In the book. Baby Palatine’s maternal sentimentality towards Joy is modified by brutal realisation. Karis explains how the comedy and talking head format of the show helped exagger- ate Baby's flawed. over-idealistic presentation of Joy. ‘By turning the book into a one-person narrative. I think you expose that person. It’s easy to trust Baby in the book. she‘s sympathetic. Theatrically. Baby’s blindness and lack of insight comes across more clearly. She is inadvertently very funny.’

We talk about the novel Joy in

relation to the black female ‘lsupposelam

literary tradition. I suggest the lucky because everyone rehashes my past all the place it as a descendent of Zora time. Everything is Neale Hurston or J. California out in the open, I Cooper. ‘I think the difference think I’m a healthier person for it really.’

emphasis on dialogue and the survivalist quality of the female narrator Baby Palatine could

is.‘ Karis contends. ‘that Joy is a very modern book of its time. particularly when compared to Alice Walker's The Colour Purple or Toni Morrison's Beloved. Also. Joy is about black women in modern urban America. it‘s not rural at all.’

True. it‘s hard to imagine Alice Walker name- checking a 12in disco mix or exploring the problems of being black in the white world of celebrity. Yet the recent past. Joy‘s childhood. has a deterministic effect in the novel. It could almost be related to Karis's own situation. the influence that parental fame has had on her life. ‘The sad thing with Joy is the past wasn‘t talked about. that was her big problem. I suppose I‘m lucky because everyone rehashes my past all the time. Everything is out in the open. l think I’m a healthier person for it really.‘

Musing on the drawbacks of media attention. Kan's recalls how unpleasant it was as a child. ‘When you’re very small. it’s an overwhelming thing to have to cope with. You get used to it . though. I can’t believe the way you get asked the same questions so frequently. To be honest. it’s not something I’d bring up myself.‘

The benefits of having celebrity parents seem all too obvious to the outsider money. glamour. power. attention. But when your mother’s an author. performer and firmly liberated free spirit and your father’s well. Mick Jagger. how do you enact rebellion or forge your own identity. ‘When you're little. it’s great having creative. liberal parents. They teach you so much.’ says Karis. ‘When you get older. though. you realise you might share their outlook one day. but you have to make a break. That’s why I enjoy living in the States. Both my parents live in Europe. I really don’t think I could have done it in London?

For the moment she‘s perfectly happy in Berkeley. ‘1 like hanging out.just going to bars. small places. I love eating.‘ Karis’s future plans include writing a children’s book. ‘I‘ve started taking pictures too.’

Karis Jagger is relaxed. She’s neither precocious. pampered celeb-brat. nor reactionary square or slacker. Whatever forecasts or predictions could have been made for her. she has bypassed with a refreshing bullshit-free suss. Her production of Jov no doubt. will bear this out. L]

Joy, The Assemny Rooms. 226 2428, Fri 12 Aug—Thurs 1 Sept. 10pm (11.30pm), £9.50 (£8.50).


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