Loads more yabba, dabba and doo than The

Flintstones, here’s the . . .

m l Floating in space or

just a trick oi the light? Either way, it’s a ‘Spectator Sport’ at the

2 Richard Demarco European Foundation. See Dance listings.

mountainous midrifl - it's got to be Marlon. Check out the method in Channel 4's season of Brando’s major movies trom ‘Streetcar’ to ‘The Freshman’. See TV listings.


I ‘I’ve shaken smokey bear oft my tail and I’m

rman juicing up the rig to burn

meow wag some rubber. D’you M” copy?’ ‘Ten-iour good In”: buddy, I’ll catch you later

at the lngliston Trucktest.’ See Days Out.



2 The List 29 July—ll August I994