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independent film and

video festival offers NATIONAL MUSEUMS ' ' you a unique opportu- g or S(.‘()'l‘l.A'Nl) l nity to create your I . . Ideal job. If you are Exm“ I NS OFHCE young, enterprrsrng and well-organised, and believe that , the moving image is the most exciting medium of the i Contract Manager (Designer Grade D)

future, we will provide you with the resources and support to take the FFVF into its 10th anniversary and beyond, breaking new ground in the screen arts.

It's up to you to provide the rest. ;

fly! 5 Candidates should be experienced designers. with a degree and/or other recognised design Q Q

The National Museums of Scotland are seeking an experienced Designer to manage the production of integrated mu'seums exhibition and gallery displays. covering both graphics and three dimensional design. This is a period appointment for -i years based in Felinburgh.

You Will be responsrble for securing y0ur own salary. Letter and CV to: Dept. APL FWF, 29 Albany Street, Edinburgh EH1 30N by Friday 3rd June.

--.—» -. . - . . . : design. in a museum context, to display and interpret sensitive exhibits. will be expeeted.

qualifications. together with a demtmstrahlc record of practical work experience. preferably.

but not essentially in a museum environment. A full understanding and knowledge of spatial

A large part of the work will involve the supervision of contractors. and candidates must

F A B L E V I S I 0 N be conversant with contract specification.procurement and management prom-dung,

Starting salary between 3.16.168 and 325.952 subject to qualifications and experience.

The Internationally FQCognlsed Further information and application forms. to be completed and returned by Strdjune 1994. Theatre Arts Company Immediately can be obtained by writing to Mrs M. Donaldson. Personnel Office. Royal Museum requires an exceptiona| individua| of Scotland. Chambers Street. Edinburgh lilll UF. a Artfqua/ ()pmrrmrrrus [int/{(7)17

everything they do.

Core skills required:

Arts/Business Administrating Marketing Fundraising

, Gallery Manager Salary Cera £15,000 . For further details send SAE to: Edmburgh

Fablevision The Pearce Institute 840 Govan Road Govon, Glasgow 65] 3UT

Are you experienced in picture sales? Do you know

the market for decorative 19th Century and contemporary art?

Would you like to start a gallery with a negotiable salary and

MBGRODOHW cenue lull tinancial support? Do you like people?


My client is looking tor someone to establish For him a

Salary £13,000 new picture gallery in time For the Edinburgh Festival this year, (Fixed term contract ot one year, reviewable) This new post is join"), tunded by the Maegan“ Ms . and to develop the business in the years to come.

Centre and the Scottish Film Council. The postholder will be responsible tor the implementation and development of the Centre's Film Policy. A knowledge of film programming and development is essential. An

awareness 0' the Scottish Education system and Tinsley Lockhart, at Recruiting For Scotland, 66/68 Thistle previous work in a broad educational context would be an advantage. Outreach duties require the successful . . . . applicant ,0 hold a dming licence. Street, Edinburgh EH2 1 EN outlining your relevant experience

If you’re the person we need, write in confidence to me,

Closing Date: Friday 3 June 1904 l Interview Date: Wednesday 22 June 1994 and enclosrng a CV. Quote RelzTLl 032 and this publication. The MacRobert Arts Centre is striving to be ' an Equal Opportunities Employer. - - . Hume, details "om the 8,8" Office. University of Stirling, All applications must be received by 25 May, 1994. An equal Stirling FK9 4LA. Telephone (0786) 467028 (24 hrs).

opportunities employer;

DEADLINES? PROBLEMS? Business manager available for temporary work. Experienced. versatile. creative and empathic. l

Has own office. tel: 031 662 0005 l Fax: 031 6621115.

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RECRUtIING roe SCO‘I’LANO welcome. soeurrous ron scoreane

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88 The List 20 May 2 June l‘)‘)4