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l Nashville smoothie Vince Gill plays it cool with his first ever British dates in Glasgow. See Maytest listings.

I Bondage suburban style in the gripping Club at No Regrets by Forced Entertainment Theatre at the CCA. See Maytest preview.

I Boniour Tristesse (or ‘Wotcha glumness’ to non-irancophiles) enjoys a provocative stage adaptation from Theatre Cryptic. See Maylest preview.



‘lfl was reincarnated I‘d love to come back as Judy Garland but a Judy with a happier social life.’

The bubbly Jane Horrocks of Absolutely Fabulous fame.

‘As George Harrison once said. all things must pass. The band always agreed that Deacon Blue was going to be time limited and. after much consideration we've decided that time must come. We're leaving on a high with no plans to work together after the current tour.‘

They were never as big as Jesus or the Beatles. but Deacon Blue have decided to call it a day, explains singer Ricky Ross.

‘lfl have a problem. it's that there are so many actors I want to work with and I don't feel I'm going to have time to work with them all. So I try to take care of as many as I can in the course of one movie.

Quentin Tarantino explains his preference for ensemble casts in his


‘It is not so much a prison cell that should be involved in this performance but more a padded cell which should be occupied by those who threw public money at this ludicrous spectacle.‘ Conservative Glasgow city councillor Bill Air/(en on ‘Closet'. (1 Video installation at the ('CA which explores the links between ioyeurism and police surveillance.

‘1 love bimbos too but that‘s not really a lull-course meal. I don't think being sexist negates your feeling for equality for women.‘

Gene Simmons of Kiss ii'r'estles with t'ontempuraryjerninist ideas.

‘lt‘s weird when you think a boy and girl could be in bed. and you'd be in there with them.‘

The Manchester United pin-up on the fun you could have with a Ryan Giggs duvet cover.

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