Over 180 shows, as well as exhibitions, competitions, outdoor games and iace painting, are housed in a tented village in lnverleith Park. Where no times are shown below, the event coincides with the Festival’s own opening hours: Mon 23-Fri 27 May 10am—4pm; Sat 28-Sun 29 May 10.30am-4pm. Bookings before 22 May are eligible lor discount prices, (book one show, all tickets £2.50; book more than one show, all tickets £2) and all 103m shows on Mon 23 May have a special £2 ticket price. See competition page for more special otters. To book, write to SICF Box Ollice, 22 Laurie Street, or telephone 553 7700. Listings compiled by Gabe Stewart.

Activities and Fun

I Catch Theatre Company Workshops lil’

Tent 3. Mon 23 ~Tue 24 May. 10am. £2. 10-13 years. Young people have a chance to discuss tlte. issue of solvent ahuse. and work out tlteir own conclusions.

I Treasure Island Tent Mon -3. l‘ll'l :7 May 10am 94pm; Sat 28» Sun 2‘) 10.30am «lpm. Free. l'se your iitiagination in a portrayal of Stevenson's 'li‘citstin' /.v/tt/n/ itt its centenary year. and you might win a prize.

I Go Monster Mad Tent Mon 33 Sat 2s May. Free. All ages. Lots of monster-mad activities. like colouring-in. story—telling attd mask-itiaking.

I Archipelago (io Monster Mad Tent. Still 2‘) May 10.30am. 12.30pm. 2.30pm. Free. 10 months -3 years. Informal theatre for the very young. See panel.

I Magic Bob lil’ Tent 2. Mon 23--Fri 27 May 11.15am. 1.15pm. £2. All ages. Scotland‘s best—known circuit magician visits the Festival for the first time.

I Five And Under Village Mon 23-- Hi 27 May 10am—-4pm. Free: Sat 28- Sttn 2‘) May 10.30am—4pm. 50p. See panel.

I Face painting tent 50p. You wanna change into a hurger'.’ You got it.

I Traditional and New Games Meynell Games area. Free. All ages. Something old. something new: high energy antics front professional playworkers.


I Cabaret Mechanical Theatre lishihition Tent. Mon 23--l-’ri 27 May l0aiiz—4ptti; Sat 2S~ Sun 2‘)

10.30am» 4pm. Free. .-\11 ages. l.ess of an c\hihition really. and more of at) eycttsc for lots of kitoh-tyy iddling.


I Mr Boom lil’Tent 1. Mon 23 May 1.30pm. 3.30pm: Tues 24 Wed 25 May 3.30pm; Fri 27 May 3.30pm; Sat 28 May Noon; Sun 2‘) May Noon. 4pm. £3.50 (£2.50). 18 months 6 years. Where would we he without good old Mr l3ootti'.’

I The Belly Button Show BP Tent t. Thurs 26 May. 3.30pm; Sat 2S May 4pm; Sun 2‘) May 10.30attt. 2pm. £3.50 (£2.50). 2 7 years. lleathei' Bishop may not look like (‘anada's ansyy er to Mr Boom. hut with numbers like Me .vi/lieiilur 1121/1: aitd Iii/1"lf('/II\'I;1(l1(),f.\.(i,1{:. she can't he fat‘ off.

I Alrica Tent lil’ Tent 1. Mon 23 May 10.30am. 11.30am. 12.30pm. 1.30pm. 2.30pm. £2. .»\11 ages. The rhythms of Africa bring a myriad of stories to life.

I Classic Buskers 131’ Tent 2. Sat 3s. Sun 2‘) May 1.15pm. 3.15pm £2. All ages. The blurb promises ‘(‘lassica| music without all the boring hits?’

I The Wolf and Peter lil’ Tcttt 3. Mon 23--Sun 2‘) May Noon. 2pm. £2. All ages. This literally jaz/edaip rethink of an old

Fri 27

I Celtic Tales 111’ Tent 3. Mon 23 --Tue 24 May 1pm; Wed 25 Fri 27 May 10am. 1pm: Sat 28 Sun 2‘) May 1 lam. lptn. £2. .-\11 ages. lan Tuihitt's l’itppet Theatre tell tales with the help of Scottish folk songs. I Eduardo Sanchez lil’ 't‘eni 2. Mon 23 May- Stiit 2‘) May. £2. .-\11 ages. This l’eruvian l’itnchinello-type showman ttses acrohatics and mime to entertain in a physical way.

I Dinosaurs on Ice lil’Tcnt 1: Fri 27 May Noon. 1.30pm; Sat 2S May 10.30am. '1‘cnt21Sat2S May 3pm; Sun 2‘) May 1.30pm. £3.50 ( £2.50). 7 '11 years. l)tttosattts aren’t the only historical item to make an appearance in this showcase of antiquities that come to life. Museums will never he the same again . . .

I The Day After Tomorrow B P Tent 1. Mon 23 May 10am; Tues 24--Thur 26 May 10am. noon; Sat 28 May 2pm. 6.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). 5 —‘) years. The Royal National Theatre present a topsy- turvy tale of sihling rivalry. with wicked fairies and good witches.

I Island Earth No More HP Tent 1. Mon 23 May Noon; Tue 24 May-Thurs 26 May 1.30pm; Fri 27 May 10am. £3.50 (£2.50). 7-»11 years. Poetry. music and song recapture a family's eviction during the lligltland Clearances.

I The Theatre of Objects BP Tent 2. Mott 23~Tuc 24 May 10am. noon. £3.50 £2.50). 6-11 years. See panel.

I Out of Your Face Bl’Tent 2. Wed

25 'l'hur 26 May 1.30pm; Fri 27 May Noon. 1.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). ‘)—13 years. (‘atch Theatre (‘oitipany get to grips with solvent ahuse See panel.

I The Little Bear That Fell in Love With

; the Moon 131’ Tent 3. Mon 23. Wed 25. Fri

classic introduces children to the big-hand ?

sound. See panel.


I The Emperor's New Clothes 81’ Tera 3. Mon 23--Fri 27 May 1 lam. £2. 5-~S years. l’uppet and live action adaptation of the classic story of piqued pride.

27 10am. ttooti; Sat 2S-Sun 2‘) May 10.30am. noon. £3.50 (£2.50). 3 6 years. The title reeks ofcontinental charm; the french theatre cotnpaiiy offers a story line to match.

I Feeling Fine lil’ Tent 3. Mon 23 May 3.30pm; Tues 24 May 10am. noon; Thur 26 May Noon. 1.30pm; Fri 27 May 1.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). 3 7 years. See panel.

I Brian, The Eagle Afraid of Heights lil’Tent 3. Mon 23- Tues 24 May 1.30pm; Wed 25 May 1.30pm. 3.30pm; Thur 26 May 10am; Fri 27 May 3.30pm; Sat

2‘4 Suit 2‘) May 1.30pm. 3pm. £3.50

(£2.50) (see competition page for special

offer). 5 —‘) years. Sweden's Teatro Pero presents an acrobatic and sympathetic portrayal of an eagle gone chicken.

I The Nine Lives of Roddy Hogg BP Tent 2. Mon 23—Tltur 26 May 10.15am; Fri 27 May 12.15pm. £2. ‘) —13 years. Written in association with the Scottish Road Safety (’ampaign. Baldy Bane Theatre Company manage to veer away from the merely didactic. and use all their experience and humour to make road safety entertaining.

I Peacemaker 131’ Tent 2. Mon 23—Tues 24 May 1.30pm; Fri 27 May 10am; Sat 28

May 1.30pm; Sun 2‘) May Noon. £3.50

(£2.50). 5—8 years. See panel.

I Robinson Crusoe Bt’ 't‘eni 2. Wed

25<-'1‘hur 26 May 10am. noon; Fri 27 May ' 3.30pm; Sat 28 May 10.30am. noon; Sttn 2‘) May 10.30am. £3.50 (£2.50). 7—11

years. Role reversals iti relationships

; eyplored . . . See panel.

Events are listed by city, than alphabetically by activity. Kids Listings compiled by Gabe Stewart.

Outdoors mm:—

Activrttes and Fun

I Open Day/Guided Walk Loch Ardinning Reserve. at the dam on the A81 Milngavie/Strathblane Road. David Shenton 776 5506. Sun 22 May. 2pm. Free. Great fun for children keen on water creatures.



Activrttes and Fun

I Action Stations Partick Burgh Halls. Burgh Hall Street. Partick. 357 5000. A new six-week series ofchildrcn‘s events starts this Saturday morning with a performance at 10am. followed by a related workshop at 11.15am. Sat 21 May: 10am. Baakisima African music and songs. £1 (75p). 4—12 years; 11.15am. Percussion workshop. £1.50. children only. 8—12 years. Sat 28 May: 10am. Sparkle the Clown. £1 (75p). 5—12 years; 11.15am. Circus Workshop. £1.50. children only. 9—12 years.

I The Arts is Magic Festival SECC. Finnieston Street. 248 3000. For further information, tel 943 1489. Wed 25 May. 10am—3pm. 5-7pm; Thurs 26 May. 10am—3pm. Free. This is the largest single free arts event in the UK to focus on integrating children with and without special needs. Each day there are performances featuring professional and amateur groups. workshops. art stalls. large collective works of art and a ‘sensory space'. which is an environment designed to stimulate the different senses. In it you'll find huge. interactive. tactile hooks telling stories. and slides and music.


Actrvrties and Fun

I River Dipping North Dryburgh Road Football Park. Coltness. Wishaw. 0698 269696. Sun 22 May. 2pm. Free. Motherwell District Rangers help children discover the multitude ofcreatures living in and around the water.

"La Cuisine d'OdiIe" CAFE de l'INSTITUT


13 Randolph Crescent, Edinburgh 031-225 5366 FRENCH HOME COOKING

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