Lothian Road. 228 2688.


1. Kafka I I5) 2.30pm. 5pm. 7pm. 9pm. 2. La Scorta ( l8) 3pm. 6pm. 8.30pm. SATURDAY 14

1. Hocus Pocus (PG) 2.30pm.

Kafka (15) 5pm. 7pm. 9pm.

2. Days Of Hope1 & 2 2pm.

La Scorta(18)opm. 8.30pm.


1. The Age Of Innocence (U) 2.30pm. 6pm.

Kafka ( I5) 8.45pm.

2. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me I I8) 2pm.

La Scorta ( I8) (1.30pm. 8.30pm. MONDAY 16

1. Kafka I I5) 2.30pm. (rpm.

The Age 01 Innocence (U) x. ISpnI.

2. All You Never Wanted To Know About Women (18) 3pm. 6.30pm.

La ScortaI18)8.3I)pIn.


1. Kafka I IS) 2.30pm. ()pm.

The Age Of Innocence It’) 8.15pm.

2. The Elephant Man I IS) 3pm. 8.30pm, La Scorta I I8) (>.3I)prn.


:7" f 1. The Age Of Innocence It') 2.30pm. 6pm. Kafka I I5) 8.45pm. 2. Behind The Rainbow I IS) 3pm. (I..’I()pnI. La Scorta I Is) 9pm. THURSDAY 19 1. The Age Of Innocence (It) 2.30pm. Kafka I I5) (1pm. 8.45pm. 2. The Lady From Shanghai (PG) 3pm. 6pm. La Scorta I IS) 9pm. See also Iidinburgh Lates.


I CAMEO Home Street. 22S 4 HI. [I)I. Fri 13:

1. Do The Right Thing I IS) and Taxi Driver I IS) I I.3()pm.

2. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? I 12) IISSpnt

3. Genninal I 15) I l.4I)pIn.

Sat 14:

1. Jurassic Park (PG) and Jason And The Argonauts I U) 11.30pm.

Cinemas 2 and 3 see Fri 13.

Thurs 19:

1. Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid I lsI ll.3()prrr.

Cinemas 2 and 3 see Fri 13.

I EDINBURGH FILMHOUSE I.ollliall Road. 233 2688.

Sat 14:

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me I ls)

l 1pm.

I UCI Kinnatrd Park. Krrrnaird Road. (I(I‘) ()777.

Fri 13/Sat 14:

Scarface I Is) and Carlito’s Way I rs I. Call cinema I‘or' I‘urther details.

I THE PAVILION‘MarLeI Street. (ialashiels. (1896 2767.

Philadelphia I 12) 7..‘Iopm.

I ROXY CINEMA Horsemarltet. Kelso. ()573 22-1609. Hart |I)|. (‘mernaonly open Sat/Sun. 'l‘tre/\\'ed.

Phone tor details.


sponsored by BACARDI BLACK


Provisional programme details only - not contirmed at time or going to press.

I ALLANPARK Allanpark Road. Stirling. (I786 474137.

Phone for details.

I CANNON Princess Street. Falkirk. 0324 23805.

Phone tor details.

I MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE Stirling L‘nryer'sity. 0786 4()l()t< I.

Tokyo Story ([1) Sun only. 7.30pm. CalendarI I5) Tue only. 7.30pm.

Provisional programme details only not ; confirmed at time 01 going to press. ' I ADAM SMITH CINEMA Bennochy Road. Kirkcaldy. 05‘): IN) 408. Remains or The Day (If) Sun/Mon only. 7.30pm. ; Les Visiteurs I 15) Tue ortly. 7.30pm. Tombstone I IS) Wed only. 7.30pm. Man Without A Face I I3) Thurs only. 7.30pm. I GLENROTHES CINEMA Church Street. Glenrothes. 05‘): 75“ 980 1. Ace Ventura I ll) 2pm ISat only). 7.30pm. 2. The Paper I 15) Phone to confirm. I MGM High Street. Kirkcaldy. 0592 2()() l-l}. ; Phone for details. I NEW PICTURE HOUSE North Street. St '.'\nIIrews. ()334 735W) ; 1. The Paper I IS) III/stir: o. Illptn. 8.15pm; Mort-Tl‘hnrs‘: 7.50pm. 2. Phone for details. I ROBINS ltast Port. Dunlt‘rrnline IRS} ()23 535.

I Phone for details.


Provisional programme details only not - confirmed at time or going to press. I CANNON 'I‘itchlield Street. Kilmarnock. ()563 37288. 1. Ace Ventura I I2). 2. Schindler‘s List I IS ). - 3. The Paper I IS). Probany opening. replacing one of aboyei 2 Four Weddings And A Funeral I IS ). I KELBURNE Glasgow Road. Paisley. 88‘) Mill. 1. Ace Ventura I IZI unconfirmed. j2. Schindler’s List I IS) unconfirmed. I MAGNUM Harbonrsitle. Ir\‘ir)c. (>294 27838 I. Shadowlands I I 'I spur. I OOEON Burris Statue Square. Ayr. 02‘): .2640-1‘). My Father The Hero (PG I. The Paper I IS). Deadly Advice I IS). Ace Ventura I ll). Possible opening. replacing one or aboye: Four Weddings And A Funeral I IS I. I OOEON 'I‘Inynhead Street. Hamilton. :oous 2st sol. Phone tor details. I UCI ('Iyde Regional ('entre. Clydebank. (Ill wit I‘M‘). Expected programme similar to Week 1. :Call cinema to confirm. The Sound Of Music Il’(;I \VIIII only. Hardboiled late night. I‘ll/Sat only. Possible openings; Blink I Is I. Four Weddings And A Funeral I IS I. _I UCI (llyrnpra .\I:III. Izast Krlbrttle. I) ‘I<S: wow Expected programme similar to Week 1. Call cinema to confirm. Possible openings: Four Weddings And A Funeral I IS I. Blink I IS). I WMR FILM CENTRE Bank Street. Iryrrre. or); 37‘)‘)Il() Four Weddings And A Funeral I IS) Phone IIIr times. The Aristocats I I ') Sat; lprn; Strn |.3Ilpm.

Events are listed alphabetically by sport, then by day. Sport Listings compiled by Tom Lappin.

[REJE- Saturday 7


I Clackmannan County v Perthshire The Arns. Alloa. lpm.

I Fiteshire V Ayrshire McKane Park. Dunl‘errnline. 1pm.

I West Lothian v Stirling County Bogltall. I.itllilhgow. 1pm.


I Greenock v Uddingston Glenpark. Brisbane St. Greenock. lptn.

I Ferguslie v Poloc Mciklcr'iggs. Paisley. lpm.

I West of Scotland v Ayr Hamilton Crescent. Peel Street. Glasgow. Ipnt.

I Drumpellier v Clydesdale Langloan. Coatbridge. Ipm.

I Kelburne v Kilmarnock \yhuelntugli. Paisley. Ipm.


I Freuchie v Stenhousemuir The (ticket Park. Muir Road. Freuchie. Ipm.

I Carlton v Watsonians 'I‘lic PIIIIIIon. Grange Loan. Iidinburgh. 1pm.

I Edinburgh Acads v Grange 'I‘he Payilion. Raeburn Place. lidinburgh. Iprn. I Corstorphine v Heriots FP Union Park. (‘arrick Krtotye Parkway. Iidinbnrgh. 1pm. I Edinburgh Acads v Grange RucIIIn-n Place. Stockbridge. litlinbnrgh. 1pm.

I Royal High v Cupar tins-t BIIIIIIon Avenue. Edinburgh. Ipm.

Saturday 14


I Ayrshire v Fortarshire The ()Ytll. Prestwick. Ipm.

I Stirling County v Aberdeenshire Williamlield. Stirling. Ipm.


I Ayr v Ferguslie (‘zunbustlootr AlloII-ny. Ayr. Ipm.

I Uddingston v Clydesdale HoIlIII-ell (‘astle Policies. Iidtlingston. Ipm.

I Kilmarnock v Drumpellier Kit-kstyle. Kilmarnock. lpm.

I Poloc v Greenock Shayy lIolIn. Pollokshayys. Glasgow. Ipm.

I Kelburne v West or Scotland Whitehangh. Paisley. Ipm.


I Freuchie v Heriots 'l‘lIe (‘I-leket Park. Muir Road. Freuchie. 1pm.

I Stenhousemuir v Edinburgh Acads 'I‘r‘yst Road. Stenhousemuir. lprn.

I Grange v Carlton RIIeIIIII-n Place. Stockbr'itlge. lidinbur‘gh. lpm.

I Watsonians v Royal High My reside.

Iidinburgh. 1pm.

FOOTBALL , Saturday 7


I Celtic v Partick Thistle (‘I-Itle Park. (ilasgtm. .‘Ipm.

I Dundee V HiDS l)errs Park. I)nrttlee .‘Illll.

I Hearts v Dundee United I} llt‘c;l\'llt' Park. Iztlmbnrgh. irim.

I Kilmarnock v Rangers Rugby rank. Krlnrarnock. 3pm.

I Raith Rovers v Motherwell Slark's Park. Pratt Street. Kirkcaldy iprn.

I St Johnstone v Aberdeen .\Icl )I.II lllltl

Park. Perth. 3pm.


I Airdrie V Dunlermline Broomlield Park. .-\irdrie. 3pm.

I Clyde V Clydebank Douglas Park. Hamilton. 3pm.

I Dumbarton v Ayr United Boghettd Park. Dumbarton. 3pm.

I Falkirk V Hamilton Brockville Park. Falkirk. 3pm.

I St Mirren v Stirling Albion Love Street.

Paisley. 3pm.

Saturday 14


I Aberdeen V Celtic Pittodrie Stadium. Aberdeen. 3pm.

I Dundee Utd v Raith Rovers Tanntttlicc Park. 'l‘annadice Street. Dundee. 3pm. I Hibs v Kilmarnock I-ittster Road Stadium. Albion Road. Iidinburgh. 3pm. I Motherwell v St Johnstone I‘ir' Park. Motherwell. 3pm.

I Partick Thistle V Hearts I‘ii'hill Park. Glasgow. 3pm.

I Rangers v Dundee llII-ox Stadium. Glasgow. 3pm.


I Ayr V St Mirren Somerset Park. Ayr. 3pm.

I Clydebank v Falkirk KllhoII-Ic Park. Clydebank. 3pm.

I Duntermline v Clyde tins-t I~Zntl Park. I)nrrI‘er'mIine. 3pm.

I Hamilton v Dumbarton Douglas Park. Hamilton. 3pm.

I Morton V Airdrie (‘appielow Park. Greenock. 3pm.

I Stirling Albion v Brechin Annl‘ierIl. Stirling. 3pm.


I Albion Rovers v Meadowbank ('Iil'tonltill. ('oatbridge. 3pm.

I Cowdenbeath v Oueen or The South (‘entral Park. Cowdenbeath. 3pm.

I Oueen’s Park v East Stirling Halllptlcn Park. Glasgow. 3pm.

Saturday 14

I Hamilton Races Hamilton Racecourse. Bothwell Road. Hamilton. I-‘irst race (I. lIlpm.

Monday 16

I Edinburgh Races Musselburgh Racecourse. Musselburgh. First race 2.R()pm.

Friday 6 I Edinburgh Gult Oil Monarchs v Exeter

Falcons Potyder'hall Stadium. Edinburgh. 7.15pm.

Sunday 8

I Glasgow Tigers v Peterborough Panthers SIIIIWIICIII Stadium. Glasgow. 7. I 5pm.

Friday 13

I Edinburgh Gull Oil Monarchs v Long Eaton Invaders Pouderhall Stadium. Iatlrribnrgh. 7.I5pm.

Sunday 15

I Glasgow Tigers v Middlesbrough Bears

Shattl'ield Stadrtnn. Glasgow. 7.I5pm.

35 The I.I\I (I I‘) May l‘)()4