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The Final Frontier

These are the

voyages of the

al( Fringe Club. It's

continuing mission

to explore strange

new entertainment, to seek out new air

comedy and new

theatre, to boldly

go where no club

has gone before.

Friday l 2 August Sunday 3 September Membership from £5.00

Seek out the best of all worlds at The Fringe Club, Teviot Row, Bistro Square. Open until 3am every night ol the Fringe, the club allows you the luxury to eat 8. drink and shawer 8. shave belore ollering

yOu a crisp aiet oi the best in music, comedy and theatre all under

one universal rool All you need is a Fringe Club Card and a galac- lIC enthusiasm the Card you can get lrom the Fringe Ollice, High

street or lrom Tne Club Enthusiasm is not available in any shOps.

Full details of FRINGE CLUB events can be found in the I994 FRINGE PROGRAMME.

To receive a copy, send 70p in stamps to Edinburgh Festival Fringe. l80 High Street, Edinburgh, EHI IQS