. 'H


I True Stories: Sitverlake Lite - The View From Here (Channel 4)

9.30—l 1.30pm. A repeat showing for Tom Joslin's moving video diary of the impending death of himself and lover 'Mark Massi from AIDS. After their death the film was completed by friend Peter Friedman.

I Boughnecks (BBCI) 9.30—lt).25pm. When Cinders (Ricky Tomlinson) heads back to shore the rig is left without a chef. and replacement Tessa (Teresa Banham) isn‘t popular.

I Americana: Fat (Channel 4) ll.55pm-12.55am. A repeat showing for Jonathan Ross’s trawl through American trash culture opens with a gleeful feast of fast food tack.


I 4 Goes To Glastonbury (Channel 4) 3.45-4.30pm. 11.50pm—2am. Beginning twelve hours of coverage over the weekend of Britain's premier rock festival. Highlights on the first day include Madder Rose. Spin Doctors. The Beastie Boys and World Party.

I World Cup ’94 (Scottish) 5.15—7.30pm. Ireland take on Mexico in their second game of the tournament.

I Europe Express (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. The continental current affairs round-up digging up some of the less obvious stories around Europe. Reports include the revelation that Romania‘s health care system is still under the control of Ceaucescu‘s personal dietician. and the Canary Islands offer of free holidays to divorced couples.

I Home Improvement (Channel 4) 9.30—l0pm. Tim receives a lesson in listening from his main fan Eddie (Ernest Borgnine).

I Beavis And Butthead (Channel 4) 11.20pm—l 1.55pm. Is it cool or does it suck?

I Broadway Danny Rose (BBC2)

12. lS—l .40am. One of Woody Allen‘s warmest comedies. this is the slight but affecting tale of a hapless showbiz agent. afflicted with some of the worst acts to disgrace vaudeville.


I The Three Musketeers (BBC 1) 5.25—7.10pm. Richard Lester's splendidly camp version of the Dumas classic is played strictly for laughs. Michael York is D'Artagnan. but Oliver Reed steals the show as the lecherous dipso Athos.

I Young Sherlock Holmes (BBC2) 8.30—10. 15pm. One of Spielberg‘s less successful action adventures set during the great detective’s schooldays.

I Fine Cut: I Am A Sex Addict (BBC2) ll.lSpm—12.25am. Sexual addiction is the subject of Vikrarn Jayanti and John Powers’s tragi-comic documentary. as assorted addicts tell all about their obsession.

I The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Scottish) lO.45pm—l.45am. Sergio Leone's tough tale of Civil War America.

starring Clint Eastwood. Lee Van Cleef and Eli Wallach as three ruthless outlaws outgrossing each other to a moody Morricone soundtrack.

I Relentless (BBC‘ 1) t l.~l()pm~ l .2()am. Judd Nelson and Robert Loggia star in a serial killer thriller set in LA. Loggia is thejaded detective on the trail of a murderer who selects his victims from the phone book and makes them participate in their own killings. Not nice.

SUNDAY 26 n -

I Visions Of Light: The Professionals (Channel 4) 8—H). 10pm. .-\ relatively obscure tale of American mercenaries joining in the Mexican revolution. enlivened by a witty script and fine performances frotn Burt Lancaster and Lee Marvin.

I Under The Sun: Dream Girls ( BBQ) 8—8.5(lpm. The first film in a new series ofanthropological documentaries is a study ofJapanese women performers who create fantasies of sensitive men and erotic love. See preview.

I Dances with Wolves (Scottish) 8.30—10pm. Kevin Costner's ()scar- winning epic is shown in full. in two parts. continuing tomorrow night. lts liberal approach to the history of the

Native Americans stirred Stateside consciences. but iii truth it’s a pretty dull '. piece of celluloid.

I Love On a Branch Line (BBC 1) ‘).3()—l().2()pm. Michael .‘yloloney stars as shy civil servant Jasper l’ye. finding Lord

Flatitburgh's three daughters too much to

cope with.


I Babylon 5 (Channel 4) ()-—7pm. The science fiction series front the States that boasts scriptwriters from Star Trek. state- of—the-art effects and aliens with amusing hairstyles.

I Men Only: Mid-Lite Crisis (Channel 4) 9—9.4Spm. The final programme in the series of films on men by women directors looks at men who suffer a crisis ofconfidence in middle age. finding themselves at the crossroads of a career or a relationship.


I Little Napoleons (Channel 4)

10—] 1.05pm. The final episode of Michael Abbensetts‘s likeable drama about council power struggles. Norman Reaton. Lesley Manville and Saeed Jaffrcy star.

I Chilling Out: Blood On Satan’s Claw (Channel 4) l2.()5—l.5()am. .‘vlore schlocky British horror in this diverting 1970 tale of devil-worship ill a medieval village. Linda Hayden play s a se\_\ vampess who leads the village children to Satan and seduces the village priest for a laugh. Attagirl.


I Faith, Hope . . . Calamity (Setillisltt 7—7.3()pm. More evocative memories of Scottish soccer disasters (interspersed with the occasional glorious triumph lll adversity).

I Frasier (Channel 4) 10- 10.30pm. The Cheers spin-offcontinues. with neurotic psychiatrist Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) still trying to get a grip.

I Naked City (Channel 4)

ll.()5—l 1.55pm. Live music and assorted daft items hosted by Caitlin Moran and Johnny Vaughan.

ritunsonv so e K

I Moving Story (Seottisli) ‘)~l()pm. Warren Clarke leads the cast as not-so- smart Bamber in Jack Roscnthal's comic tale of removal. sorry. fumiture men.

I Boughnecks (BBC 1 ) 9.3a 10.30pm. The drama series set mostly on a North Sea oil rig.

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