I Alec Baldwin flaunts the new baggy suit while James Woods remains unimpressed but wouldn’t say no to another beer. A rare quiet moment in ‘action-thriller’ The Getaway. See Film review.


I A spot of voguing courtesy at English National Ballet sorts Alexandra Foley and Simon Cooper in X ll Tricities. See Theatre prevrew.

I lie coulda been, and is. Britain’s world record holding hurdler Colin Jackson crops up in 8881’s The Contenders and clears a few obstacles at Edinburgh’s Meadowbank Stadium. See TV and Sport listings.




‘lle can tell you what's the right drink to drink when you're not feeling good. He's a great authority on alcohol. Today he prescribed me a triple vodka and told me to stop whingeing.‘

Nir‘k (‘at‘e on Blixa Barge/d. guitarist and ot‘t‘asiona/ (‘ot'ktai/ barman with the Bad Seeds.

‘lt's no secret that I‘ve been to alcohol and drug treatment centres. I don‘t go to a therapist now but but I have a spiritual mentor who I speak to every day and he helps me with the stul'fthat can build up inside you and eat you


You would have be! against Johnny Cash going New Age. but it seems /ike you '1/ have lost.

‘I wouldn‘t wear now what I wore as a girl. because I'm aware of my sexual potency in a way I wasn‘t then. The body of a girl is like a gun with the safety catch off. Now, as a grown woman. I‘m certainly not afraid of my

ti re power.

lauren Hutton. who donated her $50.()()0‘/ee_/m- mode/ling Playtex bras to breast (‘atu'er research.

‘I have so many people who live in south London with all these babies underfoot and it'sjust not attractive. I know people say it changes when it‘s your own, but I‘m pretty selfish and I can't bear mess and ugliness. and those things seem to come hand in hand with


Hug/1 (hunt on why he (an 't conceive of'et'er beeoming afizthet:

‘A Bangladeshi would no more dream of giving his business such a name than he would use red flock wallpaper to

decorate it.‘

Wa/i Ut/t/in oft/1e Bangladeshi ('onsu/ of Scotland on attempts by his community to reclaim their national identity by renaming 'ltu/ian '

restau ran ts.

The List l—l-Huly 19943