I STRATHCLYDE ARTS CENTRE 12 Washington Street. 221 4526.

The Draw Group Until Mon 30 May. Drumchapel Arts Workshop presents a community-based mixed-media show which includes sculpture. paintings and prints.

I STREET lEVEL 279—281 High Street. 552 2151. Tue—Sat Ham—5.30pm. Heaven and Earth Sat 21 May-2 Jul. An installation by Claudia Kolgen and Michael Gibbs which incorporates digitally treated photographs. video and text and the subject ofbungyjumping. I ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL 300 Great Western Road. 339 6691. Daily [Oath—5.30pm.

Gwyneth Leech Sat 21 May—Jun 1‘). Paintings frotn Africa and Asia.

I ST MUNGO MUSEUM OF RELIGIOUS LIFE AND ART 2 Castle Street. 553 2557. Mon-Sat 1()am—5pm; Sun 1 lam—5pm. Free. Glasgow‘s own Museum of world faith. Exhibits include a zen garden. priceless art works frotn the world's six major religions. Dali‘s C/irt'sr UfStlf/i! Jolt/t oft/1e Cross and the story of religion in Scotland in words and pictures.

I TRANSMISSION 28 King Street. 552 4813. Tue—Sat 1 lam—5pm.

Artemisia Until Sat 28 May. Six artists from a women‘s artist-run space in Chicago exhibit sculpture. installation. photography. painting and video.

I TRAMWAY 25 Albert Drive. 422 2023. Wed—Sun 11am—5pm.

Christian Boltanski Until 12 Jun. What have you lost recently? Your umbrella. your lover. your mind or all three? This new work using property found on trains and buses in Scotland. Each item will be catalogued and labelled and a guide will ask viewers to fill in their own lost property form.

I CALTON GALLERY 10 Royal Terrace. 556 1010. Mon—Fri lOam—6pm; Sat 1()am— 1 pm.

Spring Exhibition Until Sat 28 May. ()ver 1()() works by 19th and early 20th century artists including William MacTaggart's Cornfield u! I’mttttmtc, ()rrv-lu- Ville.

I CITY ART CENTRE Market Street. 225 2424. Mon—Sat 10am-5pm. Cafe. Worlds in a Box Sat 28 May—l6 Jul. Experimentation with art in boxes was first explored by the Surrealists in the 1920s. This exhibition traces the artform’s development from then until the present day with pieces by Marcel Duchamp. Yoko Ono and Claes Oldenburg.

The Sum of All Parts Sat 21 May—7 Jul. Eight young arists including Clare Barclay. Jim Buckley and Gillian Curran take part in an exciting group show of three dimensional work.

60s Prints Sat 21 May—2 Jul. A selection from the City‘s fine art collection. with a range of groovy works from artists such as Henry Moore and Frank Auerbach. The Endeavor Competition Sat 21 May—4

Jun. Work created by children in special schools in Edinburgh. I CDCNBURNS ART GALLERY The Wine Emporium. 7 Devon Place. Haymarket. Mon-Fri 9am—6pm; Sat 1()am—6pm; Sun 1 lam—5pm. David M. Prince Until 12 Jun. New work. I COLLECTIVE GALLERY 22—28 Cockburn Street. 220 1260. Tue—Sat l lam—5pm. Histories Until Sat 28 May. In sharp colour and images on dark backgrounds. painter Paul Rooney explores the difficulty of presenting history. This collection of new paintings combines two approaches; one verging on parody and laced with pathos. the other mute and dark. Artist for a Week Short-term shows by the brightest of local talent. You can meet the artist at the gallery on Saturday afternoons 3—5pnt Gallery 111 Ali ever-changing display of small-scale contemporary artwork at affordable prices. I CONTACT GALLERY Grindlay Court Centre. Grindlay Street Court. 22‘) 7941. Mon—Fri l()am—3.3()pm. 1 Contacts One: Collage and Paper Mache I Until 10 Jun. The results of recent : workshops plus work on the theme of the 3 sea and self image by Katherine St Clair and Trish Edwards. EASTERN GENERAL HOSPITAL Main and Outpatients Corridors. Seafteld Street. I Daily 9am—8pm. l Figurative works by Six Artists irom Wasps Studios Until Fri 2() May. An . impressive line up ofartists including ' Moyna Flannigan. Lynn Ahrens anti Paula Garcia Stone. 1 I EDINBURGH GALLERY 18a Dundas | Street. 557 5227. Mon—Fri 11am—5pm; Sat 1()am—lpm. The Ligna Verde Until Sat 21 May. Brazil 1 in oil by Hugh McIntyre. l I rnsucn INSTITUTE 13 Rantlolph t Crescent. 225 5366. Mon—Fri 9am—6pm; , Sat [Dam—1.30pm. i Home From Home Until Sat 21 May. Some head over for cheap booze in hypermarkets. others pass through on their way to more exciting places and some actually move there. This series of colour photographs of ex-pat Brits iti Pas tle Calais by lluw Davies looks at the inter- mingling of two cultures and questions the notion of European identity. I FRUITMARKET GALLERY Market Street. 225 2383. Tue—Sat l().3()am—5.3()pm. liquid Crystal Futures: Contemporary Japanese Photography Sat 28 May-16 Jttl. Japanese culture is apparently undergoing a youthquake with the

Westernism and new technology. This exhibition comprises the work of eleven photographers who all share a highly individualistic. refined approach while focusing on the underside of the cityscape and its disintegration.

I GALLERY 41 41 Dundas Street. 557 4569. Mon—Sat 1().3()am—5.3()pm.

- Sunlight and Shadows Until Wed 25 May.

established norms crumbling in the face of

Holy Family with a Palm Tree (1483—1520) by Raphael is part of a show called The Pursuit of Perfection at the National Gallery. Cartoons and work by artists who worked in the style or Raphael make up a iascinating and illuminating exhibition.

Paintings of gardens by Keith Dunkley.

556 2181. Mon—liri l().3()am—r6pm: Sat lilani— 4pm.

Texture and Patterns Sat 21 May—Mon () Jun. Recent land and seascapes in watercolour by John Ross.

I JOHN KNOX HOUSE See entry for Netherbow Arts Centre.

I KINGFISHER GALLERY 5 Northumberland Street. 557 5454. Tue—Sat Ham—4.30pm.

Little Brown Isles and the Waves Fri 20 May—10 Jun. Work in various media by Fay Clark which was inspired by a visit lastm year to Harris and Lewis.

I MATTHEW ARCHITECTURE GALLERY 1.'niversity of Edinburgh. Department of Architecture. 2() Chambers Street. 650 2342. Mon—Fri l()am—4.3()pm.

The Music of the Kingdom Until Fri 27 May. Photography by Colin Wishait which was featured iti the best-selling architectural guidebook The Kingdom of Fife and includes images of architecture which explain the community's relationship to their environment.

I MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street. 225 2424. Mon—Sat 1()am—6pm. All matmer of archive material and oltl toys relating to childhood through the ages.

1 The Survival oi the Fittest Until Sat 28

I HANOVER FINE ART '22». Dundas Street.

May. An exhibition which looks at childrens’s health and hygiene at the turn of the century and features a video zllltI handling table.

I NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 556 8921. Mon »Sat 1()am—5pm'. Sun 2 -5pm.

The home of :1 fine collection of works. from the Renaissance to Post- Impressionism. including Vc‘Iil/qllc‘l. El (ireco. Rembrandt. Gainsborough. Degas. Van Gogh and Scottish (‘olourists Raphael: The Pursuit oi Perfection Until 10 July. An examination of this artist's iitiniense vision and skill with the hanging of three paintings; Brit/geimn'r Mat/mum. Holy [Vault/v with (1 Palm Tree and Madonna (/(‘l I’tlh‘h’t'g’g’l‘t) plus 2() preparatory drawings. Recent cleaning supplied information about how the paintings were produced atitl this gives a fascinating insight into his creative process atld work by assistants atld followers will also shed light on his huge influence.

I NATIONAL LIBRARY OF SCOTLAND (ieorge l\" Bridge. 226 4531. Mott-Sat 1()am 5pm: Sun 2 5pm. A Century of Popular Magazines Until 5 Jtiti. A nostalgic and amusing flick through the last 1()() years til print with an

' exhibition of women‘s. photography.

motoring and sporting magazines and

CANVASSING Stanley Spencer and

Art Gallery and Mg; Kelvingrove, GIaSgow .. g, _ l I, .


29 April - 7 August1994. .— 7' Admission Free Open Daily: 10am - 5pm SgiTr'day’;

Platers Composition “(It rail, i-JIII/ I(}-1()ill71[)('llrll .'./.i/ I‘vit/wt/m .(«ii 32'

z .0 y I 9 ~$ \ K3 . . a g) I: : r . z v < v.3. ,'£ ’3’“ I xi», 68 i i ' 5 the Shipyards . .. . , , . 'l . ' . , 1‘ l. A 2 9 , :21" r‘r‘ i f" t' ' . é” ; l i I h. I I ‘1’ Vfo .9 i i i i ' .H‘ 2,3, if” I 4". \~ (1 .‘. § 2 v ( [ff-i: A I . ’,'I/l'/‘ . ."é'é’z . Z (:2ng- fio is . ' Io» ‘(l n”..- I A/ I" . , 5 . I . v 9 \ " I i' I/ . I I“ I . p I ' {in / 1.2:?!) .h I \ . . . _ H. {I ,I I. .l .: Z. '1', I i I find-y / (fl HOV/7 i ' i ' ,' ( v '“1 ; Rafi! ~, . : ,‘Ii'. T . (.3 wwn' m ‘-. ‘51,.) _ g j i W ' :i- w ”-. t -/ I. .- . ,- 1 ._ xv. . i t ‘”' 'v-~.:’2’“..~‘~'\’I;‘ .. 7&8? -' i p ( goflomxirted 1), ' :\ .\ .r ‘r-\ l __ 1;};Jfi:JMIIrIiNtIIIOIJ “IIITSIH

Imperkil \‘Jat Museum

L 66 The List 20 May—2 June 1994