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"; ll. Chester Street. £2 before 8 1n £3 4Pm-B,q‘,°::,- MONDAY 6 WEDNESDAY 15 '71?er ~ ' - p ' , , t pm. £2 concessions. Bring your I J“ “no.” sandy Stone 5' own drink. Information 339 5374.

ggggitgizrslzgpltfis Pamsans' High Street Ed'nburgh Assisted by a caller. with live band.

I Billy Divers Nicky Tam’s. Victoria I Edinburgh Jazz "felts???" fag“, ; I Francis Cowan Octet Tron J an. Cellar. Street. 225 3326- 5-30Pm- Traverse Theatre‘ cam n FL mu‘ “"‘ Tron Tavern and Ceilidh House. Hunter 5

I Psycho Babe/32m Bare Story, :30:- 83‘?‘ £3 (£112); T‘E.Wl“j“i‘lf‘§'_”'gh‘ Stillal‘c‘ tori High Street). 220 1550. Eli-"bur h Cowgate, 556 3953. 9pm. These two lg . 1.1" IS a We. is” 1“ 1‘“, 1‘1""; _ 8.30 7 I 1pm. £3 (£2). Guitarist and I g - tradition. and it is good to see it carried oti ; H; U v l; .1 (a) ,, 1., is, .i ,h[_ l M 6 Fun. |

alternate their appearances on a weekly . ,_ . P , “1 “lest l “‘9‘ (“All M“ d" L 2: ea 0W5 “'3 The Meadows.

basis. here“ The Edinburgh la“ ()Khulr“ piece band. with Martin Kershaw. Tom 10am. Free. Annual Saturday and Sunday

. no 0.50m"; Srariite. Frederick (formerly the BP $12 Band- “mi 193"” Dal/tel and Martin l-‘oster on saxophones. event with stalls. competitions. street

Street. 225 3026. 9.30pm. Free. B.Ob P¢[e_rs).arc a ‘””,Y.'”Cd8”dl5‘.“ij John Milne on troliibonc‘. Cowan and theatre. fairground etc. Live bands on the P18cc Jazz [312 band “uh 3” “willme Marcus Ford on guitars. Gary Fimister on Trailer Stage at around 1.30pm Today. SCI Of arrangements 0f nmdcm Jazz m“- illltl (lrlllllllk‘l‘ Alldy MCGl'dS-S‘Cll. Folk. Jazz and other not-too-loud music.

material. from Kenton and Basic through 9

. . I . amba percussion workshop led by the to Monk and Miles. With the odd Van Edinburgh Samba School. Middle Momson or Lennon and McCartney Meadow walk “impm Free

arrangement thrown iii for good measure. I Mummers Scruffy Murphyts. George Dates listed below are for one-on shows: Edmburgh

8 I Mose Scarlett and Jim Condie Stones. IV Bridger 335 1§3 1- 9pm Free. Graeme Frederick Street. 9pm. Free. American Pearson and Rom" Tumfl'.

ragtime jazz/blues guitarist meets local -

blues man. 7

short Scottish tour. See preview.

first ten songwriters who show up play during the evening. with the Headlining 1 Artist playing from about 10.30pm. None

tonight thotigli. it's an Open Session. = Glasgow

SATURDAY 4 . New hoakes QuartetThe or. 80 i m WEDNESDAY 8

see separate section tor residencies. I New Noakes Quartet Tron .lau. Cellar. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Tron Tavern and Ceilidh House. Hunter Edinburgh Pertonnsnces will be listed, provided Square (off High Street). 220 1550. I . O that details reach our ottlces at least 8.30-1 1pm. £4 (£3 ). The Paris-based I I Edinburgh Songwriter’s Showcase Tron one week beiore publication. Jazz 3 fusion outfit visits Edinburgh as part of a 1 Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 8pm. The

listings compiled by Kenny Mathisson.


Glassford Street. venue 553 1638; info Glasgow 887 4733. 9.30pm. £4 (£3). See werl s Dates listed below are for one-oft shows: Glasgow .I Nigel Clark and Dominic Ashwonh The and preview, 1 see seperate section tor residencies. I Weekly Fiddle Workshop Strathclyde 13th Note. 80 Glassford Street. venue 553 I George Penman’s Jazzmen Carnegie's. Gigs are "519d by daleg the“ by 001- Am C911!” Washington Sims“. 1638; info 887 4733. 9.30pm. £4 (£3). , 142 st Vincent Street. no 3833. 9pm. £4. 2 Performances will be listed. provuletl 7.3lF9-30pm. £4. Information 636 1450. This excellent guitar duo are well-known 1 Candlelight Club with Glasgow‘s leading ! that details reach ourollioces art least Tutor lam Fraser leads a Single-group on the Glasgow scene. although their 5 Dixieland outfit. I one in?" Pam"? pultltcatton- Foul and ‘f’llrksml’ 0” 8C0“ and cap6 Brew“ appearances in the city are not 50 regular 1 World Listings compiled by Norman fiddle styles for players who have at least for the moment, since Ashwonh has M! Chalmers. a basic command of the instrument. Not temporarily uprooted to London. Well _ g for absolute beginners. worth catching Edinburgh 5 film— I Eddie Walker and John James Scotia I “or” “man’s Jame" Camcgic'st I 405 Big Band and Picnic Holvrootl i 8.“ S‘."‘:k“:cil SW?" 53 8681‘ 9pm 142 St Vincent Street. 226 3833. 9pm. £4. Park H mamapm Hm, The 1'”) Big I asgow Free. Faily acoustic Rock and Roll. and Glasgow‘s leading Dixieland outfit have Band. Singer Danny Sm.“ and [he 8ch I Weekly Ceilidh Dance The Ferry. Clyde S‘parkygti‘itar licks from esteemed transferred their Candlelight Club. Ginger barbershop quartet provide rm. Place. 0pm. £5. Tickets at the venue or in “Hummus- folmefly m the socmy 0f MUS'C'ans‘ [0 entertainment. with a parade of vintage i iltlt‘nlls‘t‘ ll‘ttlll the 'l‘lt‘kel (.‘Clllrt‘. Edinburgh this venue' Where they already 8 cars for good [measure Presented by [htr l (‘tlildlc‘l‘lggx 237 l. 'l‘tllllglll. IIIUSlC lunchtime slot (see Res1dencres). Old Town Festival. ' i from the Michael Garvin Band, I Edinburgh Folk Club Cafe Royal I flick Stevenson quartet Tm“ 11W, I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. Fox Street. Upstairs. West Register Street. 557 4792. 5 Ccllar‘ Tm” Tavern and Ceilidh “misc. 1 off Clyde Street. 248 3144. Doors open 8pm. £4 (£3). England’s three pickers. . Hunter 3L uarc (Off HM] 5mm.” 330 1 Spin. music at 9pm. £5. scrapers and pltickers are back. I550. 8.30-1 1pm. £3 (22). Flautist and Ed' b h whippgrsnappal 1"? a tremendous and I Mike Travis’s EH15 Tron Jazz Cellar. saxophonist Nick Stevenson is a recent 1 In “'9 Unmanl)’ “COUSUC “mmmemal mo- They Tron Tavern and Ceilidh House. Hunter arrival iii Edinburgh. although he has ; I Greenpeace Ceilidh Assembly Rooms, Sing WC“ 100 Square (off High Street). 220 1550. already made his debut at this venue with ! (ieorge Street. Split-late. Bar. Snacks. 8.30—1 1pm. £3 (£2). We do not hear Spontaniac‘s. He leads his own band on : Prizes. Tickets £5 (£3). from Ticketline 9 nearly enough of this fine band's this occasion. featuring lhc highly E 221) 434‘). Greenpeace 068 3951. or Peace I - distinctive take on contemporary jazz. promising David Milligan on piano. i and Justice Centre. St John's Church. rv'ne which is fused with a variety of ethnic. ' Princes Street. Dance intisic supplied by I Kathryn Tickell Band Volunteer Rooms. folk and rock sources. but without falling W leading alternative dance outfit The Irvine. 8pm. £5. Winsome Northumbrian into standard jazz-rock fusion cliches. The , Ceilidh Collective. piping. fiddling. accordion and guitar band features Sieve Kettley 0“ I Urban Gypsies Scruffy Murphy‘s. playing from one of the best bands on the saxophones, Graham Muir on guitar. Jon I Edinburgh Jazz orchesua ThC Bi“: (icorge 1V Bridge. 225 1081. 9pm. Free. current folk scene. Cunninghame Festival. Beales on keyboards and Violin. Stuart Traversc Thcmm Cambridge S”ch 338 (ilasgtiw lrish Band. Srruth on bass. and Mike Trav1s on drums 1404 8 » rs , . Glasgow . . pm. £3 (£2). Scc Mon 6. and Percussion SATURDAY 4 I New Dawn Folk Club Glasgow Press Club. 94 West Re yent Street. 332 1674. . Glasgow 8pm. £4 (£3). itali’Mctailan and John ! I Scotia Folk Scotia Bar. Stockwell MacMeeitin play American blues and ! Street. 552 8681. 3.3()-—5.3()plll. Free. Dust Bowl ballads.

“Merton’s Dream; . . - I Callldh Dance Riverside. I'ox Street. off Clyde Street. 248 3l44. Doors open I Slip Jig Scruffy Murphy's‘ George [V .

B FORTHCOMING JUNE LIVE 'UNPLUGGED' MUSIC DATES 8l’m- “WC *” “W” ‘5- Bridge. 235 l68l. 9pm. Free. Well-known

Edinburgh “15h songs and tunes. I Tron Folk Club Tron Ceilidh House.

Hunter Square. 220 1550. 8.30pm. £3. [mum-13::— Clussr new new are and Glasgow acoustic guitar from Martin Nolan and I madam The plaza. H_27 Victoria

IUIIE I6'I'l-I 'll-IREE "Ell CALLED BIIIG l0“! Mumm- . , , Road. 423 3077. 7.30pm. £7. Tickets in I Finnegan’s Awake Scruffy Murphy s.

run: a sun RUSSELL lchlEILI. W Bride. 235 1681- 9pm 381335315833.)f‘égolytiiaéfi'if 3'21 - Fast fiddle and accordion takeaway. 4447‘ Fundqaiging concert for S'CIAF.g I Ceilidh Dance Caledonian Brewery. - - Slateford Road. 7.30pm—midnight. £4.50. Bar. Food. Tickets in advance froin Tron w ,rb B 'l- , - i I , _ . pc raZi tan pcrcuss10n and vocal PERFORMANCES FROM 3309'“ ( ellldh House. Hunter Square. 220 1550. mmmc from Paul Simon.3 Rhythm of

lNFO HOTLlNE 041-248 4466 I 'memationa' cei'idh Dance walpmc the Saints album and tour. Afro-Brazilian


54 The List 3—16 June 1994