place at the Memorial Hall. followed by a parade to St Ronan's Wells for drinking of tlte waters at 8.30pm and later a torchlit parade. On Saturday the Childrens' l'ltlyy er l’arade leay es Hall Street at l lam 3 and tile (James take place in Victoria Park

This section gives details at selected events taking place in and around Scotland this fortnight. Events are listed by area and then alphabetically. All submissions should be accompanied by a contact phone number for our

mmmamm Days out compiled by Thom § “it”! 3h”). I‘lllill'." 111 10pm lhcrs‘ ih‘ :1 I UNION STREET 200 Sat 16-Sun 24. In and around Union Street, Aberdeen. Union mum". Pljljs't‘hhlf’}! l” ( 1191109 “I”. Where it" Street is 200 years old this month and the city council won’t let you forget it it you’re slltsi' 0‘ “ls Us" WI” hs‘ ccrcnmnmlly in the area. The testivities kick ott on Saturday 16 at 3pm with a carnival parade

“WW U“ [“P 0f it Willing firs- depicting the story of the street, past, present and future - including Chitty Chitty

Bang Bang for some obscure reason - all brought together in an extravaganza ot & decorated tloats, live music and entertainment. From Monday 18 to Saturday 23


Sat 23—Sun 3 l. Various venues ;ll‘t)llllLI I FARMUFE CENTRE RAFT RACE Tue 19. (10am-11pm) it’s Aberdeen live, with circus performances (circus rides a mere 10p a Eyemnuth. What was a silllplc annual tlay Illutlt~hpiil. The harmlit‘c Centre. 90!), live music at lunchtimes and concerts by local bands every evening in the Beer out and picnic {or the whole town tut-netl Uttltztvcrig. Rttskie (on the A873). £2.75 Tent in Union Terrace Gardens. In Seaton Park every day of the week from 1.30pm the into the coronation til" the Herring Queen. (£1.75). Phone 0780 850 277 for exact Aberdeen lntemational Juvenile Football Championships take place with 24 boys and chosen by hallnt truth the local school. time. Not a full blown raft race. but a girls teams from around the world (including Dundee). On Sunday 24 Europe‘s largest The Queen in Waitin leaves the poll of chance to make rat‘ts out of household street party takes place when the whole of Union Street from llolbum Junction to the

St Abbs at about noon on Saturday 23. lo ruhish and race them down Ruskic Burn. Castlegate will be closed to traffic tor the first time in 200 years. This promises to be

arrive at liyetnnuth in 3. i 5pm. that»; are The centre is open daily from 10am—6pm ‘one mile at entertainment, noise, more entertainment and mayhem’. Excellent! is greeted by all the children of the town and is part of a working farm with barley.

and led up to UK. dub. “I mC mum. an.” (m tints, cattle and sheep. although at this & gardens provide a DCLIUIif‘uI venue (or Gunsgreen where her coronation takes llms Ul Ms" W mdm bU-Sllls‘hb IS SUI! walks with views out over the l‘orth.

place. Highlights of the week's events fruit. which you can PiCk yoursclf. The I EDINBURGH ZOO Daily. 9am—6pm (Sun However. it tnust be said that despite the include a raft race iii lgyemouth Bay- on centre also includes a collection of vintage 9.30am_6pm)_ Coretorphinc Road friendly staff the all-important tea-room is Sunday at 3pm. a santleaslle and sand farming “lilChl'lCS 1"“ [0915 5‘0er I” the Edinburgh. £5.10 (£2.70). 031 33st 917l, not all it could be: overpriced. poor SCUIP‘”rc “(lllll’clllll‘l1 9” “M'W‘dtlh' ~” farm“ "“dlll‘m‘ll (’U‘bulldmg-‘r *1 WWW" See photo caption. atmosphere and not an award winner on 1.30pm. at tot-chlit procession on 'l’lturstlay with home baking and a nature trail and the cake front.

from the Tavern Car Park at 9pm oti farm Wztlk. I RADIO 1 ROADSIIOW Tue 26.

Thursday. an adults fourtlegged beer race I RADIO 1 ROADSHOW Mon 25. ll.3()am—2pm. Portobello Beach.

in fancy dress on the l’riday at "pin and l 1.30am #2pm. Backster Park. Dundee. Edinburgh. Free. Foll-de-rolll lt's

lots of stalls and otlter entertainment at Free. WhtXip-de-doo. funtabulous Radio 1 (‘unmbuflmg Radio | surfing through Gunsgreen on Saturday 1“Sunday .il comes to Dundee with Mark Goodier on Scotland with extra sexv Mark Goodier on from 1.30pm. the wheels of steel. Warm tip act Richard the wheels of steel. Warm tip act Richard I ST RONAN’S BORDERS GAMES WEEK Travis makes out until l2.45am when the Travis makes out until 12.45pm when the Fri l5/Sat lb. Various venues around show goes out live with P] and Duncan show goes out live with Carter (get thosek Innerleithen. l’ree. The games ltay e been i from Bykt'r (inn-e. Roseanna and knickers ready girls). Bad Boys lnc and C. held for the last lb7 years in titemory of Michelle Gale. J. Lewis. Which could be interesting as

St Ronan. the local monk who founded ' I WINGS AND WHEELS EXTRAVAGANZA the spa waters at lnnerleithen. ()ii Friday Sat 23/Sun 24. Ham—4.30pm. Montrose at 7pm the installation of the Standard l Aerodrome. Montrose. Angus. £3 (£2.50). Bearer and the Cleikum ceremonies take See photo caption.

Travis was once with the Bad Boys. Sadly the one and only Smiley Miley will not be there as he's off on his hols until August. All together now. ‘Aaah. Shame. Bring back Smiley".


I ALFORD CAYALCADE Stilt 24. 11am—5pm. Grampian Transport Museum. Alford. Aberdeenshire. £2.50 (£1.50). 09755 62292. One of the larger vintage

I NERD SOCIETY SUMMER SEMINAR Fri vehicle shows on the Scottish circuit with

22. IOam—Spm. Royal Botanic Garden over 200 visiting exhibits of all types. Edinburgh. Inverleith Row. £25. trade stands and supporting attractions. In Registration form and more information the main arena Russ Swift with his Rover from the Herb Society on 071 823 5583. Display Team will be doing his daredevil A day out at the Bots for serious herbalists stuff. as will the Royal Signals

with contributions from Cameron Motorcycle Display Team. Entrance does Carmichael. Sir Robert Sibbald and Dr not include admision to the museum. Katerina Svoboda as well as a guided tour which costs an extra £2.50 l .80). and is of the gardens. open daily. 10am—5pm.

I NOPETOIIN HOUSE COUNTRY FAIR Sun 17. Ham-5pm. Hopetoun House. South Queensferry (follow signs from South r 7e Queensferry on the A904. £3 (£l.50). Free parking. A day out for the family

A. I c?" ., with forestry. falconry. and stile-making 5’ , -, demonstrations. Inside the house. there

a ’: fi’r 'v‘? ,4. fly " - lacemaking. spinning and weaving while w. . ' , '. . I the Fife Crafts Association will be selling a. 7% ,..,,,,,-, various Scottish crafts tn the craft

EISE1I2N£82UBGH 200 Daily, 9am—6pm (Sun 9.30am—6pm). Corstorphine noad Edinburgh. 'f‘m’quecho" "‘9 “div”?! “0'” “‘3‘th I 9 9 4 . ( .70). 031 334 9171. New births at th ' mm a“ cry ‘0 Pony ‘1 “’5‘ “WW? “0“ ‘0 e zoo include Kora the giraffe, pictured ABERDEEN

above with her mother Rebecca, and a white rhino. With the current controversy over 13‘” pigeon Shooting fwd We“ ‘0 . the condition at animals in continental zoos, Edinburgh is keen to promote its active mfg“ g0” “f'” be ava‘lablc Wh'lc .mus‘c m Involvement in 53 endangered species programmes and increasing concentration on M“ be prov'dCd by me we“ Lom'a”

Handbell Ringers and the Queensferry 2 O O

v ' will also be demonstrations of

such programmes. Besides wandering around the zoo on your own, the zoo put on . . daily handling classes lasting an hour when, tor an extra 70p, adults and children get Ca‘edoll‘a P'PCS W Drum “OWN” to hold and learn about such animals as African landsnails, lizards, snakes and rats. House ‘8 0pc" da'ly' loam-5mm“ and

mm am also daily mmmation talks "uh mo Sta" and “nationalists at "m entrance costs £3.80/£ l .90 (grounds only: I UNION STREET 200 Sat lo-Sun 24. In “immune, "on and gimme enclosures. Phone the mo '0', details 0' times. £2/60p). Besides the 18th century hOUSe . and around Union Street. Aberdeen. See itself with its original furnishings. the i photo caption

68 The List 15—28 July I994