Full Programme and Running Order



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Showtravel are running coaches to T In The Park from many towns and cities in Scotland. The first figure in the brackets is the cost of a day return ticket; the second for a weekend return. These tickets are available from Tocta agencies and selected agencies throughout the country. For details of your local agent and credit card booking, phone Showtravel on 0360 771 188.

Dingwall 6.15am (cm/£24) lnverness 7.45am l 5/£22.50) Perth 9.45am (£9/£ l 3.50) Aberdeen 7.45am (£16/£24) Dundee 9.15am (HO/£15) Stirling l0.30am (£8/£l2) Kirkcaldy IOam (£10/£15) Falkirk 10.30am (£8/£12) Edinburgh l0am (£8.50/£12.75) Livingston 10.30am (£7.50/£l 1.25) Ayr 9am (£9/£} 3.50) Kilmarnock 9.30am (£8/£l 2) Penrith 8am (£ll/£16.5()) Carlisle 8.30am (MO/£15) Dumfries 9. l 5am (£9/£ l 3.50)


Leave the M74 motorway at either Junction 5 or Junction 6 and follow the special AA road signs to the car parking areas close to 'the festival site in Strathclyde Country Park. Follow the marshall's directions to your parking place.

The official campsite is full. and any tents pitched outside the official site are likely to be removed. Camping pitches are also available in a space beside the Road Chef, but you must book. Phone 0698 285590. A pitch (anything up to a six-man tent) is £4 per night.

Note: The line-up and running order were correct at time at going to print. but could be subject to last minutes changes.

11.55am-12.25pmz Baby Chaos“? 1' Noah-12.30pm:

12.45-1.30om: Mike Peters 12.55-1.3"0pm: Thrum , y

1.45-2.30pm: Grant Lee Buttalo 1.55-2.35pm: Whlleout' *

2.50-3.45pm: Gun 34.45pm: emx Banditsil“.

4.10-5.10pm: The Saw Doctors 4.10-4.55pm; Almee

MAW 5.30-6.30pm: Teenage Fanclub 5.20-6.05pmz. iOneDoye "5; f1";

«ENTRANCE 6.55-7.55pm: Crowded House 6.30-7.30pm; 9 Casts "

m > 8.20-9.20pm: Del Amltrl 7.55-8.53ng HouseOl

MAIN 9.45-10.45pm: Primal Scream 9.30-10.30prn: -‘ Dzliealmtfr

<6 ARENA \\ . ; H:

\ .0 it]? .. . g 32%;: ‘11:?

Prlmal Scream


2.05—2.15pm: 2.15-2.40pm: 2.40—2.45pm: 2.45-3.10pm: 3.10-3.15pm: 3.15-3.40pm: 3.40-3.4Spm: 3.45-4.10pm:


12.20-12.50pm: Khartoum Heroes 1.20-1.50pm: 2.05-4.15pm: 4.30-5.15iim: 5.45—6.30pm: 6.45-9.30'pm: 9.45-10.45pm:

4.10-4.15pm: 6.45—6.50pm: 6.50-7.05pm: 7.05-7.10pm: 7.10-7.35pm: 7.35-7.40pm: 7.40—8.05pm: 8.05-8.10pm: 8.10—8.35pm: 8.35—8.40pm: 8.40-9.30pm:

Phil Kay

Phil Kay Alessandro Phil Kay Charlie Chuck Phil Kay Chris Lynam Phil Kay. ,' Corky & The Juice Pigs Phil Kay Eddie lzzard

Cobalt Jury

Comedy - see below Travis

The Pearltishers Comedy - see below The Hump" Famin

Phil Kay Alessandro Phil Kay Charlie Chuck Phil Kay Chris Lynam Phil Kay

Corky & The Juice Pigs Phil Kay

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