£0MPETITIONS ‘La Dolce Vita’

This is probably Frederico Fellini’s most famous film. the acclaimed. but controversial. masterpiece which dissects the decadent cafe society in late l950s Rome. The story is seen through the eyes of a cynical hack reporter who becomes embroiled in a menage a trois. The film has been released on video by Electric Pictures and we have five copies to give away. To enter. tell us:

What does ‘La Dolce Vita‘ mean?

Send answers. which must reach us by Wednesday 13 July. to: FRIENDS COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE.



South African director Elaine Proctor’s debut Friends is an

.j‘ emotional study of the lives of

I three women set against the backdrop of apartheid, based on ‘~ the book Return to Paradise by Breyten Breytenbach. The three student friends one black. two white come from different

‘, backgrounds but all love their «:93- country in different ways. The film follows them as they try to ~. resolve their confiicitng loyalties. We have ten copies ofthe video. released by Tartan Video. and book to give away. To enter. just tell us:

.; ‘~l\:\

What was Richard Attenborough’s [987 apartheid movie called?


Send answers. which must reach us by Thursday 14July. to: FRIENDS COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE.

‘The Saint of Fort Washington’

“I This film by director Tim Hunter stars Matt Dillon as a disturbed loner and Danny Glover as a respectable businessman who finds himself on m the skids. They meet amongst the homeless who scratch an existence in the urban wastelands of Manhattan and an unexpected father/son relationship develops. We've got five goodies bags from the film to give away including camera. sweatshirt and baseball cap. courtesy

of 20th Century Fox. To enter. tell us: l '9 '



< What was the name of Tim Hunter's 1987 film about a group of I I - :r

E. teenagers coping with the murder of one oftheir number. which launched the career of. amongst others. Keanu Reeves?

< Send answers. which must reach us by Friday l5 July. to: WASHINGTON COMP, The list, 14 High Street,

Edinburgh Elli 1TE.


‘Shopping' is ramraiding slang for stealing loads of expensive gear from designer stores. The film of the same name taps into the thrill of the activity but ultimately presents a bleak picture of its participants‘ future. The film is on general release in the cinema now and we’ve got a bundle of related goodies to give away. The winner gets a

.. record bag, keyring. T-shirt and soundtrack CD.

. - - ' which features the Utah Saints. Smith & Mighty and ()rbital; the five runners-up get a T-shirt. To enter. tell us:

\ _..“-“4\‘,\““3s

Which Kemp brother (they of Krays and Spandau Ballet fame) is Shopping star Sadie Frost married to?

Send answers. which must reach us by Wednesday 13 July. to: SHOPPING COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 ITE.


There’s a pair at tickets for the first the people to turn up at the Old Fruitmarket box office halt an hour before each show with a copy at The list. Tickets are available tor:

Horace Silver on Wednesday 6 July at 7.30pm; Joe Henderson Quartet on Friday 8 July at 7.30pm; Illgel Clarke Quintet on Saturday 9 July at 3pm; and Steve Grossman on Saturday 9 July at 7.30pm.

Horace Silver


You can get two tickets for the price of one full price ticket (£6.50) for David Mamet’s Glengarry Glen Ross by the Arches Theatre Company at the Tron, Glasgow. Otter available on Sunday 3 and Tuesday 5 July at 7.30pm. Take a copy of The list to the box office.



You can get two tickets for the price of one tell price ticket (£6.50) for Sean K s “fix r“

L ' - 0’Casey’s Purple Bust by the Arches

-- Theatre Company at the Tron, Glasgow. Otter available on

j: I“: "3375‘" " ! ‘un

43‘ - W Tuesday 12 and ' ’?\ 'S’ Sunday 17 July at , 1 7.30pm. Take a y - copy of The List to i the box office.

OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the whole magazine and present it to the relevant box office or cash desk. All offers are subject to availability and managements reserve the right to reiuse admission.

00MPETITIOIIS: only one entry per person per competition. It you are entering more than one competition, you need use only one envelope, but please make sure that your name and address are attached to EACH entry. Competitions are open to all UK residents (over the age oi 18 in alcohol- related otters). No responsibility can be accepted by The List tor prizes which cannot be obtained due to unforeseen circumstances. To obtain a list of winners, please send a SAE to The List Competition Winners, stating which issue(s) results you require.

l i

The List iA-I-l July l‘)‘)4 91