_ _ $150,000 to a then-astronomical $1.5 million. Dnce out, it remained the all-

' time box office champion until Gone . SEVEN DWARFS 5 It’s also remarkable to note what was r ‘l was scared witless . . . I had ? achieved in a pre-computer age to - nightrnares.’ Fortysomethings will ; create a movie composed of some . soon be able to subject their own 3 250,000 drawings. Unsurprisingly, this children to the same terror of Snow 5 perfect, enduring example of the ' ; White And The Seven Dwarfs, now , family movie has a history full of digitally restored. ‘Hestored’ seems an f anecdotes: like the one about the oddly inappropriate term to use: by women in the ink-and-paint erasing ‘faults’ in each of the 119,550 ; department who couldn’t dig Snow 7"” 'mmm" 'fm'm'"! 35mm trames used in 1937, the : White’s ultra red cheeks, and whose °' ° resulting high-resolution quality is remedy was an application of real lflx‘hcgasflcboff'é "f yfm‘ even better than the original film. : rouge and make-up directly to the 5 mac in So why all the fuss over a good- cels. (Gabe Stewart) ' ; "‘16 Sc‘andinaviah looking cartoon? Well, there’s its iSnow White And The Seven Dwarfs (U) j’ .- ‘_ counmcs mm, if you're history to consider. The production 5(08, 1937) With the voices of Adriana " 5‘ ;~ lucky, get a festival costs of Hollywood’s first attempt at IGaSelotti, Harry Stockwell, Lucille La § screening before the genre of animated feature were Name. 83 mins. From Fri 1: General a . ~ aWearing 0" a World legendary, spiralling from an initial (release. Show white: ‘restored'

cinema season in Channel Four's insomniac slot.

8:2“: I"??? ‘33" a _ (Glover) soon takes him under his wing l9 n U ion cause . .

. and hel 5 him survrve. To ether the they comm elements that SAINT 0F FORT build a fra ile dream of a: apartmerit are audience-friendly to c 9 . i those stuffed on American 3 job, a future - but for the meantime,

A social commentary of the kind the they are washing windshields by day Hollywood studios might have made 50 and sleeping in the oppressive Fort

formats. not because they're the best available.

The Premonition falls. years ago to enhance their critical Washington shelter by night, a

unfortunately. ""9 ")0 reputations, this absorbing but supposed sanctuary ruled with

“m” allegory: W'mfts downbeat drama is all the more ruthless force -

fiffiefrrconggctflzfickr and depressing for highlighting an area Aside from unflashy, sadly believable . C . . -

Clichés _ fismyc view most of us would like to Ignore, performances from its stars and lesser

( Focusing its attention on New York’s known supporting players, The Saint

throu h door s holes. . g W l homeless, Tim Hunter’s film is closer 0f Fort Washington conveys the

kettles coming to the boil.

phonecalls with no one on in its spirit of despair to his earlier realism ot their situations by using the end. River’s Edge than to his pilot tor authentic locations and keeping "'9 Mikaela is a high School Beverly Hills 90210, and features story as genuine and unmelodramatic senior. Whose hyped-UP stand-out performances from Danny as possible. In the end, although slow fax”: fens't‘?"sf°a:'sc. PCT Glover and Matt Dillon as two lost and understated at times. lhe film f}:a‘pgrgffssi';sa:f;: souls living hand-to-mouth on the PaCkS tluite 3 000§id8fable lllmch blackdad teacher and unforgiving streets of Manhattan. thanks ‘0 Persuas'Ve 'athe' “‘30

Matthew (Dillon) is a troubled young "OiSi'Y iDSiS‘eM handling-o man suffering deep seated emotional uncommflab'e but 9559""3' “Wing- problems, but revealing a sensitivity (Anwaf 3'8") and artistry with the photos he takes The Saint Of Fort Washington (15) (Tim I. I _ . .r with a beaten-up old camera. At first Hunter. US. 1993) M3" Dillon, "all"! mistrustful of this naive youth, the Glover. 103 mins. From Fri 8. Glasgow:

enough to have been IF n - , . _ as, . . - - . through a couple of The Saint 0 0 mg on stand out performanc. sympathetic and streetvnse Jerry MGM Fllm Centre. Edlflbllfgh. “CI.

college degrees and onto

organise a birthday party

for her. which also

“WW?” ‘hc af‘f‘u‘” P ' Summer in the early 19605, and a

5W.“ "‘gh‘ ("‘“5h0r‘9‘ group of young boys is looking forward ay in the Swedish year). . . .

and M. hm mm the film to a holiday filled with baseball. The

swerve, {mm a mic, of friends form an unorganised team in a

occult-tinged red herrings typica| “human '0‘, bl" d'eam 0'

into a line-up-the-suspecls bigger things. Into the neighbourhood

have disturbing visions that, more and more. appear to be played out in real life. but by other women. Her schoolfriends , all of whom look old " a

murder "Mimi comes Scotty, a bit at an outsider who Rumle Hammerich may knows nothing about the game, but :‘)ai‘r’:C‘t’:')‘:”A‘£:r3i;‘the E soon he’s taken under the wing of the Toronto Film Festival. but I gang.|eader’ Benny The Jet he'sjust straining for stvle l andnguu' _ . , a, the expense “f a ' Shot on location in Salt Lake City and coheran exciting at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, The narrative. The hits and ' Sandlot Kids may sutter a bit in the UK PiCCCS of P101 and market by targetting a nation of kids Characwr 1"? (“an ' who aren’t exactly familiar with the before “S “'"h ‘1 “Mt rules and regulations of the diamond

knowing precision that leaves us without sympathy. Just because

' tield. Otherwise, the film follows the same retro-narrative, rosy-childhood

(,3, gm subtitles does“, 5 memoirs of the likes of Stand By Me,

mean (its something and otters kids north of the border the

special. (Alan Morrison) chance to catch another summer

The Premonition (/8) cinema option. (AM) V t .

g§{;g;gf,'j‘ggg;e;;;jg f The Sandlot Kids (PG) (David Mickey V, “" , ---- Mummgsm Fig“, i Evans, US, 1993) Tom Gutry, Mike Vitar, ~

Numm 31-0," Kj-MWHL j Karen Allen. 101 mins. From Fri 8.

/ 16 mini; pm," 12,,- 8; Edinburgh: Ddeon, UCI. Strathclyde:

GMWUW F 11"! Theatre. : WMB. i The Sandlot Kids: ‘retro-narrative memoirs'

sponsored by BACARDI BLACK

28 The List l—l4 July I994