A selection oi television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television listlngs compiled by Eddie Gibb.


I Porridge (BBC 1) 8—8.30pm. Welcome reruns of the classic prison sit-com with Ronnie Barker. This episode sees Fletch trying to duck out of Slade’s physical jerks programme.

I A Kind oi Heaven (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm Stanley Spencer was sent to the Clydeside shipyards during the Second World War as an official Ministry of Information war artist. This drama/documentary recreates Spencer‘s deep involvement with the shipbuilding community which inspired his series of paintings ‘Port Glasgow Resurrection‘.

I Michael Moore’s TV llatlon (BBC2) 9.30—IO.20pm. Michael Moore continues his subversive video voyage round the US and Europe with a look at American attitudes to Communism.

I Whose llne Is It Anywafl (Channel 4) 1030—! 1.05pm. Clive Anderson hosts more impro-comedy with Tony Slattery. Rory Bremner, Mike McShane and Josie Lawrence.

I The Elger Sanction (Scottish) 10.30pm—12.50am. Alpine mountaineering thriller starring Clint Eastwood as a hitman who comes out of retirement to settle a score.

I Fantasy Football league (BBCZ) ll.lSpm—midnight. A special edition of the Frank Skinner/David Baddiel footie show previews tomorrows Charity Shield between Blackburn and Man United and looks forward to the new season. Easy I going laughs and plenty of New Laddery. I First Heels (Scottish) 1.40—2.05am. Showcase of work by young filmmakers who received funding to make low-budget shorts from the Scottish Film Council and Scottish Television.


I The People’s Parliament (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Lesley Riddoch as the Speaker presents another session from the debating chamber where IOO ordinary people discuss issues of the day. Today's motion is that non-essential vehicles should be banned from city centres.

I Hang lip Your Brightest Colours (BBC2) 7.30—8.55pm. The BBC's Troubles season continues with this film from 1973 about Michael Collins. the republican hero who came to prominence during the I916 Easter Rising and went on to represent the rebel Irish Government in talks with British prime minister Lloyd George. The film's title comes from a tribute George Bernard Shaw paid to Collins‘ memory.

I The Tom oi the Screw (BBC2) 8.55-10.55pm. Scottish Opera‘s epic production of the Benjamin Britten opera. based on the creepy Henry James novella about two haunted children. was performed at the Tramway earlier this year. BBC cameras were there to record the event which is transmitted as part of its summer opera season.

I Dee Foot In the Brave(BBC1) 9.15-9.45pm. Summer repeats of the absurdly popular sit-com with Richard Wilson as areh-grump Victor Meldrew.

I Suspect (Scottish) 9.40—l 1.55pm. Cher and Dennis Quaid star in this legal thriller about ajudge who commits suicide.

x \ I Blue Heaven (Channel 4) lO—l().30pm. Another Frank Skinner vehicle with a loose sit-com format about a band playing working mens’ clubs in the Midlands. Unlikely to make any Skinner converts but entertaining for fans of his live shows. More Skinner at 3.20am on the same channel with a repeat of Packet of Three. I The Grass Arena (BBC2)

10.55pm—12.15am. Repeat ofthe

excellent Screen Two film by Scottish director Gillies Mackinnon based on John Healy‘s tough autobiographical account of life as a down-and-out in north London. Healy finds refuge from prison brutality and street violence by leaming to play chess. and playing it very well.


I The Score (BBCZ) 7.20—8pm. This edition of the classical music magazine looks at the latest Merchant/Ivory production Jefferson in Paris about the US president which includes a soundtrack of virtually unknown French 18th century


I The Tales oi Para Handy (BBC l) 8—8.50pm. More gentle humour from Gregor Fisher and the rest of the crew of the Vital Spark who find themselves unwittineg steaming towards a boat full ofexplosives in an episode that goes with a bang.

I Wycliiie (Scottish) 8—9pm. Popular detective series with Jack Shepherd as the uncharismatic copper solving cases in Cornwall.

I Monty Python’s Flying Circus (BBC2) 8.50—9.20pm. Another opportunity to shout out the punchlines and marvel at the Pythons' truly groundbreaking approach to television comedy.

I The Dead (BBCZ)9.20-10.l()pm. More from the Troubles season. with a series of personal testimonies from people who have lost friends and family in Northern Ireland. The conflict has claimed 3.500 lives in the last 25 years.

I Everyman (BBCI) 10.40—l 1.20pm. In ‘Welcome to Happy Valley‘. Everyman looks at Prozac. the controversial drug which has been hailed either as miracle cure for depressives or a quick-fix that turns sufferers into artificially-happy zombies. The film examines claims about the drug‘s apparently remarkable therapeutic properties made by Dr James Goodwin. 'the Pied Piper of Prozac'.

I Woodstock (Channel 4) lO.45pm-2.05am. The definitive film of the concert that (maybe) changed a generation. Half a million hippies gathered to hear Joan Baez. Joe Cocker, The Who. Sly Stone and. ofcourse. Jimi Hendrix.

I On the Line (BBC2) 8—8.30pm. The sports programme asks eleven poets and writers to come up with eulogies to significant sporting figures. There's West Indian poet Jean ‘Binta' Breeze on Brian Lara; Carol Ann Duffy on Martina Navratilova and Manchester writer Len Sissay on the recent death of Moss Side boxing trainer Phil Martin.

I The Vision Thing (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. Sheena McDonald talks to Richard Dawkins. author of The Selfish Gene. who expounds his deep-rooted opposition to religions.

I Room 101 (BBCZ) 10—l0.30pm. Presenter Nick Hancock thinks he‘s a pretty funny guy. In fact he is. and this celeb vehicle about pet hates has produced some entertaining moments. This week it‘s Maureen Lipman. herself no stranger to a bit of humorous banter.

I Out (Channel 4) 9—10pm. Chris Woods considers the link between the gay scene and drugs. plus a look at two lesbian rock bands. Atomic Kandy and Sister George. I Chandler & Co (BBC 1) 9.30-10.25pm. Another tale of adultery in the suburbs with private detective team Elly and Dee on the trail of a two-timing travel agent. Ratings for the show suggest audiences are as happy with low-key plots and plausible characters as the multiple murder mysteries of most detective series.

’. I ,. e e 2'. I Lipstick On Your Collar (Channel 4) 10—l l.10pm. Repeat of the last Dennis Potter series filmed while he was still alive (two scripts have still to be produced posthumously) which marked a bounce- back from the low of Blur/(eves but not quite up to Singing Detective calibre. Ewan McGregor is a daydreamer consigned to counting paper clips in the War Office around the time of Suez.

I Billy Connolly’s World Tour oi Scotland (BBCI) lO.25—l0.55pm. Last chance to catch Bill on his tour of Scotland. interspersed with performance footage. Also the last chance to work out if he‘s wearing a T-shirt or a mini-dress. What is that strange arment?

I Sadhus - ndla’s Holy Men (BBCZ) 7.40—8.30pm. Talk about committed.

What about the follower of the god Vishu

who roly-polyed 4000 kilometres across


India? ‘The Rolling Saint‘ is the first in this series of three documentaries about the Sadhus. people who eschew all worldly possessions. family and friends for a life of penance. This is the first time the Sadhu's lifestyle has been captured on film.

I The Heal McCoy (BBCZ) 9—9.30pm. Sketch-based comedy from young. black performers. including Felix Dexter who is appearing on the Fringe in Edinburgh.

I The Information War (BBC2)

l l.15—l 1.55pm. A Late Show Special tying in with the Troubles season debates the impact of the media‘s portrayal of Northern Ireland. particularly in light of the Government's reporting restrictions on para-militaries. The discussion panel includes former BBC director-general Alasdair Milne. veteran Ireland correspondent Peter Taylor. former army press officer Colin Wallace and Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein (whose voice will presumably be dubbed).

I First Heels (Scottish) 1.20—1.35am. Chance to see the winning entries from this young filmmakers competition.


I Short Stories (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. You gotta keep smiling if you're going to make it on the synchro-swimming team. The programme follows a learn of Bristol champions underwater.

I Grace Under Fire (BBC2) 9—9.25pm. Not. as promoted. the next Roseanne. but this recent American itnport starring Brett Butler as a divorcee trying to raise three kids has enough jokes to make it worth watching. Where Roseanne Arnold screeches. Butler’s throaty southern drawl 'is a lot easier on the ear.

I The Human Animal (BBCl) 9.30—10.20pm. Desmond Morris continues his idiosyncratic explanation of rnankind‘s evolution which makes all sorts of speculative links between animal and human behaviour. For instance. Morris reckons traffic wardens are simply displaying an innate hunting instinct. Scientifically dubious but makes for entertaining television.

I la Bamba (Scottish) 10.45pm—12.45am. Entertaining bio-pic with Lou Diamond Phillips as Mexican rocker Richie Valens who died in the same plane crash as Buddy Holly.

I Funny Farm (Scottish) 1.45—2. 15am. Fred MacAulay hosts a repeat showing of this comedy programme from the Glasgow venue. with Dominic Holland and Steve Coogan.


I A Change oi Sex (BBCZ) 9.30-10.20pm. The cameras revisit transsexual Julia Grant. fifteen years after her sex change operation which was the subject of a documentary at the time. How has she coped with her new life and body?

I The Codiather (Channel 4) 9pm—12. 15am. The Brando season continues with the film that has become most synonymous with the actor's hulking. mumbling style. Coppola‘s classic mafia movie also features magnificent supporting cast including Al Pacino. James Caan. Robert Duvall and a horse‘s head.

98 The List l2—I8 August 1994