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ROYAL ' Independent MANAGER

LY C E U M P bIo T H E AT R E u I‘dinburgli liestiyal lilieatre opened on IS lune i and is now nearing completion of a [ll million C O M P A N Y . l building programme. l‘lllltlil'dlxlllg has consistently l exceeded targets and includes a i‘cciii‘tl»bi‘eakiiig ~ . . y" " ' .. , ’. _ _ .k. . y a a N a , to aSSISt the ~4lllllll()ll III\L\IIIILIIT iioin tht piiyatc \L toi. ‘. 5' = ~ ~ :\.s Scotland‘s new Opera House Dance Home -~ I n l n of a . . . ~ I O . and (ii‘aiid Palace of \ ai'lcties. the theatre ollci‘s‘ a The Royal Lyceum, one of Scotland’s leading temporary Visual ‘night of style and glamour unequalled iii l’iritisli prOdUCing theatre Compomesl '5 IOOk'ng for on om- - ' ' theatre' llllc‘ ()bseryerl .iiid aims to ‘obliierate the Standing individual for the posmon of General l arts prOleCt In 'ull b 'tw - ‘ll high in l low ‘ultur ilii l W in l -nt _ _ ~ I 3, ~L RL 5 t L. k I kkll Lk fifnoge'; Thls persfozflvfnl'l C(Eyplimerl: the Slucclessd I on Sunday). Among its iiiegatabiiloiis ultimate U omShC team 0 IS IC [rec or enny re on i the International i audience amenities are the biggest and best

and Associate Artists Brian Cox and Bill Paterson. Our General Manager will possess a rich mix of

skills including financial acumen, fundraising, nego-

tiating ability, team leadership, staff development

Festival. For t equipped stage in Britain. irresistibly inviting f . f at.on hospitality parloiirs, glamorous bars. cafe and U er In OUT] I ,

cruising areas and a belly tip attitude to iiindraisiiig

and experience of devising and deve'oping progres_ please call welcoming most schemes lt‘om inaior corporate sive policies. This will be in support of the theatre’s investment and branding l‘l‘tlf-lrillllmk“ i" PW“ artistic, community and business objectives, working : "i‘lilt‘s “nil “'0'” (WNW

closely with the theatre’s Artistic Director and Department Heads. The successful candidate is like- |y to have wide experience of theatre management and to demonstrate an entrepreneurial flair.

The Royal Lyceum is an Equal Opportunities Employer.

The theatre is looking for an experienced l’i'iit lll't‘l' to continue and extend its record breaking fund—raising programme. soliciting individuals, companies and trusts. 'I he successful candidate

will already have secured big intestinenis from

the private sector l.()l‘ coiiiiiiiiiiily causes,

Please write for a job description to: Richard ; Findlay, Chairman, Royal Lyceum Theatre Company, Forth House, Forth Street, Edinburgh EH1 3LF. l The closing date for applications is Friday 15 July 1994.

and will be able to demonstrate a genuine interest in Hat's/nan J/lel'S.

l’lease obtain an information pack belore

sending your api‘ilication: call the

'I'heatre Secretary (Hi (i il (if): l l ll.

- (Llosing date for all applications l'riday liliily. THE SCOTTISH ARTS COUNCIL E Interviews mil be llt'ltl ()lI 'l'iiiiistiay 38 iiily. Please send your application with (IV to Paul lles. SENIOR COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER ' (ienei'al Manager. l’dinburgh l'estiyal 'l'lieati'e.

k I . . h . s I d I l i l“) \ic‘iilsoii \ti'eet. ltdiiiburgh lil IS “I l. a ey ro e in promotingt e arts in cat an

The Senior Communications Officer of the

Scottish Arts CounCiI is responSible for '

relations with the press and media and for t. g maintaining a high public profile for SAC and \ the arts in Scotland. He/she is also & responSible for the CounCii's information

serVice and publications. EDIN BURGH

The person appomted Will have extenSive

experience of working with the press and

media, have excellent communications skills. R E

be able to represent SAC at the highest level and to motivate a small team of staff.

lSalary scale: £16.813-£23,009 p.a. p us a non-contributOry pension scheme. 4'. I a rofile for mime h Sical If you feel you can fill this challenging i p . y and demanding role, please contact: and VlSUBl theatre In Director of Finance & Administration 3 Scotland iS SGGKII’IQ a The Scottish Arts Council l

12M PI _ ° . . Edinbuggmaggo ' part time administrator "3': 0314265051 : to take over from Pat Keysell and to be an active part of

for further details and an application form.

Closing date for applications: Wednesday 20 July 1994.

the next stage of development. f Plese send CV and application to:

The Mime Forum (Scotland), Stepping Stones,

112 West Bow, Edinburgh EH1 2HH Tel 031 225 3145


The Scottish Arts Council is an Equal Opportunities Employer


Tilt“ List l-~l4 July 1994 83'