' N.E.D.A.C. is a Drugs/HIV Project based in Greater Pilton St Bride 5 centre requires _ serving the North West area of Edinburgh. It provides a“ kh‘ds Of part-time tators, counselling, advice, information and support to drug users teachers stewards and and their partners, relatives and friends.

volunteers to work on Its numerous projects.

1 We are seeking a committed and enthusiastic person, who i is capable of effective day-to-day management and

i innovative development of the project. She/he must have 1 an overview and appreciation of the complex and

l changing nature of the issues affecting the above group. ' Also essential are proven or organisational and team building skills, and good communication skills.

For more Information please contact


i Experience in liaising with the voluntary and statutory

‘1 sectors, including contract bidding and compliance, j would be a distinct advantage.

l Salary scale: NIC APS (plus 7.5% unsocial hours).


For further details and application form please contact:


ft B/u'dw (Bent/w, I 0 CW 7W, ' NEDAC W, {Iii/I 29y 037-346 I405 10 PENNYWELL COURT

i EDINBURGH EH4 4T2 L ' TEL: 031 332 2314

Closing date lor applications 12/08/94


wcsr lOTHlAN YOUYH mums PU blications ' Pro'ect Officer

NJCS|cale5£7,575for2l hours

, per week, £12,624 pro rata £225.00 PER WEEK & EXPENSES (P/T - 30 HOURS) ; Administrative Assistant We require a drama workshOp leader to plan and Operate glfigggprfzrrltamu"

a large number of regular youth theatre groups with DMA offers training and work experience

9 - 25 year olds. Relevant experience in the arts, theatre, i op [gunmesjor iogiem unemployedfpwpie in - - - l pu i ing, vi eo pr uction, a ran 0 computer YOUth work or teaCh'ng '5 essentlal' applications, job search and lileskifi: The project

. produces a range at video and publication material Closing date for applications is Friday |2th August. 5 'thighhns SOCiOflond enVironmen'E' Issues. bl ° ' . 4 We are looking or someone to to e responsi iity

For information pack telephone. 0506 3 I727 i for inflicting and supewisiga ongoing prom in publication design and pr uction. You wil have experience of working with adults in a media

! : training and work experience environment; at l l initiating and co-ordinating publishin projects; I Volunteers urgently required 5 anj olhwpple Macintosh design and D P systems i to help create and stage manage ; s C o 1- L A N D i on so are. fh‘hjaucsm 3C9°mfm°gmc 45 j ' We arilalsof lookin for dsomeone to take i f3.“ “3 Companies or e responsi iity or provi ing a minsitrative support : Edinburgh Festival. Contact . i for me pmied. You will have experience of genera klneFFrcrg‘ pcmgrfoaumpea“ Make money I administration, word processing and tyring skills, i n 0”" amn' l 7 0707' j . <l;oolg§eepin3 skitasg‘nd expirience 0 computer 1n (3 ata so an s r eet es. l l j P POC 09 ' l ' i Both people will be self-motivated with excellent Eglnhur%h cirIrimunicatifn and orggnisational ski s c1?dlbe 3 j: 1V3 a e to war as part a a team. You WI 0 so 98t, i contribute to the overall running at CSV Dundee Edinburgh 5 86111110“ Media Action’s work in the Dundee area. The jobs R W83 “Han woman w mm as D will involve working with long-term unemployed eqsupport worker Theatre j people, asdwell as a \INide range of voluntary, . i statutory an commercia organisations. for LGSb'aenhand Gay teenagers , SCOtland j Lhmdmmistrative Azsistant’s tcast isbilnitially °”’s pe'wee ' a ' l n to e Blst Marc 1995 an ePu ications Salaries and conditions of service in accordance with l magdzme at Project Officer’s post is initially funded to 3lst Lothian Regional Council Community Education part-time central 5 December 1994. Youth Worker rates (£6.17 - £7.73 per hour subject to l . . qualification/experience. Pay award pending). ven 1188 . squirfihégdfiizfiogos? fdzicezeH322'gdlnmsgf: Contract for 20 weeks from 11/09/94 - 25/02/95 . G d ' i EH1 3JH’. Tel I e: 63‘ 5°57 3194. For a job deacription and application torm pteaae contact 00 rates 0 i do . dab. N 4*. A t 1994 Adam O‘Brien oh 031 479 2143 j j 5"‘9 o 00", u9us - W i Call ; Interview date: Friday, 12th August 1994. The Stonawal Youh Projectia a votuntary organiaaa'on soaking toaddrou md _ _ _ l is committed l0 Equal "W6 “milflrnimflfilfimflxmw by 1 5 3 6 a 3 People for People: Action in Communities. Sedan 7 (2) {a} of he Sax Diacrimmaeon Act 1975 applies. l l I

75 The List 29 July—l I August 1994