COMPETITIONS nglish National Bllet

The following otters are open to Clyde

Card holders only. MlHlATllRA - THE OOLLS HOUSE SHOW

10% discount at the door tor Miniature - The Dolls House Show at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on 19 Jun front 10.30arn-4.30prn.


Upper Circle and Balcony tickets £5 and Stalls and Dress Circle tickets £10 for The Canterbury Tales at the Theatre Royal trom 20—25 May. Tickets irom Theatre Royal Box I Ottice, telephone 041 332 9000.

j Coppella The Sleeping Beauty

3 English National Ballet comes to Edinburgh tor the first time in mne years to perform 0" i Coppella. The Sleeping Beauty. Swan Ixike and a mixed programme of ballet at the

Festival Theatre. lntemational guests include dancers from American Ballet Theatre and Ballet National de Marseille. To commemorate its return to Scotland. NEC (UK) Ltd. the computer and communications people. is offering two pairs of tickets for the


M tickets tor the price of one

tOl' It'llth emu" "NWT ; opening night of the mixed programme. including the recently premiered X. N. char", Conan at St Bulb’s BMW": l 'l‘rit'ities on Tuesday 12 July plus an overnight stay in the luxury Caledonian Hotel. To Hyndland on 25 Jill! at 7-3OPM- enter. just answer this question: Tickets available "an In.“ "and llRll llll l’l<l\t ins \ I! \\'-\i I ~ Wilson, 041 334 2785- 1)”... : -. in M:- o. Who wrote the score for The Sleeping Beauty"? N


Send your answer. which must reach us by Thursday 30 June. to: COPPELIA COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE. For ticket Your "'5‘ 5‘99 "Who" information contact Festival Theatre Box Office on 031 529 6000.

class tree (normally £3.50) Game for a laugh?

plus tree Weigh In and record card for Step Slim at a large number of classes throughout the city and throughout the week.

Can you tell the difference between funny ha-ha and funny peculiar? Do you fancy two

‘T solid weeks of having people try to make you laugh? Would you like tojoin thejudging

panel this year for the Fringe comedy award the coveted Perrier. Once again we're A/CKOF WE “me; offering two readers the chance to join the panel. a task which involves seeing around

For further iniorrnation telephone 041 423 5052. 30—40 shows. some during the day. in the first fortnight of the Fringe (14—28 August). You don‘t get paid but all the shows are free. and just think of the prestige! To enter. send us a 250-word article explaining in an apt and witty way why you're the person for the job. Free membership (normally Send entries. which should arrive by Friday l5 July. to: PEHRIEH PAHEL, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1

25) plus £1 off your first class "E. The decision of The List and Perrier is final. tor Step Aerobics at Pollokshaurs Burgh Hall on Mondays and ' Oktoberfest wrth Holsten Plls

Wednesdays at 5.30pm. For lurther information telephone 041 638 3579. A couple of months ago we gave " you the chance to win a weekend for two at the Oktoberfest in

Munich. courtesy of Holsten l’ils.

I, Well. after sifting through sackfuls " of entries. we have a winner. And that lucky person is Catriona McCaw. who plans to take her boyfriend Andrew and the £300 prize money for a three-day session. Bavarian style. Enjoy yourselves and ‘Prost‘ as they say in that part of the world.

TiNVd HilHHid

To take up one oi these otters present your Clyde Card to the venue box otlice. All otters subject to availability.

CLYDE film

Listen to Clyde 1 and Clyde 2 tor lurther details.

You can apply tor a Clyde Card by credit card, in person or by post from: The Ticket Centre,


Glasgow G1 1H0.

Tel: 041 227 5511.

Each Clyde Card costs £7.50.


82 The List 17—30 June 1994