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l Seems like Julian Cape’s barking. Find out it the lorrner Teardrop really is a low Bonios short of a healthy, balanced diet on his new album ‘Autogeddon’. See

I All together now: ‘Aw, ain’t they outel’ Pick up a penguin print at Carol Barnett’s exhibition of Edinburgh Zoo's cuddller inhabitants, ‘Anlmais In Sight’. See Art listings.

I Elle’s belles: Ms MacPherson (centre), the women they call simply ‘The Body’, pretends to be shocked when a handsome stranger gets his manhood out in the Outback in ‘Slrens’. See Film preview.



‘My aspirations to be an artist were dwindling fast when l discovered that nobody really makes any money from being an artist unless they’re dead . . . chucking pots of paint at a wall on a Monday morning is not my idea ofa good way to make a living.‘

Former Glasgow art school student Carol Smillie. who now spins ‘The Wheel of Fortune' on primetitne telly.

‘We are all hypocrites 1 think we need a revolution but l’m scared I won‘t find a good moisturiser afterwards, and it's real difficult being a socialist with a gold card.‘

That fast-talkin ’. wise crackin ’. conscience prickin’ Southern Belle. Brett Butler, who is being hailed as the new Roseanne.

‘It's sad actually. 1 think l'm so aware and anti-homophobic, and when a taxi drops us off at the same address. I find myself talking about birds and football. ‘Why don't we just say to the cab driver, “By the way we‘re not homosexual" and have done?’

Frank Skinner on life with hisflatmate David Baddiel. a double act in which both play the straight man.

‘French is a very throaty language. so you have a tendency to put everything at the back of the throat. Now I go up and front and out. I'm doing things I never would have done before. taking risks. feeling confident.‘

Gallic crooner Sacha Distel on how a voice coach changed his life.

‘The point about Kurt is, he said he was gonna blow his brains out and he did it! it‘s a completely different sentiment to “Hope 1 die before i get old.“ When I wrote that it was a life-affirming thing. it was me saying. “I'm not going to be like you. 1 am gonna live forever and still be a teeneager the day i die!" Former Who guitarist Pete Townshend on the youth of today.

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