What do you make of Shopping? Does it glamorise joyriding and encourage kids to nick cars? Or does it contain a carefully crafted crime prevention message which will speak directly to those same young people. Are the film classification board’s concerns about copycat crime justified? Do we need an unelected body to protect us from images they might regard as shocking? Write us a letter on this or any other subject and you could win a bottle of Jose Cuervo tequila.

Spare us a Tanner, guv

l was interested to read Jason Robertson‘s comments about his film The Tanner's Tale (The List. 228). It

l l

84 The List 17—30 June 1994


seems to me that it's a crying shame that worthy (but not dull!) projects like that are unable to secure funding from grant-giving bodies in this country when other bodies are falling over themselves to help Hollywood producers make films like Brave/zeart. It shouldn’t be an either-or situation. however. Money spent on attracting big films to Scottish locations is a straightforward investment - every pound they spend should generate several more in money spent on hotels. food. hiring local crew etc. But it would be nice if there was some way of channelling some of that money back into local film production. l know levies are regarded as deeply unfashionable but it seems reasonable that if film producers are benefiting from Scottish facilities. that some of the money could be used to help nurture local filrnmaking talent. After all. the cost of feeding the Brave/tear!

crew for a day would probably have

paid for The Tanners Title to be made. Peter MacPherson

Albert Drive


Thanks for tire letter Peter. I agree it's a .shame that The Homer 's 'liile had difficulty securing funding, particularly as it was intended to open up a market for historical films aimed at tourists. Let 's hope Brave/teart doesn 't make a dog's dinner of the Wallace story. In the meantime, have a bottle of Jose

C uervo.

Get into the Kitchen

Great eating out guide (The List. 227) but I’d like to mention a different kind of place l don’t think you covered. ‘The People‘s Kitchen in the Unemployed Workers Centre on Broughton Street is a vegan cafe serving excellent food for very good prices. Made by volunteers at the centre. the food is really nice and the people are too. There's a kind of socialist punk atmosphere in there that gets you thinking. The centre is

threatened with closure but it is a really worthwhile place for unemployed workers and all. and should definitely be allowed to continue.

I‘ve had their magic apple crumble a few times. On the way out I told one of the people how good I thought it was and he gave the a huge grin. ‘Thanks a lot. that was brilliant.‘ I says. ‘Sound.’ he says. laughing. So if you‘re ever a bit hungry. and you‘re nearby. fet yourself into the People‘s Kitchen and have a nice cup ay cha and playe ay somethin‘ hot and help keep the centre open. l)ougal Perrnan East Claremont Street Edinburgh

Trip to the theatre

I can't wait to look round Edinburgh‘s shiny. new Festival Theatre. which should keep the Southside‘s window cleaners in beer for many years to come. Everyone I know has an extreme

opinion about the frontage -- it seems to be a love or hate thing r- but personally. I love it. Except for one small. but infuriating ; detail. that is. The steps. If you‘ve I walked past the theatre you'll know what I mean. It‘s built on a slope. which means the stairs run at a funny 3 angle to the pavement and I keep i finding myself following the wrong line. I may be a clumsy sort but I'm sure I'm not the only to have nearly i tripped on them. I suspect a new Edinburgh spectator sport has been i invented: sitting in the comfort of the l theatre‘s downstairs bar watching ! people going their length. Sharon Peters Giles Street Edinburgh

Only a game

Scotland and its national football team: a goldmine of age-old gags. tnost of which were entertainineg recycled in your World Cup special (The List. 228). Taking your tip. I watched Faith. Hope . . . Calamity: Denis Law‘s comment about the day England won the 1966 World Cup being the worst of his life was funny until you realised how serious he was.


Margo l\lacl)ona|d was right that we'll only know we‘ve come of age as a nation when we can say ‘Well done. England'. when they play well. without choking on the words. Mind you. we'll know we‘ve come of age as a nation when we don't have to put tip with John Motson crowing about England's every achievement. on Scottish television. Me. I'm looking fonvard to a feast of goals without the pain and anguish of watching Scotland ‘self— destruct' or England's ‘we will robbed' protestations.

Karen Allan Dumbarton Road Glasgow

Making a song and dance . songs that. jolly as they are. have no relation to character or narrative. means that ('oparalmna has little emotional pull.‘ That was the conclusion of your reviewer about Gary Wilmot and the Edinburgh Playhouse. What do expect frotn a Barry Manilow- inspired musical. That's musical ~ :1 form ncycr known for its strict adherence to the narrative. ('oparabana is entertainment, a song and dance routine. for (‘hrissakes leave the pathos and bathos to the classical- trained boys. Gary Wilrnot doing a turn is what we wanted and this is what we got. More power to his cheeky grin. I say. lain McAvoy l’ilrig Street Edinburgh

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