Tennents Live!







10th GLASGOW BarrowlandS Just The Ticket. Virgin Union Street Credit Ca’tlSZ 031-557 6969

12th EDINBURGH The Playhouse 031-557 2590


Assembly Direct presents

Suzanne Bonnor a he:I Trio Tum White's Eco-Drive Bond

Friday 27 May. 8.30001. QUEEN'S Hall

Peter Brotzmon & Willi Kellors Friday 27 May, 8pm. Stepping Stones

Jason Robello - solo Guy Barker's Quintet I

Saturday 28 May. 8.30pm, o'ueen's Hall

Dick won-dell & Catfish Keith

Saturday 28 May. 8pm, The Studios

' Sunday 29 May. 8.30pm, Queen's Hall

Louis Sclovis I Dominique

Piforely Acoustic Quartet Sunday 29 May, 8pm, The Studios

Tickets 031 668 2019

' For a free programme or for details of our Festival concerts, please call 031 557 4446

l l

46 The l.t\l (i l9 \la} l‘NJ

Free. Infectious pop and diverting stage presence a winner.

I Clyde Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 1210. 9.30pm. Free.

I The Cloud Assassins MacSorley‘s. Jamaica Street. 221 8499. 9pm. Free. Pop/rock with sortie funky flesh on its bones.

I lorna Buchanan Supper Club. Cottiers. llyndland Road. 357 5827. 11pm. Free. I Time Gentlemen Please Lounge Bar. Cameron House Hotel. Glasgow Road. Hardgate. (‘lydebank. 0389 873535. 9pm.



I The Wolte Tones Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. £9.

I The Mystreated and The Thanes Cas‘ Rock Cafe. West Port. 2294341. 9pm. £2.50. Garage sounds frotn the headliners

and the first Thanes gig in Edinburgh for

donkeys years.

I lieutenant Pigeon Cavendish. West '1‘ollcross. 22S 3252. 9pm-3am. £5. Glatn rock covering all the old faves from Sweet and the like.

I Counselled Out Platform ()ne. Rutland Street. 225 2433. 9.30pm. Free. Soul.

I Creedsville Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 10pm. Free.

I Mister Klein and Sexy Jessica Subway. (‘owgate 225 6766. 8pm. £2. Asylum funk, apparently.

I Black Cat Bones Advocate. South Bridg ‘. 220 2094. 9.30pm. Free.

I Ranacanteen Granny's Attic. Bath Street. Portobello. 669 1780. 9pm. Free. I The Comedians West lind Oyster Bar. West Maitland Street. 225 3861. 10.30pm.


I 32/20 Queen Street Oyster Bar. Queen Street. 226 2530. 10pm. Free. Blues.

I Live Music Gold 'l'ankard. Houdon Street. ()07 0328. Free.


| I Rev Doc And The Congregation Juke

.loint. ()llerton Hotel. Victoria Road. 0592 264286. 9pm. £3. R & B with mean harmonica.


I Rock And Blues Festival Scone Palace. llatn start. £20. Tickets from Virgin. Ripping and Sounds Music Stores. lidinburgh and Just The Ticket and Lost In Music. Glasgow. First day of the heavily old-school-orientated festival features Fish. Nazareth. Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Snow White's Blues

Agency. (‘limas Blues Band. Andy Gunn

and the Truth Band and Lights Out By Nine.

. Glasgow

I Maytest. See separate listings.

I East 17 Glasgow Royal (‘oncert Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. SOLD OUT. See Fri 13.

I Doctor And The Medics and Sioux Nation (‘athouse Brown Street. 248 6606. Rpm. £5 plus booking fee. Tickets from The (‘athouse. Just the Ticket. Virgin. Union Street. 2264679 and Tower Records. Argyle Street. 204 2500. lrredeemably silly and (HT psychedelic pastiche from a band who tour often enough to qualify as a cabaret tribute band.

I :zoviet'trance: Sonora. Tlte l3tll Note (downstairs). (ilassford Street. 553 1638. 8pm. £2. ‘(h‘ganic atmospherics‘ fresh front last night‘s Pure event.

I Candle and Chairman Mouth (.‘lub Month. The 13th Note. (ilassfot‘tl Street. 553 1638. Spin. Free. Featuring the band who gave the club Its name.

I The Stanleys and The Poison Sisters Nice 'n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. Chirpy indie pop frotn The

Stanleys and altogether darker sounds from The Poison Sisters.

I Wah Wah Jack Liquor Store. The Area. Bridge Street. Paisley. 848 5096. 10pm. Free.

I Cabin Fever Lounge Bar. Cameron House Hotel. Glasgow Road. Hardgate. Clydebank. 0389 873535. 3pm. Free.


I Bed Snappers and This Vision Thing Subway. Cowgate. 225 6766. 9pm. £2. A night in the big city for two bands from Elgin.

I Dougie Mcuuillan Cas Rock Cafe. West Port. 229 4341. 9pm. Free. Acoustic blues and folk.

I Combo! Combo! Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 10pm. Free.

I De Hiros l.‘ Attache. Rutland Street. 229 3402. 10pm. Free.

I Woodside Now Grosvenor. Shandwick Place. 226 4579. 9pm. Free. Five-piece. feel good. Cajun gumbo with Celtic twist. I Cabaret vvith live Music Rutland No l. 229 3402. 10an. Free.


I Rock and Blues Festival Scone Palace. 1 lam start. £20. Tickets from Virgin. Ripping and Sounds Music Stores. Edinburgh and Just The Ticket and Lost In Music. Glasgow. The second day of the Festival features Jools Holland and his Big Band. The Blues Band. The Hamsters. Tam White and his Big Band. The Pirates. Dumpy‘s Rusty Nuts and Roll Wyn James.



I Maytest. See separate listings.

I Blur and Sleeper Plaza. liglinton Toll. 423 3077. See feature for Blur. Sleeper are one of a spate of girl-fronted indie bands coming through at the moment (see iichobelly. Tiny Monroe). Sleeper‘s Louise has some dark. broody concerns on her mind judging by her lyrics which her band interpret with manic Pixies-style guitars.

I Rory McLeod, The Buicks and Nick Marriot Jamjar. The Arches. Midland Street. 221 9736. 8pm. £5. More unplugged sets frotn. respectively. a rootsy folk rock singer. a country rock band and another folk rock singer.

I The Telstar Ponies and Radio Sweetheart The Horn. The 13th Note. Glassford Street. 553 1638. 9pm. Free. See Mon 9 for The Telstar Ponies. Continuing The Bth Bandits’ offshoots theme. Radio Sweetheart feature Bandits' drummer Francis MacDonald and play sweet country music.


I Jethro Tull Usher Hall. Lothian Road. 228 1155. 8pm. £14. £13. 'l‘wenty—five years ago. frontman Ian Anderson sported a tasteful line in cotlpieces and had mastered playing the flute whilst standing on one leg. If this is your scene. then this is billed as the last chance to see the band. Beards and cable knits are probably obligatory.

I Tinkerbell’s Dope Bing Rocking Horse.

, Victoria Street. 225 3326. 9pm. £2.

Grungey punk/funk fest.

I Thrum Venue. (‘allon Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. £4. Bellshill exports yet more of its youth. in the shape of this four-piece who have been described as country grunge.

I Showcase Subway. (‘owgate. 225 6766. 9pm. £2. North Glasgow Mtisic (‘ollege present their top bands and launch a compilation album of their best stuff.

I Sandyman Queen Street Oyster Bar. Queen Street. 226 2530. 10pm. Free. See Mon 9.