Rain 0! Shine, 0|" 3"3'9'3'169 guide Vii" I Environmental Treasure Hunts Tue 9 393 You "mmgh- Events are "5th mid" Aug. Leith Library. Ferry Road. 554 5507. Widows 0' indoors “mums: and the“ 9.45—1 1.30am; Colinton Library.

divided by city. Kids listintis compiled by Thorburn Road. 441 3040. 2—3.30pm.

Gabe smwm‘ \ I / Thurs l 1 A98- 9-45-1 1-303!“ ; National Playday started over tive years ago as a result of the abolition oi ILEA. \ Founlalnbr'dgc 14hr M y. Dundcc 31W“. 3 Concerned play associations decided to mount a London Playday to remind the a- 329 4588- Advance booking reqmfl‘d- ; London public that they existed. This went ’national' (meaning England) a couple of “CC-f)- 1 0 year-*1 . years later when it became obvious what a rip-roaring success the event had .. s I Edmbumh 100 134 CONWPWC Road. become. last year saw the first Scottish Playday activities, with seven or eight I \ 334 9171. Mort—Sat. 9am-6pm. 50" . events. This year there are seven local Glasgow events, a couple planned in 9'3()a”“6p'“- £510 (53-70} “4 fé'mly Edinburgh and plenty elsewhere, including Gunninghame, Motherwell and Kilmamoclt “CW for four- A! the-“3 WC?“ Y0“ Want to name but a iew. Of these, by far and away the grandest, biggest, mother oi all {0 get the "103! DUE Of «1 dfly "1P ‘0 the 100' Playdays will be happening on Glasgow Green on Wednesday 10 August. With tour C1986 encounters: 55-mIHUlC-10ng environmentally themed zones, the area is divided into outer space, jungle, seaside 505510“ “HOW Chlldrc'} ‘0 handle or and water. Within each area is a large arts and crafts marquee, with group and Q‘OSC'Y Observe mist “"953 flak“ 0’ individual activities; giant structures being built (eg a Space Rocket); a games area lizards at ll am. noon: 1pm. -.30pm and (eg lrisbees on the beach, bubble-making in space) as well as associated street , , , 330p”! (“my “1 "‘9 Educa‘m" CHEW periormances and inflatables. in the separate performance marquee a variety ot ACtIVltleS and Fun (“3; imam; Pa‘idofcfk)’; 70P- Jill“ S brass artists will strut their stult, ranging from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra (cram in t t t i t t 3‘ i - - I Mayday 94 Glasgow Green. Stew,[ ‘1‘; }(it: “10 1:12;; (qug’lmtbm‘q'gzg) and that culture) to puppet companies. With so many events under tents, there’s not even D l 84251140.W,dmA _ u -- P -- P_- t u ~ g the chance oi rain stopping play. l 13:55; m‘A da Of‘m and Lino" for 50p (large brasses) includes the cost of p F. y Wax 11ml paper. Live demonstrations take : 8—12 years. Sun 7 Aug. garden nature borrow and read ten books during the all ages‘ 5“ photo‘ I H 't th i )llOW n v animal ‘nclosur‘s‘ ' - - - - - I pi t “1' - . V- ~ . p 9“ ‘1 L ' 5 , L L“ i trailing. 5—8 years. Mon 8 Aug. make a school holiday will be rewarded With c we '5' ' Cm'g‘nd ism)“ chim arizees ll 451m orillas l2 15 m‘ - ' - C n Mu d .k Coumr park . p ' ' ‘_ 'g ‘1 p scented llower picture. 4-7 years. Tue 9 treasure and a coriimernorative scroll. e "c‘ g 0" y irraffes l in' en ums l 30 m‘ rhinos - - C ' man R d n.. Milnmvi. 9S6 5 f p ‘p g p g Aug. playcroquet. 7—12 years. Wed ll) leaflets available from yourlocal library. “Hi-18 03 “Jr 5 L' 3pm‘ lions 3 lSpm' sealrons 4pm. Free. - - ( - 6100. Sun 31 Jul. 23.30pm. Free. Brush ~ v - -- ~ ' Aug. traditional ball games. ()—) years. c'nema

09"" .mrgc‘ me Pentium medc‘zp‘m I Come and Try Gymnastics Easterhouse . _ . from a local artist. Children must be gjllllgxgdfgomsffsfnpgéfixli enclosurc' Sports Centre. Auchinlea Road. 227 5948. 7. F'Im‘hfiouse Mating? [Pi‘iutin‘lload 228 accompanied by an adult. I Girls Fogtgallé‘coum Kilt]: Gem C V Weds 3 and ll) Atig. 1-2pm. years; 125:8.1- (i 1‘50) Lht‘tifil’rlwh- ifllmh suit I Pond nipping Meet at the golfdriving Park Bonnwi y 660 764,; :10" gi-IHi 1, 2—3 years. 9-12 years. ()Op. Similar 1‘“ --30Pl“o :31" 3” JUl “HUN/Uri)!“ 6 (U). range, Strathclyde Country Park. A‘ug‘ 741mb ff“) 8_]6‘ jam sessions operating at Castlernilk Sports Sat (i'Aug‘S/itmc t_PC;). Mon 8-- Wed 10 Hamilton. 0698 266155. ext I31. Sun 31 I B'agebalwoéiba" _ swam“; sports Centre. Glasgow North College at A”? 1/1"-3<"'l’1(“1’("'1(U)-

Jul. 2.30pm. Free. Discover some of the I , . Springburn. Kelvin Hall. Palace ofArts at ' ' ' intricate relationships in the pond. Roadshow Dunda‘s Pm“ soum Bellahouston. and Pollokshaws Mini EXh'blt'onS

up your nature-sketching skills with help

Queensferry. Mon 1 Aug. lOam—noon and

I Blg Tops In The Parks Elder Park. Wed 3 Aug‘ l_3pm Ratho Station Park. SportsCen’tre. Telephone 227 5948 for I‘llappy Families Museum of Childhood. Govan Road. Mon until Fn 29 Jul. Mon 1 A ,- 113 m M ) ,d P' k i further details. High Street. 225 2424. Until Sat 10 Sept. lOam—noon; 1—4pm. Free. 7-12 years. b‘h. d 19;." ' Pr " j ( r“ “"0.” l I Swim Disco Drumchapel Pool. Drumry Mon—Sat. l()am~—6pm. Free. This Queen‘s Park. Victoria Road entrance. :1 "‘1 “Va-7’- f‘“ j."‘,98‘.‘. “ll—“0"” t Road East. 944 5812. Fri 5 Aug. exhibition contrasts families urttie past Crosshill. Noon—4pm. Free. 7-12 years. ans 1“ pm" est” ii‘iikf' H" Si’xug' f 10—] 1.30am. 60p. 8—15 years. Also and present. Enter a prize draw by Playbusses and marquees house these 1" pm' M‘adows (bu‘dL Wh‘lkbonc)‘ - various 'come and try' sessions (cg drawing a picture or writing a story about

Thurs 4 Aug. lOain—noon and l~3prrr Mourhouse Park. Wed 3 Aug. Warn-noon. 75p. 8—12 years. Sylvia 652

roadshow circus workshops for budding jugg'ers. tumblers. clowns or plate- spinners. Telephone 227 5064 for details. I

snorkelling and scuba) are operating at the your family. ; pool during the hols. Contact the pool for I Kidnapped South Queensferry : further information. : Museum. High Street. Sotith Queensferry.

I Football Training Alexandra Sports 5 2178' I Arts Activities liasterhouse Sports ,4 331 55-15. l'ntil Mon 3 Oct. Mon. Fri. Sat Centre. 227 5898. Mon—Fri 1—5 and 8—12 I (critic. Auchinlea Road. 227 552‘). Arts i l()am~lpm and 2. IS-Spm‘. Sun 3~5pnt Aug. 24pm. 60p. 8—14 years. Just one of : activities based on a theme from different ' Free. Try the Kid/tapped quiz and play the halfa dozen centres offering skills ' countries. Mon 1 -l-'ri 5 Aug. l()ani—rioon. Treasure lsland board game in this highly improvement sessions for those inspired : ' ' ' ' l ; (iilp. S S years (except Fri). Mon. imaginative exhibition produced by pupils by the World Cup. Try also Cathkin ; . - America; Tue. Japan: Wed. Scotland; from Dalmeny. Fchlirie and Queensferry Recreation Centre. Crownpoint Sports .' .' Thurs Holland; Fri. Puppet-making Primary Schools.

Centre. Eastbank Sports Complex. Workshop. 8— 1.2 years. I Jekyll or Hyde? City Art Centre. Easterhouse Sports Centre. James Murray Market Street. 225 2424. Sat (i Aug—Sat l

Sports Centre and Springburn Synthetic I 1 , Theatre Oct. Mon-Sat 10am—6pm. Free. Activities

Pitches. Telephone 227 5898 for details. : . Mr Iguanaman and the sacred flea and workshops for children in this

. tennis coacmng Vicmrla Park. 227 I . Scottish Mask and Puppet Theatre. 8— l() “hihm‘m explmmg the Complex M0” 86F?!”- Augh‘z‘4plm- 60P- lialcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 339 ()l85. Perimmm)’ “i Rl-S-

- ; years- Imtarcoac mg a so . . t Sat 6 Aug. 2pm. £2.50(£l.5()). 5—12 ava'lablc 3‘ Kc'V‘nSmVC Park Barl‘a ' year's. Figure of Speech Puppet Theatre

Sports Complex. Drumchapel Public I Tennis Courts and James Murray Sports )

Centre. Telephone 227 5898 for details. l - - - I Pollolt Famin nay Pollok Country ACt'V't'es and Fun

presents an iritriguirig-sounding odyssey. I The Adventures of Peter Rabbit is it a mickey-take or is it for real‘.’ Netherbow Theatre. 43-45 High Street.

55( 9579. F ' 29J l. 2.30 $2.75 EDINBURGH (“775, r' p'"

Park. 425 1140. Sat 6 Aug. llam— 4pm. I llaggs Gastle Summer Activities Haggs . . . ' ° p t am an *5 ram Traditional fun and games make up only a Castle Museum. 100 St Andrew‘s Drive. ACtIVItleS and Fun Edging-311:: fiyggmn‘ygoum small part of this great day out. Pollokshields. 427 2725. All Mon—Fri I pirate parties pummel“ Stockbridgc‘ QUCCIN-Crr). Community Cw“. 3pm. EDINBURGH sesswns start at 10.15am and 3-15pm. Sat ' Craigmillarand Leitii libraries. Free. Pilrig Park; Tue 2 Aug. 10.30am. lnch and EU” 2-15P'" 91111)?) l'rcet.1 Adyt'ance . Portobello. 669 5115. Thurs ll Aug. Park. 3pm. Balemo High School; Wed 3 ' ' ' 00 “lg necessa“ Y “mic ‘0 i "99 2.30—4pm. 5- l2 years. Stockbridge. 332 Au . l0.30am. Bri 'hton Park. Portobello. ActIVItfes and Fun activities per child. Fri 29 Jul. create a 3173. Mon 8 Aug. 2445p,“ 3-5 years. 3mg]. Jack Kanc C5,...“ ThurS 4 Aug. I Boamln With the Romans meet at The holiday mosiac. 5—8 years. Sat 30 Jul. zoo Cruigmman 669 4095 TuC 3 Aug. [0.30m]. princes Street Gardens (by Malungs' Cmmond' 447 7145' Tue 2 Aug‘ animal PUPPCI'muking 4‘7 Will-‘- SU“ 31 2-3. 15pm. 4-11 years. Leith. 554 5507. Norwegian Stone). 3pm. Hermitage of 9.45am—noon. Free. 6-10 years. Discover Jul. make a lavender herb bag- 6‘9 .Wilr-S- Wed 3 Aug. 2.30—4pm. 6—ll years. Braid; Fri 5 Aug. Davidsons Mains Park. why the Romansjust didn't want to leave Mon 1 Aug. start a Victorian scrap book. Tcicphonc 225 5584 ext 243 for further 1pm saugmon Park. this bit of green and pleasant land. 8—12 years.Tue 2 Aug. make an old- details, "6“, Festival Thwlrc‘ Nicolwn I Go Wild in Gralgmlllar Jack Kane fashioned bonnet. 5—8 years. Wed 3 Aug. I Read Your Way to Gold An Edinburgh SW“. 539 6000 Tuc 3411! 6 Aug centre‘ Thurs 4 Aug' iradiiionai SUCCI games. 4—7 yCill'S. Thurs libraries. AS part ()i‘ the RUDCTI LOUiS Tue—Fri, 3pm and (Spin Sat 10.301111]. 9.45am—noon: Free. 6—lO years. Advance 4 Aug. make a C01" 0f aims. 7‘12 Years- Slt‘Vt‘n-SO" centenary CClefflliOliS. 0” 1.30pm and 4pm. £7 (£5.50)Faiiiilv ticket booking required for this environmental Fri 5 Aug. traditional toys. 6—9 years. Sat Edinburgh young readers are invited to for four. 520. Toy/land comes [0 ' adventure- 6 Aug. make a pressed flower picture. join a library treasure trail. All those who Edinburgh.

The List 29 July— I I August I994 47