With a Lufthansa

Come and celebrate a replay of the Young Europe Special with us! Between June lst and September 15th, 1994 you are cordially invited to join the fun, crisscrossing Europe with Lufthansa. Check out the excit- ing cities of Germany. get to know Eastern Europe, make new friends in the Mediterranean and cool off in Scandinavia. Everything is possible. You have the choice of 31 European

Young Europe Special

countries, 85 cities and more than 2000 weekly flights. YES-tickets can be bought for 4 to 8 flights and you’ll pay only £49 per flight. Naturally, special booking conditions

will apply for an offer as good as this.

Here are the most important ones!

- Age limitation 12 to 24 (full-time students up to 26).

- Airport and security taxes are not included.


0 All bookings must be made in advance, subject to availability. Travel is in Economy Class.

- Rebookings, refunds and can- cellations are limited and may be subject to charges.

Interested? For full written details call

our 24hr Hotline on 0800-300 747.

Call your travel agent or Lufthansa if

you‘re ready to book your YES-ticket

now. And off you fly up'n away!