I It Henry Rollins was hot on your trail would you piss him off by continuing to flee? That’s what the character in The Chase has to decide. See Film review.

I Meanwhile British punky contemporary Eddie Tenpole-Whatever takes us for a trip into the medieval zone at Edinburgh’s (235 Rock. See Rock listings.

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I Can you dig it? Another example at the daft things men do when they get their hands on big machines. Check out the Dancin’ Diggers at the lioyal Highland Show in Edinburgh. See Days Out.

l Dee Dee Ramone shakes off his bruwers . tor a spot of melodic

thrash-pop at Edinburgh Venue. See Hock listings.


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‘Nobody‘s going to see them because I've kept them —< but there‘s nothing that's not tastei'ul. I've just realised that saying that there‘s naked shots might sound really awful.‘

K _\'lie Minogue does her best to start a tabloid aut'tion.

"Tongues were not involved. Sadly. our lips met only very. very lightly. I insisted on more than one take. Several takes. actually.‘

Caroline Quentin. l’aul Merton's missus. on nteeting the eponymous hero (If/l" livening With Gary Line/(er. who plays himselle the television version.

‘What I like is the uneasiness in the encounter between the Scots and the English. It has done both sides a lot of good. The English have been jogged out oftaking the whole world for granted because the Scots keep looking at them askance. knocking the English down a few pegs.‘

Historian and sometime Late Show pundit Michael Ignatief/‘on the mutual benefit oft/1e Union.

‘I would need to have my children held at some location I don‘t know about at knil‘epoint and they would need to offer me a lot of money at the same time.‘ Mel Gibson refuses to totally rule out agreeing to star in afourth Lethal Weapon movie.

‘lt‘s been discredited by all the housing. But there's still something going on. 75 per cent of the circles are hoaxes. I want to know who‘s doing the other 25 per cent.‘

’I’I'oggsfiontman and erop (‘it‘i‘le obsessive. Reg l’t'es/ey. who plans to spend the estimated [500. 000 rovalties from W't Wet ll’et's (over ofle song love ls All Around on Irving to explain the ltttt'.t‘/)lt1ltl<’tl.

The List I740 June 1994 3