A selection at television highlights,

listed by day, in chronological order. Television listings compiled by Tom


Timings may be subject to delay due to World Cup games.


I Paramedics (BBC!) 8.30—9pm. First of a seven-part documentary following the trials and tribulations of those dashing folk in the green boiler suits. The mood can swing from raw drama to humour with each new emergency call. apparently. I Athletics (Scottish) 8.30-9pm. Linford Christie. Sally Gunnell. Colin Jackson. Mick Hill. Steve Backley. Steve Cram and Matthew Yates will be doing their stuff at the Gateshead lntemational. introduced by Jim Rosenthal.

I After One Small Step (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. Only twelve men have stood on the moon. and it‘s not been a healthy experience for a lot of them. Buzz Aldrin got depressed and alcoholic. Charley Duke got born again. and what the rest got could make some interesting viewing.

I Breakheart Pass (Scottish) 10.30pm-12.15am. Charles Bronson and Ben Johnson stick on the stetsons for this above-average 1976 western.

I 1984 (BBC2) ll.lSpm—l.05am. The 1954 Peter Cushing one. not the John Hurt colour version. When first broadcast. the pseudo documentary feel had the public deluging the Beeb with protest calls and MPs asking questions in Parliament.


I Wimbledon ’94 (BBCZ) 3—8.30pm. Live coverage from the All England Lawn Tennis Championships. As the evening wears on coverage will be combined with the England v New Zealand test match. I Tour de France (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. The only significant sporting event worth a mention. Nothing quite matches that glorious vision of over 200 well toned. hairless and lightly oiled legs glistening under the burning French sun. Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen will be guiding us over the gruelling 3972 km route. which opens with today‘s 7km prologue. Scot Robert Millar could do well in the mountains. I The Delta Force (Scottish) 9—11.25pm. Elite fighter squadron race against time to free hostages hidden around Beirut by evil terrorist types. Lee Marvin and Chuck Norris participate in big budget wish fulfilment. I Seinfeld (BBCZ) 9.15-9.40pm. Kramer tells George‘s girlfriend she needs a nose job. she gets one. Sadly it looks worse afterwards. More chortles from the highly acclaimed American comedy.




g.-. 4’ . I love And Death (Channel 4) 10.30pm—midnight. One of Woody Allen's finest. a picaresque account of the be-spectacled ones mishaps in 19th century Russia. Gags galore.

I local Heroes (Scottish)

ll.25—l 1.55pm. A look at the lives and times of super group Wet Wet Wet. First in a series promising the best of Scottish

Pop Music.

I late Licence (Channel 4)

12. lO—4.05am. Caroline Aherne and John Thomson host another batch of repeats and make you realize how important a good script is.


I The 0 Zone (BBC2) ll.45am—midday. Sean Maguire interviews those notorious Beastie Boys. who have been doing well for themselves in the States. So well. in fact. that they‘re trying to launch a corne— back in the UK.

I Tora! Tora! Tora! (Scottish)

2.30—5. 15pm. Epic re-enactment ofevents leading up to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Lots of big explosions. and an attempt to balance the perspectives of both sides.

I LA. Divine (Channel 4) 3—4pm. Christopher Hitchens explores some of Los Angeles‘ more bizarre cults and gurus. including acid evangelist Timothy Leary. He's now into spiritual enlightenment.

/\. . I I Was A Male War Bride (Channel 4) 4~5.55pm. Vintage Howard Hawks comedy staring Cary Grant as the French officer who discovers he can only join Ann Sheridan in America if he becomes a ‘war bride.‘

I As lt Happened - The

Killing 0i “Kennedy (Channel 4) 7—8.45pm. This really is the final. absolutely definitive account of what happened on 22 November 1963. Honest.

I Under The Sun: Bull Magic (BBC2 ) 8-8.50pm. In Eastern Java bull racing is a big money game. with contestants using magic and sabotage against each other. The bulls are fed on a diet ofchillies. beer. honey. herbs and eggs. and get sensuous massages frotn their owners.

4 «sun “gs-u

. “Mess-v WIfigv‘i

.‘féS‘V/ .-/"“'ii-'.-ir -. I Secret Chamber - Women In Music (Scottish) 8.45—10.()5pm. The season celebrating women's contribution to performance music concludes with Judith Weir's opera Blond lie/(belt. I Monty Python’s Flying Circus (BBCZ) 8.50—9.20pm. 'l"wenty-five years old this year. the classic cult comedy institution gets a re-run for the younger generation. John (‘leese. Terry Jones. Michael l’alin. liric Idle and Terry Gilliam deliver the hit and miss gags.

i I The long War: loved Ones (Channel 4) 7.5()—-8pm. The first of 26 personal stories about the last 25 years ofconlIict in Northern Ireland.

I On The line (BBC‘E) 8—8.3(lpm. No Asians have represented England at cricket. despite the presence of two generations obsessed with the sport. The first in a new documentary series looks at Pakistani cricket culture. and the Quaid~li—Azam League. Britain's largest Muslim league.

I Chances Are (Scottish) S—IOpm. A widow's husband is reincarnated as a young graduate. who starts to date the widow's daughter. with hilarious results.

. I Northern Exposure (Channel 4)

l()—l lpm. Maurice befriends (‘icely's first I homeless person and Joel goes on strike

Q when he's not allowed to go on vacation.

I The long War: Beyond The Troubles (Channel 4) ll—l l.5()pm. l‘ormer hostage Brian Keenan talks to men and women who have made new lives for themselves amid the violence of the Troubles.


I Crime limited (BBCZ) Ban—(mm. Nick


. I The lmaginatively-Titled Punt & Dennis Show (BB(.‘l ) 3 8.30pm. The less

I Hypotheticals (BBt‘Z) s spin. Get a

I The Business (BBCZ) 7.30 Spin. Theatre producer Bill Kenwright is the

Ross gives us some more real life crime from the victim's perspective.

I Bab C. liesbitt (BBCZ) 9 3.30pm. A repeat showing of the third series. with Burney getting advanced tuition in art.

I Heretic: Jacques Benveniste (B BC2) l()r-l().3()pm. Beneveniste was a highly succesful scientist who had the misfortune to discover something that contradicted all the known laws of biochemistry. ' Accordingly the scientific community turned its back on him. Later he was accused of being unpatriotic and bringing l-‘rcnch science into disrepute.

I Six Against The Rock (Channel 4) 10pm -midnight. David (‘arradine stars in the true story of how six convicts made a bid for freedom from Alcatraz. in a 4| hour siege that left five dead.

I Video Fantasies: Rachel’s Dream (Channel 4) 13.55 l.35am. Bellma lives in a polluted world, watched by Rachel through a bank of video screens. Will love. aided by the latest. very expensive post-prtxluction technology. finally triumph'.’


I The Rockiord Files (BB(‘l) 2.15-»3.()5pm. Remember the trailer‘.’ The answering machine'.’ The obligatory scene where Jim gets knocked out‘.’ Now it's back. James (iarncr is Jim Rockford. PI. and the dust is being blown off the cabinet.

I Faith. Hope . . . Calamity (Scottish) 7I--v7.3()pm. Fast and funny exploration of football and its place at the heart of Scottish culture. Will it ever be any good again‘.’

I A Touch Ut Frost (Scottish) Sr-l()pm. last it) the series for David Jason. who's having problems with an Ml’s‘ sons in hit and run accidents and a casino robbery. I Tour De France (Channel 4) RM)» 9pm. Le Tour arrives in Britain. with a leokm stage from Dover to Brighton. Over one million spectators are expected to line the route. making it the biggest sport spectator event in British history. lixpect British rider Malcolm lilliot at the front of tile peleton.

I Where Eagles Dare (BBC 1)

0.30pm midnight. Richard Burton leads the chaps rescuing a high ranking officer from the Schloss Adler. However. all is not quite as it seems in the complex. cunning war yarn ~ though there's enough things getting blown up and people getting shot at to sustain interest if you can't follow the plot.

man (and the money) behind over 30 West lind hits. but will .l/et/m make it on Broadway'.’ Cameras follow Bill on his latest bowel quaking financial venture.

successful half of The Mary ll’ltirellottse [ft/)errt’nt't' get their own series. featuring Mr Strange t'milky milky" ) and Dad l (‘What’s this‘.‘ It's got a good beat to it?‘)

Next it’s Wembly. retirement and novels.

few medical practitioners together. give them a fictionalile case study then get i really scared when they start arguing the

case for switching off life support !

machines. lnforrnative and entertaining

3 stuff if you‘re in perfect health. ; I The Travel Show ( BBCZ) 9—9.3(lpm

Josie Lawrence heads off for a girls'

weekend in Istanbul and gets stared at by

men not used to seeing women without

scarves over their faces. Paddy llaycocks

finds British tea shops in France.

I State [it The Ark (BB(‘2)

9.307 10.20pm. The first progutmme in

this new series exposes sortie of Europe's

most barbaric zoos and asks why Europe's

politicians appear to hay e abandoned a

law which could close them down. i

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