and place.


he ultimate tonic to Festival fever and frantic Fringeing three special weekly issues of The List to guide you through the maze that is the world’s greatest arts bonanza. Your

favourite events magazine has remodelled itself into neat little Time Zones to make your festival pickings the best possible. Just choose the time and we’ll guide you to the event

For those too bamboozled to even look at festival programmes bursting with theatre, art, music, comedy and more, we offer bite—sized chunks to savour. Delve into our definitive Top Ten for the week’s sure-fire successes and sample each time zone’s very own Hitlist. There will dwell the most enthralling, amusing or invigorating events from a programme of more than 1000 shows. Events cutting across time zones will appear in the time band where they are first performed, but we’ll inform you of other times at the end of each review.

We offer ticket information to ease the trauma of getting into the shows you choose to see. And for those more interested in spectating than paying, check out our freeloaders.

There are separate sections for Festival Film, Art, Clubs, Music; each with their own Hitlist. And as life is more than just a stage, our Festival Eating Out Guide supplement will give you the ideal excuse to indulge in an entirely different menu. So if you plan to absorb some culture and don’t know quite where to begin, tuck The List under your arm and head for the Festival heights.


The index lists every show alphabetically by title which appears in this week’s list and gives the page number on which the show is previewed. Couedy encomsses stand-up. revue and cabaret.


Abducting Diana Moving Theatre Alexanderplatz

Balloonatics Theatre Company

Antony and Cleopatra

Edinburgh lntemational Festival

Auld iieiltie Bruce Morrison

Babel Acting Initiative

Backgreen Delter Clyde Unity Theatre Cocky Russell Hunter

Dogman! Sightlines Theatre Company Diary oi a Iiew York Dueen

Church Hill Theatre

Falling in Mine Cross Breed

Fishbowl Talking Birds Theatre Company Fritz 0nd Dtto Hotchasaums Rex

Bee! Wow! The Lite and Times or Clive Iieon: Warhol W Assembly Rooms

Going Up National Student Theatre Company IIare 81d Burke Bedlam Theatre

The Hostage Arches Theatre Company Henry VIII, Diary of a Serial Killer

Natural Theatre Company

Iiotch's 3D Teevee Hotchasaunls Rex

How to live Volcano Theatre

Iago Theatre-on-Podol

II Dne Talte Aids Positive Underground inside the Finn ITF Ltd

it Had To Be You Fifth Estate

The Jantshow Gilded Balloon Theatre

Joy Assembly Rooms

Killer Joe - Iilred 6m Theatre

Traverse Theatre

Kissing Marianne - Starving Artists Traverse Theatre

Liberty, ihegon Foothold Theatre Company Linnaeus - Prince of Flowers

Theatrum Botanicum

The Man at the Top

Ab Ovo Theatre/Masra (Theatre) Al-Ahram May Day Seruon Theatre West, Los Angeles Meeting Cassantha

Tmu-Na Theatre with Antonia Smits Merlin Wierszalin (Poland)

A Midstnarer Night‘s Drea-

lntimate Exchanges Theatre Company lame Parade

389$t$$i3§ 8322': 38:8: 2688238 8 8


Traverse Theatre

M 'I’ Bud

Omnificent ink Productions lnc

The flaked Bunch Gilded Balloon Theatre Iiflltahitt Sarah Brignall

The Ddd Comic

Borderline Theatre Company

Dtt Dut Hull Truck Theatre Company Playing Breton Masterson Productions Poor SI" “an Traverse Theatre

I Portrait ot Vincent Portrait Productions mm Flores Gilded Balloon ll

flex Boyd - Slum Hotchasaurus Rex Richie lIich Hotchasaums Rex


The Seven Streams oi the River Dta

Edinburgh lntemational Festival

Sexual Perversity in Chicago/See This Play Absolute Banana Theatre Company 24 She’ll be Cooling Round the Mountain

Backstairs Influence 24

Skaville Bedlam Theatre 29

Nancy SleeItit Fifth Estate 30

Stiff An elic Productions 55 and Saturday Night Nonsense

Gilded Balloon Theatre

Tarturie - Liz lochhead

Gilded Balloon Theatre 24 Three Short Stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer Journey Theatre Company 22 Torguato Tasso

Edinburgh lntemational Festival 39 Under Milk Wood Masterson Productions 21 Virtues Gilded Balloon Theatre 30 Window Dressing Trestle Theatre Company 37 SuzyVirong-Iiuasan Cannon Mu-Lan Arts 37

Yes Alborada Productions 47 COMEDY B-itoad Movie! Lip Service 29

Back to Basics Big Wheel Theatre Company 59 Bare Naked Fighting Armstrong and Miller 43

Bizarre Antidote Theatre 33 Blue IIeluet incidental Theatre 34 Bob Downe and the Hollywood Horns

Bob Downe and the Hollywood Horns 55 Boyfriend Front Hell Mania Productions 43 Burying Dad Diverse Attractions 47 Conedy Siren Rachel Berger 55 Craig Fergtson - Love. Sex, Death

And Weather Craig Ferguson 47 Death of a Contedian Death of a Comedian 52 Dorian Crook with Sir Demard Cin—Iey

Gilded Balloon Theatre 43 An Evening of Unprotected Sex

Bri Nylon Five 55 The Fabulous lypsinka Show

Lypsinka 1D Fit Dave Cohen 22 Funny Black Women on the Edge

Funny Black Women on the Edge 37 Boon-by Crafloe Boothby Graffoe 48 "am How Dominic Holland 47 lilllter and Docherty Absolutely Productions 55 It'saDit likeThIs. ..Owen O'Neill 55 Phil Kay Gilded Balloon Theatre 39 Kittens Co Cami! Melanie and Susan 33 M lanarr Mark [man 55 late 'n’ Live Gilded Balloon Theatre 55 Stem lee Stewart Lee 52 m flld Other Dellflits Earl Okin 37 Modern Problems in Science

Annoyance Theatre of Chicago 59 Pub hternationale HarTy Hill 44 iiich Herring i8 Fat Richard Herring 44 Frank Skinner Frank Skinner 51 Six Foot Silly and Sexy

Gilded Balloon Theatre 40 Steady Eddy ‘Duanhn Limp Tour’

Gilded Balloon Theatre 51 Stop Calling Me Vernon The Right Size 59 This Morning With Iiich lot Judy

Richard Herring 22

Tokyo Shock Boys Tokyo Shock Boys 18 Uri Geller Ate My Dinner

Gilded Balloon Theatre 40 Viva Variety Viva Variety 1D vloody Bop Aluddy's llecord Graveyard

Woody Bop Muddy 59 Caught - StilUIiatging

Gardini Juggling Project 39 Circuit Breaker - The Kosh

Gilded Balloon Theatre 39 Lucinda Chllds Dance Company

Edinburgh lntemational Festival 13 Mark Morris Dance Group

Edinburgh lntemational Festival 13 Merce Cumingha- Dance Conpany

Edinburgh lntemational Festival 12 Mlanl City Ballet

Edinburgh lntemational Festival 12

Betrace the Deth - Di Ira Dance Coupmy Continental Shifts 48

W The Honkin‘ Hep Cats 30 Dance You Socks Dtti Jiving Lindy Hoppers 22 Dognanl incidental Theatre 37 A Kldsmer lidtt's Dream

intimate Exchanges Theatre Company 21

The Olive Lake Joumey Theatre Company 22

Absolute Blues: .Ian Chicago Style Robert Mazurek Quartet 52 Beethoven Edinburgh lntemational Festival 52 Did Stroui Wear Knickers? The Eve Music Group 51 Edinburgh Festival of British Youth Orchestras Central Hall 52 Edinburgh hternational Blue Festival Caledonian Brewery 51 The Fall Acropolis 51 Antonio Forcione 81d hell Stacey Assembly Rooms 52 HI Wobble's Invaders oi the Heart Acropolis 51 m Frost The Subway 52 Mac-Talia II Concert Queen's Hall 55 Moxy Fruvous Fringe Club 55 Prastutikaran Grand Union Band 55 The Rio the Jazz Circus 51 Mike Scott Acropolis 14 The Davy Spillane Band Acropolis 51 Siuon Thotnire Acoustic Music Centre 55 Undue Crow Demarco European Art Foundation 51 Festival in Focus Edinbu h lntemational Festival 33 Mervynrgtutter Presents ‘Seen Anything Good’ Mervyn Stutter 21 Please Pleasance 24 Ji. Rose Circus Sideshow Acropolis 55 Spirit at Scotland Spirit of Scotland 55 TalesvouWIrl. . .IIeadsYoILose Scottish Traditional Storytellers 55

The List l2—l8 August 1994 3