I Steve 0.0. West End Oyster Bar. West Suite. Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. 2 Tron Tavern 9nd cell‘dh Houset Hunter Maitland Street. 225 3861. 10.30pm. Free. Sauchiehall Street. 227 55 ll. 8pm. £8.50 Square (off High Street). 220 1550. .

I Live Music L'Attache. Rutland Street. (£6.50). A return visit for this perennially 830‘UPm- £3 (5211113 fir“ 0f “V0 8‘85 229 3402. l0pm. Free. touring package of New Orleans and here “"3 week for the dmmme't Who leads

Dixieland revivalists. led by Max Collie's his r380.“ bOP‘lmo'fUSlon 0mm tonight

. .‘ ‘- - and then joins Joe Locke on Wednesday. m Rhythm Aces and Singer Pauline Pearce. Tonight‘s cohorts are Eddie Severn

. t t.R..llC 's . he. G'asgow Dates listed below are for one-oft shows: Edmburgh Bguv'apidzmgugipmog'intinézzxnoypEfig) I Commanche Park King Tul's Wait Wait see seperate section for residencies. I Edinburgh Jan O'Chesm The Bar. (base) ' Hut. St Vincent Street. 22l 5279. 8.30pm. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Traverse Theatre. Cambridge Street. 228 I li‘as'adena no“ mam Fawn] £4. Tickets from King Tut's and Just the Performances will be listed, provided 1404. 8pm. £3 (£2). The EJO (formerly Theatre Nicokon Street 529 Ticket. Virgin. Union Street. 226 4679. that details reach our offices at least the BP Big Band. after leader Bob Peters) $50410” {5504830) Not m“), a Recent D2Ream support act. one week before publication. Jazz are a fully-fledged sixteen-piece )822 big

. . , I . . . . . . . . jazz band as such. but the Pasadenas re- I The Bond NICC n Sleazy. SdUthLhaH listings compiled by Kenny Mathieson. I band With an Imaginative set of mate the popular dance music and hit

Street. 333 9637. 9pm. arrangements of modemjazz material. . .

I Bust Club 99p, The 13th Note, from Kenton and Basie through to Monk :3? [Pegzelscgn :Pesnjqogfltfazz

Gl ssford Street 553 1638. 9 m. 99 . - and Miles. and the odd Van Morrison or g g y y p p‘ J 3‘ ' p l’ Edinburgh

Tight power trio. reminiscent of early . . Lennon and McCartney thrown in. Therapy“). who will be releasing a five- I Leith Jazz Festival Various venues .

track CD Numhskul/ on their own Mental 3 around The Shore. Leith. 7.30—1 lpm.


Block Records on 25 Jul. Co ies should Free. The Leith Festival has acquired a _ - be available at gigs before thsn. reputation for conviviality. and the Edlflblll'gh Ed'nburgh I Babyiunkwonn, Refuse To Dance and participating pubs are usually busy. but . sum. Budge Tron Jazz Cellar. Tron I Edinburgh Jan Orchestra The Bar. Movie Culture Arena. ()swald Street. 221 it‘s not always ideal if you want to listen Tavern and Ccmdh House. Hunter Square Traverse Theatre, Cambridge street, 228 4583. 9.30pm. £2. to the bands in question. Thef proglramme (Off High Street). 220 1550. 8304 1pm. 1404. 8pm. £3 (£2). See Mon 20. I Beggar’s Day MacSorley's. Jamaica features the usual plethora o oca 3 2 . S S _ , Street. 221 8499. 9pm. Free. musicians. generally but not exclusively frog B)”(If;gfaggigobgeflrgfifgpyéflg I Easy Money Chicago Meatpackers. in a mainstream vein. augmented by a celebrated harmonica with Dougie _ Hope Street. 248 4466. 8.30pm. Free. couple of guests from the North of Campbell (guitar) Jack Finlay (piano) Edlnblfl'gh I The Spooks McCool‘s Ruling Cowboy. England. and the way to tackle the festival Kenny McDonald'(baSS) and Jim walker Candleriggs. 552 7847. 9pm. Free. is to arm yourself with a leaflet (readily (drums). I Joe locke/oave O'ngglns Quintet Tron I Ball 0f Confusion Church ()n The Hill. available in all the venues). and target Jazz Cellar. Tron Tavern and Ceilidh Langside Monument. 649 5 l89. 9.45pm. whatever takes your fancy. The pubs House. Hunter Square (off High Street). Free. New band formed by Slide‘s Grant involved are Dock Place. The Cruise Ship. 220 1550. 8.30—l lptn. £4 (£3). The New Richardson. steeped in 60s kitsch. The Ship on the Shore. Todd‘s Tap. Glasgow York-based Vibraphone wiz makes a I Billy Rivers Wolburn‘s Wharf. Yoker Waterfront Wine Bar. The Tattler. Malt much-anticipated return to Scotland, at the Ferry Road. 959 2016. 9pm. Free. Blues. and Hops. Leith Oyster Bar. Vintners. . George penmanis Jame" Camcgic's. head ofa stellar band organised by Bill

. Home’s Bar and Noble's Bar. All are '42 St Vincent Street. 226 3833. 9pm £4. Kyle. Other guests include saxman Dave

either on the Shore itself. or within a Candlelight Club with Giaegow's leading O’Higgins. pianist Steve Hamilton and couple of minutes walk. Dixiciand outfit. bassist Alec Dankworth. and the band go

18 onto play at the MacRobert Centre. gtirliggkorliBThursfi‘iObflour nights at the my a e ar int e asgow Jazz Glasgow Edinburgh Festival (Fri l—Mon 4 see next issue for I George Penman’s Jazzmen CamcgiC'S. details). and a final date at The Lemon 143 St Vincent 5966!. 326 3833. 9pm 91- I Bill Kyle’s JazzBase Tron Jazz Cellar. Tree. Aberdeen (Tue 5). See preview. Glasgow‘s leading Dixieland outfit have i , transferred their Candlelight Club. formerly in the Society of Musicians. to

I“ x I" S'M'A'S'fl thi.~ v *nu ‘. wh ‘r i th ‘y already play a I s-MtA-st“ and Kaliphz Baumw‘ ltiifchiim: slotisiee rLesidencies). Bruc Hot ‘1. Cornwall Str‘ ‘t. East ' Klein... ties: 2977 1. “its. c4. Edlnbufllh FOLK FESTIVAL plane 94

Melodic spunky New Wavers who made it , I Leith Jazz Festival Various venues

on to Top ()f'l'ht' Pops after only selling 5 around The Shore. Leith. 12.3(l—2pm. G l- A S G 0 W R 0 Y A L about twelve records. supported by 230—4an 4.30—6pm. 7.30—1 lpm. Free. (I 0 N C E R T H A L L bouncy Asian rap collective. See Fri 17. Street events in the afternoon _

_ include bands. an antique fair. and a 2 1 Strathclydc Surtc ....................... ..8.00pm Edlnhurgh variety of stalls. Dougie MacLean (Scotland) ..... .128, 25 conc. I Captain Shim and Jowiders Venue. 2 3 Strathclydc Suite ...................... ..8.00pm

canon Rnad‘ 557 3073' 9pm“ £4 Big Lakshmi Shankar (India) ............ .528, 25 conc.

Issue Benefit gig so go and put your _ money where Major‘s mouth isn't. Edfllbufgh C l T Y H A L L S

Melodic hard core from the Joyriders. See I mm Jazz Festival Various venues with Cl“ wMela) ........... "7.30pm

. . . 2 1 ( prev1ew for Captain Shifty. , , ~ , ,t - .. , f g t . Blues cmi rs Stones. Frederick Street. around The Shore. Lcith. Times as or . a Ustad Nusrat Fatah l Khan and

_. l8. Free. See Fri 17 and Sat 18. :ZOMIZZ?‘ lgan I G w Ik b I Louis Stewan mo Tm“ Jun Cellar. Party (Pakistan) .................................. ..£15, £10 conc. Subs? goitgm Saleemggsgp?“ 22m" Tron Tavern and Ceilidh House. Hunter r R 0 N O M A I N T H E A T R E Fl ‘t _“d i . .ffih I, .H) ‘t. . Square (off H‘igh‘Street). 2.1) l5.50. 2 0 Band of Hop. (England) .... "8.15pm diam“ Stud c a S no A“; mo' V 8.30—1 lpm. £4 (£3). Irish gurtarist Lours Bobby w." (cfl‘adflmn Ramm .g 830” 33m" (3617 Stewart makes a highly welcome return to 2 1 Th. Eskimo R.pub"c 1me 8‘ 9.30pm 9 30‘ y . Aid id h, f f the Tron. and the live album which he Fawn-"g man-l“ Robin Ha“ " .pm' rm” onus m l c on" 0 recorded with Ronnie Rae (bass) and 1mm Mac; a; 'Ghlmi'McD'onau 11.?ng Wmo' . . on Tony Mdrcnna" (drum) 3 Year 330 2 2 Intorriattonat Night.....8.15pm 87,87 VBEJ‘LgLndS‘ cowgatc‘ “'5 should be out from HEP Records to H.888" arm“ & Amman. (Morocco) .‘ J‘“ bglntA“ ‘h‘ R l i g H 779 coincide with this visit. That threesome AnpAmflmn 2mm, Enumbh (Rank) (403210 Fm.“ f” 3‘.“ .‘ "ff," teams up again here. with sophisticated 23 Brian McNeil 8. Iain Mackintosh, Tlch Frior....8.15pm "' pm' m" 0W3 g'vm I L mainstream and bop stylings as the order 2 4 Tam.“ Mackam‘. (USA) led “"80" 8 15pm double female vocals treatment. of the night. Getting there early is 2 5 Gordan (Em) Bmy “chin” 8| Tony fipm I PlaifOHTT ()nc. Ruthlde definitely rcconnncndcd. 2 6 .. Street. 225 2433. 9.30pm. Free. Revrvalist I lomian Region schoo's Jazz Band Charlie Hamgan """""""""""""""""" °' R 8‘ B "0'" “"9 "me-Plccc Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 2019. Dcrrol Adams (USA) 0 M05: Scarlett (Canada) 0 ' . 3pm. £4 (£2). The oung ho efuls of - . . last omen Neighbogrs‘ McDonald Lothian jazz shareh concertFirvith the 21:: Tiariilzréiiglgnd) . sam Grey (USA) &$o7[hfsr 225:2,“ guess SoactriigfiaziitzpsmNE-grgi.anL 1 (h. chk)n.s Wind Band. as pan of the now . .................................... .. , l s..o ian -- .. .t ' Street. 225 6313. 10pm. Fm:- A DJ :irgilitgtgnvtaclaweck of schools concerts at this F E S T I v A L C L U B . L A T E B A R collective knocking out a spot of ambient ' ' vibes. I Jess And The Pest Starlite. Frederick 2 5 T M . Th 2 00 S". t. 225 3026. l . .. ron, am am: ...... .. . pm I as“, Music Presgfimian‘ Victoria Glasgow Crooked jack's Giant Jccly Piccc Show .......... .. 5,4 ADULT, s3 CHILD street, 226 3816. 9pm. Free, I New Orleans Mardi Gras Strathclydc

The List 17—30 June l994 39

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