Telling the story of a woman (her identity is being kept secret) who had six of her children taken into care. the film by the controversial director of Kes, Hidden Agenda and Riff-Raflis about the way government policy translates into social work action and the punitive effect that can have on individual people. ‘lt’s really a love story.’ says Munro. unexpectedly. ‘lt’s about the relationship between this woman who has been damaged. had four children taken into care and who forms a very strong relationship with a man who is a Latin-American refugee. They have two children who are also taken into care because she’s got a bad reputation. unjustitiably as it turns out. It’s on her tiles and that‘s that.‘

Sticking to the facts at least. all those that the film‘s lawyers would allow Munro was

inevitably conscious of the responsibility of

telling a true and tragic story. ‘This is a real woman who l‘d spent a long time talking to. so we had a personal relationship. She has lost six kids and she’s had no compensation and no apology and in a sense for her the film was the be-all and end-all; the only thing she was going to get was her story coming out. That was quite intimidating. but at the end of the day you have to chuck everything out it‘sjust got to be a good film. It‘s a harrowing story it was harrowing to write. but she’d actually lived it.‘

Fortunately the woman. known only as ‘Maggie’. who approached Loach with her story in desperation. is pleased with the film too. Loach. says Munro. is one of the few British directors who has complete political integrity. ‘I don't think he tub-thumps.’ she says. ‘He‘s concerned with making a particular type of film. He has a very clear idea in his head. He works in quite a loose improvisational way. but the lines do reappear. He likes the script to be absolutely to the last detail. but he doesn‘t rewrite it. it‘s a very equal partnership.‘

Careful not to blame social workers as much as the system in which they work. Munro fully expects the film to ruffle a few feathers when it hits Britain. ‘I think it‘s going to be contro- versial because it comments on social work policy.‘ she says. ‘The poor buggers get hammered enough. but what I hope comes across is not the inadequacies of social workers but the entire system. You‘ve got to question a community that does not care for its members. but expects this very small. beleaguered section to be responsible for dealing with all the problems.‘ '_l Men oft/1e Mont/z, BBCZ, W'd 25 May. 9pm. Ladybird, Ladybird will be released later this year.

Men of the Month stretches the acceptable Ilmlts at TV realism.

‘It’s a harrowing story

, it was harrowing to

write, but

she’d actually lived it.’

“The powerful and passionate rhythms ofSpain “. . . breathtakin g routines”



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