sometimes beautiful film from the golden age of Japanese filmmaking. K wait/an. from the same year. is a series of four short ghost stories directed by Japanese director Masaki Kobayashi. You can win both on video by answering this question:

Onibaba Who was the famous Japanese director. a contemporary of both Shindo and Kohayshi. who directed Ran and The Seven Samurai?

Send your answers, which must reach us by Thursday 5 May. to JAPAH COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE.


This film is based on the Zola novel about Clashes between starving miners and pit owners in 19th century France. Gerard Depardieu is a man who is politicised by the unrelenting poverty. as miners start to form fledgling unions. The winners of this competition can see the film at the Cameo. Edinburgh or GFI‘. Glasgow. The Edinburgh winner gets a soundtrack Cl). book and a grandad shirt; the runner up gets the shirt and the book. The Glasgow winner gets the shirt. tickets. book and poster; the runner up gets the shin, book and posters. To enter:


Name the director of Germinal. who is best known or the film Jean (1e Florerte and Manon des Sources.

Send your answers. which must reach us by Friday 6 May. to GEHMIHAI. COMP, The list, 14 High Street,

Scottish Ballet tickets

In its 25th anniversary year. Scottish Ballet is staging a production of The Sleeping Beauty. The production will have a 90s feel with new costumes by designer Jasper Conran and sets by Patrick Kinmonth. We‘ve got three pairs of tickets to see The Sleeping Beauty at the Playhouse on Saturday 30 April. First prize also includes two signed programmes and two T-shins; the second prize includes the signed programmes. To enter. just tell

Who composed the music for The Sleeping Beauty?

Send your answers. which must reach us by Friday 6 May. to

BEAUTY COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh Ellt 1T5.


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First five people at the door get a pair at tickets. The gig is on Sunday 1 May at the Old Athenaeum, Buchanan Street. Doors open at

7pm. Take this copy of The List to the box ottice on the night.


BUWFRIE Thethsttw people will get two ticketstortheprleeotoeetethlsgiget TreneeyoeSeturdeysonpdl. lloorsepeset 8pc. TitethiscopyotTheUsttothehox oliice.


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POSITIVA The first tour people with this copy of The list get in tree to this gig at the Tunnel on Sunday 24 April, plus a copy oi the new album. Doors open at 10pm.


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‘Tom and Viv’ "'

Willem Dafoe and Miranda Richardson star in this film of the life of TS. Eliot. 4 You can win a pair of tickets to see it and a copy of the screenplay by 55‘" Michael Hastings (Penguin). To enter. just tell us:

In which year did TS. Eliot receive the . Nobel Prize for Literature? .. a...

Send your answers, which must reach us by Wednesday 4 May, to

ELIOT COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 tTE.

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