A selection at television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television listings compiled by Tom Lappln.

Timings may be subject to delay due to World Cup games, but we don’t mind that do vre?

I World Cup Grandstand (BBC) ) 7-9pm. Live coverage of the opening ceremony and first game from Soldier Field. Chicago. Suave Des Lynam is your host as hostilities begin with holders Germany taking on South American outsiders Bolivia. At 9pm the action switches to BBC2 for the second half.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) 10— 10.30pm. New parents Fred and Jackie attempt to work out whether they love one another.

.: '

I Viva Cabaret (Channel 4) 10.30—1 1.20pm. South London polemicist .Mark Thomas introduces more comedy from Lee Evans and Barry (‘ryer. plus sultry crooning frotn Eartha Kitt.

I Mouth To Mouth (Channel 4) 12.55—2.3Sam. An involving low-budget Australian drama directed by John Duigan about two teenage girls shacking up in a Melbourne warehouse with two unemployed youths.


I Beyond The Pale (Channel 4) 7~8pm. Howard Jacobson introduces a pilot for a new discussion series which allows a multi-faceted studio audience to offer their views on issues in the news this week. I World Cup ’94 (Scottish) 8.45—1 1.05pm. Live coverage of the big one. Italy v Ireland from the Giants Stadium in New Jersey. ‘Big‘ Ron Atkinson is your ‘expcrt‘ analyst. I Days or Thunder (BBC 1) -8.50——lO.30pm. Tom Cruise. future missus Nicole Kidman and Robert Duvall star in an action-packed. brainless drama set in the world of stock-car racing. Cruise is the cocky young driver trying to make a comeback after an accident. I NYPD Blue (Channel 4) 9—l0ptn. The last in the current run finds the squad investigating the murder of a priest found dead in a male prostitution hang-out. Meanwhile Kelly and Robin are getting closer. I NB (Scottish) llpm—l 1.30pm. Dougie Vipond and Susan Maxwell host the arts and entertainments magazine. I Seinfeld (BBCZ) 11.05—11.30pm. A classic episode in which Jerry finds his tape recorder contains a salacious message from an unknown woman fan. Could it be Elaine? Meanwhile George is trying out an ancient Chinese remedy for baldness. I late licence (Channel 4) 12.10—4.0Sam. Arthur Smith and Vinnie Jones host another batch of repeats and yoof shows.



I The Great Escape (Scottish) 3—6.15pm. Yet another chance to see Steve McQueen bouncing that blasted baseball. Gordon Jackson doing something very silly indeed, and Dickie Attenborough making sure the chaps behave themselves.

I Secret History: The nambusters Raid (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Historians now question the military validity of the 1943 bombing of the Ruhr. and. using unseen footage. tell a different story to the accepted myth.

I That’s lite All Over! (BBC 1 )

spirit in which you'd stick a stake through a vampire’s heart to make sure it‘s dead. The equally fangy Esther Rantzen looks back on 21 years of embarrassing the British public. phallic vegetables. nancy boy sidekicks and dogs who say ‘sausages‘.

I The Bloke Next Door (BBC2) 7.30—8.30pm. A profile of Chancellor of the Exchequer Kenneth Clarke, made by Michael Cockerell. the man who gave us

. Love '12in about Alan Clark. In this. Clarke plays up his blokish image as a

5 lover of fags. beer and football and admits his ambitions lie at Number Ten.

1 I Cadiael (Scottish) 8.3()—l()pm. Derek Jacobi investigates the poisoning of a

. wealthy landowner who has left his estate to Shrewsbury Abbey. In the process he encounters an old flame from the past.

I Visions or Light: The Hustler (Channel 4) 9—1 1.30pm. Pool has never been so

. cool as in Robert Rossen's classic low-life l tale. shot in Sleazerama. Paul Newman is troubled punk Fast Eddie Felson, finding

; nirvana in a seemingly endless match with I Minnesota Fats (Jackie Gleason).

I lie Country Special (Scottish)

; W45 -l l.45pm. A twangin‘ special

l featuring top Scottish acts performing

: their favourite country songs at Glasgow‘s i Grand ()le ()pry.


l I Wimbledon ’94 (BBCZ) from midday.

E Desmond Lynam is your host as coverage ; of the annual tennis fest begins from the

i All England Club.

I Jimmy’s (Scottish) 7—7.3()pm. A new

! series of glimpses at the wards of the St i James‘s Hospital in Leeds.

, I Top Gun (Scottish) 8—lOpm. The action- ; packed celebration of testosterone and

rock soundtracks stars Tom Cruise as the airforce cadet striving to become top gun at pilot school. Aeronautics instructor

Kelly McGillis is the love interest.

7.30—8.45ptn. Worth watching in the same :

I Palin’s Column (Channel 4) 8~8.30pm. Crinkly-eyed charmer Michael Palin tnoonlights as a columnist for an Isle of Wight local paper. in a series celebrating sleepy English blandness.

I Men Only: From Here To Paternity (Channel 4) 9—9.45pm. Writer Susie Orbach asks what men inherit front their fathers. emotionally and materially. with contributions from Lord Bath and Richard Olivier.

I Horthern Exposure (Channel 4)

10—] 1pm. Maggie forgets she ever had sex with Joel. and Ed's marriage is arranged by his uncle.


I Around Seventeen (Scottish) 7.30—8pm. The series looking at opportunities for Scots teenagers covers the music business. featuring funk band Captain Shifty and the not-so-funky St Mary's School String Quartet.

I Travels A La Carte (Channel 4) 8-8.30pm. Sickly couple Sophie Grigson and William Black find themselves in gastronomic paradise Norway (hold on a minute). It's fishing season, ie sometime between January and December.

I ilhodes Around Britain (BBC2) 8.30—9pm. The demotic cook heads for Perthshire in a remote lodge near Crieff. where he cooks up some of the local game and enthuses about the superior quality of Scottish raspberries.

I Rab C. Heshitt (BBCZ) ‘)~9.3()ptn. A repeat showing of the third series Opens with our Rab having to deal with the threat of Mary‘s new boss Mr Friel (Andy Gray).

I First Sex (Channel 4) 9—10pm. The series looking at women’s issues investigates the Child Support Agency from the point of view of three women who found its operation woefully unhelpful.

I little llapoleons (Channel 4)

10—1 1.05pm. Norman Beaton and Saeed Jaffrey star as rival solicitors turned councillors. As they fight to save a local school from closure their personal rivaln'es are getting in the way.

I The late Show (BBC2)

l 1.15—1 l.55pm. A study of comedian Eddie lzzard‘s preparations for the starring role in David Mamet’s new play The (‘Ijvpmgranu which opens next week. Just as long as he doesn't start going on about cows and Daleks he should be alright on the night.

I Chilling Out: Revenge or Frankenstein (Channel 4) ll.35ptn—l.15am. A classic Hammer horror from I958 starring Peter Cushing as the body parts prof returning to the castle to make Monster ll. This time it‘s personal.


I Boy Meets World (Channel 4) 6.30—7pm. A potentially yukky comedy series starring Ben Savage (the scary Coty in Wild Palms) as an all-American kid heading for adolescence. Brother Fred starred in The IVUIldt’r Years. this looks more like The Chum/er Years.

I Faith Hope And Calamity (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. The excellent history of Scottish soccer reaches 1978 and Argentina Year Zero. After a triumphant send-off at Hampden things start to go wrong for Ally Macl.eod and his side. Leave the pills at home. Willie.

I A Touch 0t Frost (Scottish) 8—l0pm. Another repeated adventure of the detective played by David Jason. Threats. deaths. arson and staff shortages drag Frost away from an unwelcome guest at borne.

I The Lileboat (BBC 1) 8—8.50pm. The Lynda La Plante drama recruits Keith Barron as a guest star. playing a tycoon and antateur sailor running into a spot of bother off Penrhys.

I Screen Tvvo: Criminal (BBCZ)

9—10. 15pm. A play based on the life and death of teenager Simon Willerton who killed himselfwhile on remand in Armley jail. Paul Popplewell plays Willerton as a free spirit with offbeat charm and awkwardness.

I Halted City (Channel 4)

l 105—] 1.50pm. Caitlin Moran and Johnny Vaughan introduce music from mindless technoids DzReam and less-than- cerebral Mancunians Oasis.


I 3-D (Scottish) 7.30—8pm. A report on the world of Arthur Pendragon, a man who believes he is the reincarnation of King Arthur. Unfortunately this prevents him from claiming Income Support.

I Steel Magnolias (Scottish) 9—l0pm, 10.40—1 l.55pm. Maliciously scheduled as a World Cup antidote for mums everywhere. this is a Kleenex-heavy tragi- comic tale of six women whose lives cross at their local beauty parlour. Sally Field. Shirley Maclaine and Julia Roberts star. Guess which one dies?

70 The List 17—30 June 1994