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Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, credits, brief review and venue details. Film index compiled by Alan Morrison.

I Addams Family Values (PG) (Barry Sonnenfeld. US. 1993) Anjelica Huston. Raul Julia. Christopher Lloyd. 95 mins. The Addams clan are back in residence. but this time with the addition of baby Pubert and gold-digging nanny Joan Cusack. who's got her eyes on liester's riches. Twisted humour and inverted morality for the adolescent in us all. Great set design. but jokes that will go way over the head of life kids. I Glasgow: Gl’T. Fife: Adam Smith. I American llearttlS) (Martin Bell. ('8. 1993) Jeff Bridges. Edward Furlong. Lucinda Jenney. “4 mins. Newly out of prison. Bridges is tagged by son Furlong. and the two move into a shabby room in Seattle. They share dreams of moving to Alaska. but find it difficult to pull themselves free of the mire that surrounds them. Brilliantly acted by both leads. this generation-gap drama is perhaps gratuitously downbeat. Glasgow: Gl’l‘. I An American Tail 2: Flevel Goes West (L') (Phil Nibbelink/Simon Wells. US. l99l ) With the voices of Phillip Glasser. Dom [)el.uise. James Stewart. John Cleese. 75mins. Disillusioned with their New York tenement. the Mousckewitcz family head out to the Wild West. where Fievel teams up with Sheriff Wylie Burp and his friend Tiger in order to clean up the town run by evil Cat R. Watrl. .Not really up to the standard of the original. Strathclyde: Paisley Arts Centre. I Backheat ( 15) (Iain Softley. L'K. 1993) Stephen Dorff. Sheryl Lee. Ian Mart. 100 mins. Back before The Beatles were a musical phenomenon. they were just five young lads knocking out rock ’n' roll hits in seedy Hamburg. Softley‘s film pushes the music aside and concentrates on the odd three-sided relationship ofJohn Lennon. painter and ‘fifth Beatle' Stuart Sutcliffe and German photographer Astrid Kirchherr. The period detail and acting is srrperb. particularly from ilart in his second excursion as Lennon (following The Hours And Times. Edinburgh: Cameo. iiife: Adam Smith. I Bad Girls ( 15) (Jonathan Kaplan. US. 1994) Madeleine Stowe. Andie MacDowell. Drew Banymore. Mary Stuart Masterson. 98 mins. Four prostitutes take hold of their own destinies and set out to make a land claim in Oregon. battling off outlaws. Pinkerton detectives and other misfortunes. More male fantasy about buckskinned babes than a feminist western. the plot and character development have huge chunks missing. Enjoyable. but probably for all the wrong reasons. Glasgow: ()deon. Iidinburgh: UCI. Central: Allanpark. I Beethoven’s 2nd (U) (Rod Daniel. US. 1993) 1 Charles Grodin. Bonnie ilunt. Debi Mazar. (‘hris Penn. 89mins. It's love at first sight when cinema's favorite St Bemard sees Missy. looking delectable with a pink bow in her hair. Pretty soon. this Beethoven has produced a not-so- l musical quartet of pooping pups. whose ability l for mischief is matched only by their sickening i cuteness. (‘oning stuff. certain to be lapped up by kids and people who smile at Andrex adverts. i Fife: Adam Smith. I Belle Epoque (15) (Femando aneba. Spain. 1992) Jorge Sanz. Iiemando Feman Gomez. Ariadne Gil. Penelope Cruz. 109 mins. During the Civil War. a young deserter finds himself under the wing of an elderly libertine. enjoying the pleasures of his four daughters a lesbian. a widow. a bride-to-be and a virgin. Sparkling. feel-good. period comedy that revels in the joys of life and love. Glasgow: GI-T. Edinburgh: Cameo. I The Beverly Hillbillies (PG) (Penelope Spheeris. US. 1993) Jim Vamey. Cloris Leachman. Erika Eleniak. Diedrick Bader. 103 mins. A bunch of backwoods natives strike oil. become billionaires and move to Beverly Hills. There are only a couple of almost wry moments amid the excruciatingly bad puns. desperate parodies and inane slapstick. and the writers seem to believe we need a stupid face or pose every 60 seconds. That‘s a formula that might work on TV with constant commercial breaks. but not in a cinema feature. See review. General release. I Beverly Hills Cop 3 (15) (John Landis. US.

gringo best Film this fortnight.

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' A ~~f '~ ' '1 ‘1" FIRST RU I King Of The Hill Steven 1 Soderbergh’s third feature is an engaging eoming-of—age tale set during the American Depression. Shot with nostalgic appeal. GIaSgow. GFII I Go Fish Twentysomething Max is trying to get it together with Ely. but the girls’ shyness is an obstacle in Rose Troche's fresh and funny lesbian slacker movie. Edinburgh: Cameo. I love And Human Remains The dangers of love and sexual confusion come to the fore in Denys Arcand’s impressively acted big screen version of Brad Fraser’s very relevant play. Edinburgh: Cameo. UCI. I Staggered Men Behaving Badly’s Martin Clunes directs and stars in a cross-country stag night prank movie that keeps British cinema comedy on a roll. Glasgow: 0dean. MGM Park/read. Edinburgh: ()deon. UCI. Strarhclyde: UCIS. REPEBTOBY I King Kong The original big ape takes New York by storm. and beauty finds sympathy for the beast in this : unfading classic. Edinburgh: Film/muse. I Belle Epoque Upbeat Spanish : sexual comedy with a young lad acting like a kid in a sweet shop I 1 1

when he's seduced by a quartet of gorgeous women. Glasgow: GFYI Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Man Bites Dog Mock-doc life of a serial killing hitman. caught with blacker-than-black humour by a trio I of young Belgians. Glasgow: G17.

1994) Eddie Murphy. Judge Reinhold. Ilector

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Iilizondo. 107 mins. Axcl's boss takes a bullut. so he heads off to an LA theme park to track down the baddie. Terrible plotting. ineffectual action scenes. insulting jumps in the narrative filled in by stilted vocal explanations if there's a worse film this year. I don't want to see it, General release. Glasgow: MGMs. Ifdinburgh: MGM. 1.7(‘1. Strathclyde: [7(‘ls.

I The BEG (1‘) (Brian (‘osgrove. (K. 1989) 105 mins. Animated version of the Roald Dahl favourite has young Sophie battling against evil. aided and abetted by the Big Friendly Giant. i‘ife: Adam Smith.

I Blue Velvet ( 18) (David Lynch. (‘8. 1986) Kyle Maclachlan. Dennis Hopper. Isabella Rossellini. 120 mitts. in small-town Middle America. would-be boy detective Maciachlan finds a severed ear on some waste ground. When the police shoo him away he decides to do some investigating of his own. A singular fusion of the cosy and the terrifying which blends kitsch and nightmare. B-movie detection and brtrtal sex to deconstruct our complacent vision of nonnal society. This is film-making of remarkable imagination and skill. Central: Allanpark.

I A Bronx Tale ( )5) (Robert De Niro. US. 1993) Robert De Niro. (‘hazz Palminteri. I.iIlo Brancato. 124 mins. After witnessing a fatal shooting. a young boy is taken under the wing of a local hood; but this bad angel's influence is balanced with advice from his honest. hard- working father. An atmospheric. subtly rendered coming-of-age tale set in the Mk. with De Niro showing ample talent before and behind the camera. (‘entralz MacRobert.

I Shorts 1 85 mins. I’m"! .Ve‘lt' York In London (Trier Seen and Imagined is a


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marvellougly inventive and full Of surprising charm.”



a funny feel—good movie that makes you root for love to triumph”


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