Thomas as some ofthe most exciting ofthe current crop. he explains. ‘They‘re catching a mood and

. trying to get something over. whether the subject is drugs. psychosis or politics it’s stuff they‘re really 6 I fired up about.‘ . ‘I don’t want to see three or four great

poets In a quiet bookshop doing their conventional readings. I want to see people having a good time, drinking or Kevin Williamson from Rebel Inc whatever, with loud music blasting magazine talks to Ann Donald evel'Yones’ 93's W3 about the week of inspired literary happenings taking place at Out Of The Blue Gallery.

Williamson is clearly enthusiastic about the way in which Rebel Inc has expanded from being a magazine into a forum where those involved feed off each other in terms of ideas and are galvanised into organising their own events or projects. For example, Williamson has joined forces with ex-Fire Engines and Win musician Russell Burn under the banner of Pieiinger to record an album of techno-trance poems. Regular List contributor and psychoactive performance raver Toni Davidson is compiling an anthology of psychoactive synk poetry and Serpent‘s Tail novelist and poet Barry Graham has plans for

The Apostolic Club is the ironic title under which a listfui of Rebel Inc stalwarts and other young bucks from the burgeoning new Scottish literary world such as Cal King. Paul Reekie, Barry Graham and Alan Warner have been shepherded for a week of verbal and visual fireworks.

photo by IIeil Riley: Periormance poet. Paul Reekie.

Wimamson: ‘They’m can;an a mood Rebel Inc, The Apostolic Club is indicative ofthe newet‘ younger poets with his proposed anthology. and trying to get something over, WaxinlWhieh :hed'iledi‘gm 02ml?“ and Poetry i3 Nightmare Scenario. intended as a riposte to the whether the sublect ls drugs Dame" ‘1’ are ee "‘8 0 eae 0‘ er ‘0 Inspire all Dream State anthology published earlier this year energlse 1‘ new breed 0f Performance Poet. and In which Graham Views as. ‘The poetry equrvalent of psyc'ms's or ponflcs-’ tum, aUdienee- ‘The link With the mUSiC is VCF)’ listening to cricket commentary.‘ However. its editor imponamt' says Williamson. ‘1 don't want I0 500 Donny O‘Rourke has nothing but praise for many of The title originates with photographer Neil Riley three or four great poets in a quiet bookshop doing the poets Graham and wmttttttsoh are raving about whose photographic portraits of twelve young writers their conventional readings. I want to see people ‘Thcrc’s so much energy and push to their work" he living and working in Scotland will provide a having a good time. drinking or whatever, with loud says, ‘If there wagan()[hcr[)rgun1 State anthology to permanent visual accompaniment to the celebration music blasting everyones‘ cars off.’ be seriously thinking about a lot of this work) of music. readings. workshops and debate. All of As the prime mover behind the legendary Rebel Inc The diverse avenues being pursued by on the which will be overseen by the watchful eye of Leith’s happenings and a self-confessed thirtysomething on aforetttentioned individuals eon only be good news literary guru. lrvinc WCISh, making presence the fringes 0f rave culture, Williamson is ObVlOUSIy for a healthy and flourishing literary scene. ‘vhcther via a video installation. an ebullient supporter ofthose performance poets it's in the bookshops or out on the ambient For Kevin Williamson, late of The Tollcross Times whose aim is communication rather than daneefleer,

and now editor of that slightly more subversive organ introspection. Citing Cal King, Paul Reekie and Ruth See Book Events Section for more details.

_ ‘In the past I knew one or two women when they had an incredibly negative who had allowed themselves to view. Obviously that book struck a 3 become enmeshed In rather nerve.’ s masochistic relationships,’ Zahavi The woman In the new novel - a explains, ‘and I wanted to explore that Balkan reiugee - is the complete a aspect oi iernale sexuality. I also antithesis oi the vengeiul Bella In D ye wanted to explore the way In which ‘nIrty Weekend’. She is stateless, men can bond over a woman and also economically powerless and Helen Zahavl is clear about the three iall victim to extreme iealousy.’ submissive. She takes pleasure in the central characters in her new novel: Sexuality ls iamillar territory ior role oi the victim, believing that she ‘You wouldn’t want to spend the lahavl, but this approach may startle can exert a subtle control over her weekend with these people. You might admirers oi her controversial ilrst male abusers. Those who rallied to the want to have dinner with them, but novel. ‘IIlrty Weekend’ provoked cause oi ‘Illrty Weekend’ will iind then you would be quite glad Ii they hugely contrasting critical reactions themselves wrong-looted by True left you out.’ with Its portrayal oi a woman exacting Romance, but Zahavl proiesses to be left you out? 0i what? An Idle game gory revenge on men who threaten her. unconcerned. oi Trivial Pursuit as you bloat out on llaoml Woli and Andrea Ilworkin ‘People are so used to striking grand the sole? A bracing walk to ease the loved it ior its blunt reversal oi positions on all kinds oi issues: they digestion? Well, not exactly. The literary and sexual stereotypes. Many tend to be quite reductive In their iavourite aflerdinner pastime In ‘True others loathed it, particularly ‘the analysis. in the end you are writing a Itomance’ is a heady melange oi sex, deienders oi the liberal ialth’ as ilctlon not a polemic. You try to put to ~ ’- sadlsm and submission. 0n the marble Zahavl called them at the time. the back oi your mind even the a...“ lahavl: ‘I try not to be lrmlblted.’ iloors oi wealthy London, the elegant ‘lt aiiected me because the reaction concept oi the reader. I try not to be “uptmnt th "0mm, it is neither Max, Bruno and a nameless woman was so completely polarised - either Inhibited. In a way I was writing this dam “on”, no, suntan“, lock together in a bruising trinity. literal ldentlilcatlon or complete ior myseli.’ um“th to "new. at. Impresslon lahavl’s short, intense novel iocuses revulsion,’ Zahavl recalls. ‘To some With Its unsettling humour and that mt, to a "t, named Idea, badly on the slnewed relationship that binds extent I was grateiul when people claustrophobic atmosphere, ‘True mama“. (jest... McKenzie this threesome together. reacted, but I can’t say I enloyed it llomance’ succeeds In being an 3mm.)

__IZThe List 17—30 June 1994