I You gasped at his bad language in Anglo-Saxon Attitudes, you smouldered at his bedside manner in Middlemarch, now swoon at Douglas Hodge’s biceps in Men Of The Month. See TV listings.

I ‘Take two bottles into the shower? ilot me!’ Old Paul Merton gags courtesy of Gate Theatre’s production of The Cheating Hearts (a slur on an honest it inept soccer team). See Theatre listings.

I Taking the weather

(overcast, chance of rain)

with them are elderly but rockin’ Antipodeans Crowded House packing the SECC. See Rock listings.

WORD or mourn

‘My mother thought l was a slimming teacher. The shame ol being what I really was. that you tnight be talking about penises. phallie symbols and how terrible your parents were. they couldn‘t bring themselves to aeeept.‘ l’syt‘lioI/tt'rapixi Susie ()rbat'li. author of 'l’a! is a l-‘wninisl Issue '.

‘1 love being male. I think there‘s a real beauty in masculinity. Man. I feel the luckiest person on earth to be born a man. I love being a man. l love everything about it.’

llH’ intensely pliysii'al Henry Rollins. H'IIU probably (loam ‘l (’(l/ niia'lt quit/1e.

‘We eettainly thought about it. we thought maybe we should drop the ‘Youth‘ because we‘re in our 30s. but

at the saute time we already have this identity as Sonic Youth

(iai/ar anIi-lit'ro 'Illln'xlon .llinll't’ wonders whether a name t'ltangt'jor his band I.\‘ in onlt'i:

‘We set up this eommereial deal with Kronenbourg loo-i, so you had this very worthy, l‘eminist period drama backed by strong lager money.‘ Aspiring movie (/ll'('('l()l' Simon .S'prat‘k/ing on llit'ji'oI/iii'r ('lr’nu’nls of rpintxm'x/Iip.

‘Among the eommentators, Richard Littlejohn oil/1w Sun has a great way with words and is always spot-on.‘ lxtbour Ml’ 'lony b’anltxv siren/nay the People Ir Party is Iolt'rant'e {lam/told lo breaking point.

‘I was getting smashed and stoned out of my head most evenings, standing on tables, waiting to get shagged. Tl/'[)()]).\‘l(’l' ('aiilin Moran plays (lawn rumours~ about llt’l‘ wiltl t'liilzl ll/(".\'l_\'l(’.

The List 20 May—2 June 1994 3