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I Various: Kazoo Collection (Glass Records) Over the past eighteen months. The Kazoo Club (Tuesdays at Glasgow‘s The l3th Note) has grown from hosting the same thin line-up of local combos playing to their mates every week to a veritable flotilla of aspirant young groups performing in more selective rotation. The club has spawned an offshoot on Thursdays. and its Sound City bash stretched fire regulations to the max. Most of its musical adherents are still at the nascent stage but steps in the right direction have to be encouraged and this ‘live. no overdubs' compilation is your starter for ten bands all attempting to race each other to the end of their respective contributions. be it with the retro garage verve ofGlen Or Glenda and The Fortune Cookies. the winning indie chug-a- longs frotn Urusei Yatsura and Superslinky or the Fallesque groove of The Blisters. (Fiona Shepherd) I Waltari: So Fine (Roadrunner) Much like a box of Liquorice Allsorts. there are some tracks on this debut album which are bland enough to appeal to everyone; some which are for those with specialised tastes and some which should just be

- left at the bottom of the

box. ‘The Beginning Song’ is straight. clean- cut. tightjeans and white T-shirt metal whilst numbers like ‘Celtic Funk‘ and ‘Autumn‘ are belting thrash. rock pig

fodder. Still. top marks for subversive titles like ‘Rhythm ls A Cancer’ and the knees-up. knockabout fun fest of ‘Piggy In The Middle'. There are some memorable songs here but the occasional gem is dragged down by overlong. meandering throwbacks to the Bronze Age like ‘Mysteries’. (Jonathan Trew)

I Linus: Youin (Elemental) Slacker culture is alive and ifnot kicking then at least dawdling along nicely. thank you. Lots of indie- kid. crisp guitars and laid- back lyrics about the minutiae of life will help

j you drift through the day.

With fifteen songs crammed into 35 minutes. you get short. sharp chunks of well-crafted pop. On tracks like ‘Slight' and ‘Rumor Volat' the guitars get cranked up to match the angst and urgency of the vocals but then. as though the effort was too much. everything winds down to the slow. low melancholy

of ‘Lulluh Bye Bye’. The comic book cover about

Derek the cereal killer

who works in a cornflake factory sets the tone well for the bubblegum inside. (Jonathan Trew)

I Terrorvision: Now To Make Friends And

: Influence People (Total

Vegas) Zoiks! Cartoon pop collectors' alert! For ’neath the poor man‘s Chili Peppers stomp of their ‘Oblivion‘ single and the hair and Spandex trappings lurk an often

. fine band capable of

spinning lines like ‘lfeel like shit and look like

' plastic" (the groan -

Beatlesque ‘Middleman‘) while elsewhere whipping up a glam-metal thrash which references Patti Smith. Cameo and about a dozen others (‘Discotheque Wreck‘). There are a fair few howlers in there. evincing

severe Aerosmith

; retention. but these are

just about balanced by the

I workings of keen pop

minds willing to experiment. Not a life- changer. but good for that certain drunken party stage. For those about to drop their rockist prejudices. we salute you. (Damien Love)

I The Cruel Sea: The Honeymoon Is Over (Polydor/iiedeye) A twin- engined beast. Australian combo The Cruel Sea are equally capable of soaring with or without the vocals of smoke-inhalation victim Tex Perkins. the

f proof being this. their

third album. Blending

elements from Tex-Mex. barroom blues. gospel.

funk. reggae andjit-jive. instrumental pieces comprise 50 per cent of this. a record which

proves its architects adept

thieves without branding

them dilletantes. Produced

by Bad Seeds conspirator

Tony Cohen. and mixing radio-shaggers like the 3 lilting ‘Let’s Lay Down

Here And Make Love'

with the vaguely

Morricone spookster ‘Blame It On The Moon'. this is a luscious and

. rounded outing which doesn‘t completely blunt

the edge of a band thrown up out of the same scene that spawned The Birthday Party. Enjoy. (Damien Love)

I Various: Lismor21$t Anniversary Album; A Beginner’s Guide To Traditional Scottish Music (Lismor) Lismor Records have reached their majority. The quintessentially Scottish label has moved with the times and now serves more varied fare than its original menu of Kenneth .‘xchellar. the Alexander Brothers and the Dancing Strings Of Scotland. The aforementioned are well past their sell-by date but all appear on The 2/51 :llllill't’l'fltlfl' Album along with current mainstream artists Aly Bain and Phil Cunningham. Canadian master pipers the 78th Fraser Highlanders and even early Runrig. xi Begin/101W (Juli/(I is a much more satisfactory album. with 22 bands and soloists from Jean Redpath to Wolfstone

reflecting the wealth oi

artistry in the nation‘s

music. the tracks contextualised as Canntaireachd. Folk Rock Group. Bothy Ballad. etc.

I Robin Laing: Walking

in Time (Greentrax) A

' popular songwriter and

performer on the Scottish folk scene Robin Laing and producer Brian

McNeill have pulled in

some fine session players to add another dozen or so instruments to Robin's vocals and Spanish guitar.

The simpler tracks.

however. remain the most eftective. Andy Hunter's composition Kilbowie to

the tune of Raglan Road ' especially so.

Unfortunately Laing's

vocals. for all their

sincerity. remain

unconvincing and his own lyrics tend to heap cliche upon obvious rhyme

scheme: ultimately. as he

declaims in his song

L ‘Punters About The Union

Canal‘. banal.

I David Allison: Guitar Gi-tar (Lochshore) David Allison has a properjob as a BBC Scotland reporter and an improper vocation as a talented guitarist. This is his second release and. as he

; expresses on the sleeve.

‘There is no such thing as a solo album.‘ Playing his

' original compositions. he

has a drummer/ percussionist. a tabla player. keyboards and

backing vocals on what is ; an attractive. atmospheric instrumental album.

? Medium tempo in the

I main. an ambience of

nostalgic moody

minimalism sometimes

prevails. but the guitars. electric and acoustic. are

" sensitively handled. The

overall sound has the hint of New Age about it. and could be something heard playing in a classy

vegetarian restaurant.

(Norman Chalmers)

Tennents Live!

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