MUSIC PREVIEW 'I' In the Park, the Tennents Live Festival

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Fiona Shepherd previews Soul Sisters, one of the highlights of the Glasgow

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single Technodrugs (try , .q i y l .. \. H . [I y ) U . ‘. saying n Slowly. with the megaphone. advertisements of your performance in the city for nearly a clothes. Then when i started in music I accgm on the second mtenuonsgust action. She could have decade. Flag-waving no. but drum— was faced wrth a barrier. but I broke it Syllab|c_ The single, been referring to anything the bashing yes. as all-female drumming down pretty fast.‘

although on the local i compulsory performing ofcanwheels corps Sheboom provide a vigorous start The intentions of the Soul Sisters independent label E on stage, thejazz-metal crossover. to an evening which hopes to offer a event are less ardent than that. it‘s not a Carilllont is being anything. In fact. she was talking about relaxed celebration of Scotland's sound call to sexual solidarity. more to distribmed by the masswe i that old chestnut ‘women in rock'. And sisters. Also on the bill are Suzanne swinging. singing sorority.

BMG‘ so Should be she was absolutely right. You don‘t talk Bonnar, Fionna Duncan. Pam Hogg and ‘The affinity is loving to sing,‘ says available absolutely t . . .. y . H H. t t ' ,‘ y . " everywhere. “.8 launched about it. youjust go for it. . Loma Brookes With cross-dressing MC Grogan. That s something we all

at the OFT at 1pm on 3 With no prior knowledge of this Donald Urquhart linking proceedings. share. cornyias it. sounds. When you Mon 25, where the video i conversation. Clare Grogan (yes! she of The idea for the evening was really like singing. it makes you

will be shown and | Altered images/Gregory's conceived by Fair Festival Co-ordinator appreciate other singers. even if you speeches made by SDF 3 Girl/Bluebells videos fame) echoes the Angela Ho yg. ‘Because Glasgow has don‘t necessarily relate to their style.‘ represemallvest (ind the l sentiment when she talks about her been nominated as Sound City and it is in the past few years, Grogan has been We mgm there '8 a free' 5 recent forays back into live a very male-dominated business. ljust fending off her appearance in the (Cziecgrttom The performance. . thought it would be nice to take some Where Are They Now? columns by Tunnel featurmg the ‘l promise you. I don‘t take any of it time out to focus on women,‘ she undertakingtheatre WGi‘k'i‘ii London. 'pants' erex and inner : too seriously.‘ she says. ‘I just feel. explains. adding hastily that ‘it‘s not (including six months in [he Steamte) Seduction, ‘Technodrttgg‘ : “Well. why shouldn‘t I do it?" it‘s also women’s lib. it‘s not anti-men in any and roles in low-budget films. She‘s was originally supposed l quite liberating to think I can do it way. The backing band will be made up never stopped writing songs since her 10 be available 8883 880. l again. but i don‘t over-analyse it. of men.‘ Altered images days, so she has a

bl" “Te :Pams needed. I y'know? ljust don't see the point. Pam Hogg. who will be lending her sizeable reservoir of material to choose Paw-25’0" from Dav‘d From the age of sixteen l was in groups lusty larynx to the proceedings. is not from now for her low-profile Bomespeopletouse _., i H n .\ y h n .y

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five or Six months to clear. i So there will be no proselytising flag- in fashion, people constantly said to Birthday'. puh-lease.

Mr Reed. predictably i waving tolerated at the Glasgow Fair me, “Don‘t you find it difficult being a The Soul Sisters Night is in the Sound enough. is now going I Festival‘s Soul Sisters night. where woman?“ but l‘rn glad I‘ve managed to City Tent. Glasgow Green on firms 2/.

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that the legendary welcome addition to the ranks of an Raincoats have lined up a ; increasingly faceless army at singer- gig at The Venue tonight ; songwriters, and the man responsible (ie Thursdax 14 July) 10 tor two of 1994’s most investigation- Promote the" new EP worthy Li‘s, ‘llrunk’ and ‘West or

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The Calhotuse in Glasgow good or not. I don’t wanna scare too many songs about local moment; he’s more interested in geflg‘r'wxgggd people. That record is to me kinda happenings, not masked too well with performing new material, which is Spiral R 6:22, S i S on me melancholy and harrowing and quite metaphor.’ being endlessly generated.

hum for talented am to trying, but I hope live I’m not like ‘West (it liome’, the second album, “It’s an transition, kind or a disease. work with. For the tth shooting people in the head.’ but the that to come out In this I've been writing songs constantly being. funds being The reticent Chesnutt, paralysed in a country, has a completely different since I was a child. It’s kind at like a limited. their plants to car crash ten years ago, was quite flavour to ‘llrunk’, he thinks: ‘Even mental detect. I can’t shut it all release limited ediuon content playing Tuesday nights in more harrowing and slower and sadder sometimes, I’m lust runnln’ lines and Singlés 89d album» and Athens’ 40 Watt Club until Michael and Profile! and more melanchfll- “'0 ideas and stuff through my head. it gigoggd'mgfngm Stipe persuaded him to go into a slowest songs in the world ended up not, mitts and “is obnoxious, gm "’3 innovafion and originality studio in 1989 to record what became on that record. Over time, I’ve grown my obsession and my lite, my religion, woutd be a def-mite plus. the debut album, ‘little’. ‘I’d been to respect it a lot, even though I can’t my angst“; endeavours and my whole Contact them by writing here for ten years and offended just listen to it.’ mug (Alastair Manon)

to Spiral Records. PO Box about everybody I could attend, in Chesnutt isn’t playing too many we Chasm.“ plays tang yttt's, stasgow 66], Glasgow G] 1. song and in real lite. l tended to write songs from that album live at the on mm 23,

T in the Park, July 30th and 31 at at Strathclyde Park

38 The List 15—28 July 1994