l ‘Oh Danny Boy, the cheques are calling.’ Baker ls once again roped in to inject humour into a tired-looking gameshow tormat. This time it’s animals and their owners in ‘Pets Win Prizes’. See TV listings.

I ‘We play traditional middle-European Jewish folk music in a zany modern American stylee, but our mothers would preter us to get steady jobs.’ The Klezmatics storm the Ross Bandstand. See Folk listings.

I Take two bottles into the shower? That’s the minimum, it you’re serious about tollowlng the Whitesnake llaircare Plan. Check out David Coverdale’s back- combing masterclass at the Playhouse. See Rock listings.

and come back. liyou are a weak- hearted man or a weak-minded man

f noble sport to lesser mortals.



[wasn‘t a DJ. 1 was no good at it. I really wasn't. Joking aside. I couldn't do it. that. “Hey. how are you?” I always envied the people who could.‘ Former Radio / DJ Simon Bates. who would like to be known as ‘Sirnes the Sincere ' from now on.

‘Yes. i got paid handsomely for doing it. i decided to go for it after the press saw me nude in Sirens and thought that gave them the right to ask my parents and my old boyfriends for nude photos of me. ljust thought. well ifyou all want that dish let me give it to you. only let me be in control.’

Supermodel -turned-actress Elle MaePherson invokes the ‘Madonna defenee ' for getting her kit off in Playboy.

‘l never considered it to be anybody else‘s business what I do with my genitalia. because i don’t want to know what they do with theirs.‘

The very private Tony Slattery on his privates.

‘A man can leam to fight. but the physical aspect is very small. lt’s whether you are willing to take the pain

you would quit. It's not the body what does the work. it's the mind that endures.‘

W80 r'hanrp Chris [Subank explains the

‘l sometimes dream about Bill. that we're together or at a party with Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood and l'm back in that time. I wake up with a rush of g panic and nausea before l realise. praise l the Lord. that l‘m out of it.‘ Mandy Smith has one oft/rose Rolling i l

Stones flashback moments.

The List l5—28 July l994 3