MUSIC PREVIEW T in the Park, the Tennents Live Festival

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llot since The Thompson Twins (don’t laugh) have a band boasted such varied origins. But that was the relatively affluent, apolitical 80s; this

V lISTEN! HIDE. Sexist censorship ‘I find that the whole circle of artists out. They had pretty girl shots of me speaking, journalists writing and and Aki did all the talking. I was newspapers printing is trivialised absoluter furious because that’s , . somewhere along the line,’ says sexist censorship that I had no control [ma Mfim; Echobelly vocalist Sonya Madan. ‘lt over.’ I An original melhod of could go into so much more depth. _All because she wouldn’t toe the wing record company That’s when you start breaking line, agree with Air: and present a Etiention by Glasgow barriers, when people really start united Anglo-Asian front. singer-songwriter Lorna talking about issues.’ ‘I’ve worked very hard tor people to Brooks: one lunchtime I oulp. That’s a pretty tall order in the know where my opinions are coming last month. she invited A l space of 300 words. from,’ she says. ‘There are certain & R PersonS to The l Sonya is talking about tokenism, artists who say the right things and Marque“ C?“ i" London E something her group are subjected to get left alone and there are others ‘0 “TWOY "’0‘ “135??” l because of their diverse sexual and who speak from the heart and get shit figgfiflhf‘g‘fi Execs“ ] racial make-up. There’s European for it. Unfortunately I think I’m going RCA,‘1,.,nd 3,3, Epic l guitarist olenn, black guitarist Debbie to be the latter.’ (Fiona Shepherd) couldn't resist the offer | and Sonya herself, that wettest of Echobelly play King Tut’s Wah Wah and duly arrived to have i marketing dreans, a good-looking, liut, Glasgow on Wed 6. their pedal exircmitics l assertive Asian female singer fronting

feet too _ as we“ as l is an era when you have to be

letting her use their PA for hyperaware of all the PC issues, or nothing. they charged ' else race the music if you put a foot Lorna and her . ; wrong. Hence the token support for management aP'mCCIY E the underdog that Sonya’s so insulted 70p for the entire V r by

lunchtime‘s drinks bill. l ' . . .

I Glasgow band Shflek‘ ' She cites one particularly galllng fronted by ex,Rhythm example from her recent experience Kitten Roz, have signed to i when the increasingly dubious ‘llaked Deceptive Records. a new i City’ invited her to participate in a record company set up by debate on racism with Aki of radical Steve Lamacqt and are Asian rappers Fun-oa-Mental.

now labelmates of chart

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T in the Park, July 30th and 31 st at Strathclyde Park

40 The List 1—14 July 1994