Behind the lines

As an aid charity. how do you succeed when your work is away from the headline-grabbing frontline? That‘s the problem that Edinburgh-based Bosnia Now has faced since it was set up eighteen months ago to raise money to fund doctors working in former Yugoslavia. '

it has consciously avoided the battle zones where many aid workers have been killed. These are the stories that make it into war correspondents‘ reports and often have the macabre result of boosting charities‘ fund- raising efforts. Instead Bosnia Now has sought to work in areas of the former Yugoslavia where people are trying to return to a semblance of normal life. ‘People have undergone such enormous trauma and that seems to be the major problem.‘ says co-ordinator Nikkie du Preez.

Bosnia Now currently funds five local doctors and plans to send two Scottish nurses out in September to help relieve their enormous workload. ‘lt's extraordinary how if you have a doctor

I Hadio news Festival FM returns to Edinburgh during August and is looking for volunteers to help run the radio station. Experience is not essential. with training available in presenting, production. administration and advertising. For details phone Louise Kidd or Jason Steel on 031 220 2572.

I Forth option WWF Scotland accused the Scottish Office of ignoring the implications of ‘unfettered growth of road transport’ by continuing to entertain proposals for a second Forth bridge. A consultants report submitted to the Scottish Office is understood to recommend another bridge as a way of reducing traffic congestion. it accused ministers of failing to manage the growth in carjoumeys and instead building more roads to meet demand.

I Funny ha-ha So you think you’re funny? That‘s the question Channel 4 and the Gilded Balloon are asking would-be comedians again at this year‘s Fringe. Heats for the best comedy newcomer will be held on 15 August. but entries have to be in before then. For details call the Gilded Balloon on 031 226 6550.

I Grand idea The Scottish Grand Committee of MPs will be given greater powers to debate issues relating specifically to Scotland. Scottish secretary lan Lang said this week. The system would allow more opportunities for MPs to question ministers outside the time currently allocated for Scottish questions in Westminster.

I Control experiment Edinburgh University is to set up a contraception research centre as part of an international initiative to find ways of controlling world population growth. lts work will include research on the male pill.

‘iir Sylvana': a Bosnia How-funded doctor who uses a false name to protect her family

you can keep a community together it‘s almost like a minister.‘ says du

Preez. . Many Bosnian doctors. who often

have families themselves. find it difficult to turn down well-paid work abroad. so the country‘s problems are now being compounded by a brain- drain. Bosnia Now aims to offer these doctors a modest living wage, enabling them to support themselves and their families. ‘The doctors will stay if given

:— Snowyjoke

halfa chance.’ says du Preez. ‘l want to grow the programme so that the doctors can stay put and help people through their trauma.‘

Close links between Bosnia and the Edinburgh area are growing, with an estimated 200—300 refugees living in Lothian and Fife. Around 140 have been through the Government‘s reception in North Berwick and some. mostly Bosnian Muslims. are trying to restart their lives in local communities. Co-ordinator Eddie Carmichael confirms that most are suffering from the severe trauma of their experience. ‘They are in a very difficult situation.‘ explains Carmichael. ‘There‘s a sense of relief but most have mixed feelings about leaving.‘

Bosnia Now hopes that by offering counselling as well as medical help. it can keep communities together in former Yugoslavia. giving those that have left a better hope of returning in the future. ‘We‘re trying to keep a whole people together and alive. we‘re trying to keep children in schools it‘s not as glamorous but it'sjust as important.‘ says du Preez. (Eddie Gibb)

Bosnia Now can be contaced on 03 I 225 2120. All proceeds front a screening of Mrs Doubt/ire at the Cameo on Saturday I 6 July at 12.15pm will go to the charity.

Great snakes, it can’t be true! i’lntin, the boy reporter, is 65 this year. With merchandise bearing his bequiffed features eamlng £78 million in France alone, you would think he could look forward to a comfortable retirement in Marlinspike Hall.

But blistering barnacles, Phoenix Graphics in Glasgow and David Hosenblatt of Tintin Licensing decided to give his image a kick up the '@$°/.! with a design competition at Glasgow School of Art. An encounter with Tank Girl, Tintin turns thug and a Tintin condom were some of the 90s interpretations of Herge’s clean-cut hero. ‘I think as a piece of art it’s brilliant,’ says Hosenbhtt of ‘l’hug’, ‘but it’s totally against the Tintin

- Tintin: growing old gracefully image.’

Other rejections included a Scottish Tintin and an advertisement for ‘Tintin hair gel’ which were regarded as ‘too sophisticated’ for marketing across Europe.

In the end, the winner was simplicity itself - Anna Tredrea’s “I'wo Heads’, which sees Tintin growing old gracefully with a goatee replacing his trademark quiff. ‘lt’s simple, neat and clever,’ says Hosenbiatt. ‘Very appealing to a worldwide audience.’

International audiences will be able to make up their own mind when the finalists’ work is to be displayed at a design and fashion show in Paris later this month. (Hory Weller)


I Earth First! The Glasgow contingent of this direct action campaign continue to kick against the might of the roads lobby as reported in the last edition of The List. To attract new protesters to their anti-M77 extension encampment at Pollok Estate. a weekend of music and action is being held on Saturday l6 and Sunday 17. ()n the Saturday there will be live music with Basic Note. in Frae The Cold and Jimmy Broch as well as crafts and games. On Sunday a nature walk. tree-house building and playground construction are planned. Glasgow Earth First! is not just confining its actions to the Motorway extension campaign as the agenda for the next meeting on 25 July at 7.30pm at Blytheswood Cottage Bar. Park Road shows. The alleged importation of illegal mahogany wood is being opposed with actions outside various Scottish I)lY stores. A campaign against the proposed super-quarry on Harris which if it goes ahead will be large enough to bury the Empire State building just to provide aggregate to widen the M25 is being prepared. Protests are also being planned against the proposed sell off and commercial development of parkland in Glasgow. notably the Kelvingrovc Park where the bandstand could be replaced with a pub. Further details from Richard on 041 333 1864.

I Greenpeace Wheech-Up The East Lothian Greenpeace Supporters Group has moved from Haddington to Musselburgh. where members are holding a fund-raising Ceilidh on Saturday 23 July in the Brunton llall. Providing the music will be Scottish Blend. Tickets costing £5 (£3) are available from the Brunton Box Office on 031 665 2240 and the dancing starts at 7.30pm. The Group meets on every second and fourth Tuesday of the month; ifyou're interested in getting involved in local Greenpeace campaigns and public awareness actions then either meet up with the organisers at the Ceilidh or phone Chris Henderson on 03] 653 2219 for details ofthe next meeting.

I WWF The Glasgow Supporters group ofthe World Wide Fund for Nature is holding a public meeting at the City Hall (Room 8), Candleriggs. Glasgow on Thursday 27 July at 7.30pm. For details of speakers phone Kate Arnold on 04l 647 9259.

I At the Gee Gees The Edinburgh Lesbian Litre has organised another fund-raiser at the Cafe Royal. West Register Street. A women-only disco and Horse Race night will be held there on Saturday 16 July. The night goes under starters orders at 8pm and lasts until lam. Tickets costing £3 (£1.50) will be available on the door. The Lesbian Line can be contacted Monday and Thursday on 03] 353 1550. 7.30—l0pm.

I if you have news of any events or courses which you want publicised in this column, please forward them to ‘Action’ at The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 "E and include a day- time phone number.

The List 15—28 July 1994 5