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three venues two bars one restaurant eleven ceilidh dances foik music and song cabaret/open-stage drama roots/world music piping... poetry jazz exhibition comedy informai music and song sessions record stail In 1993 over 60 different performing companies gave about 350 performances which were seen by almost 20 000 people during the three weeks of AMC activities at the time of the Edinburgh

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Many will be back this year. Why not join them?

tn Trims ' L y 6” AUGUST 12 - SEPTEMBER 3 1994 A I a ' re you P ease to see me Venue 25 at 16 Chambers Street, Edinburgh She llau bed (adjacent to the Festivai Club) cc . for iriormation cali 031~220 2462 from August 12 (01‘ 1S a (an between midday and midnight throughout the Festival Of Olmu M ’ll‘ennentgs 30/,- im your lelwli?” LIVE MUSIC

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Xfifcfingglflffk: tacit 19m” EDINBURGH'S MOST EXCITING llVE MUSIC BAR Myself‘ ii OPE 7 G B i . SUN mm" SONS OF THE SHAKING EARTH ecause When Im miles away MON 15m BABY BARTOK Flirting: Mlilic 1111 angles TU ES iOih MAKOSSA o u WED 17m 30m 1F i e t Pd 3 $35? THUR i8ih” HIDEAWAY BLUES BAND T 01m "‘3' 439 my mWSIS. SUN 213i MOJO PEP MON 22nd MANNY CHARLTON BAND (EX NAZARETH) NEW 0 RAUGHT m A CA N TUES 23rd LIFE WITH NIXON ._ WED 24th CLOUD ASSASSINS



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a Any bond wishing to play in Stones contact: 6 Keith Jones, Stones 24/26 Frederick Street, Edinburgh r

031 220 1226

4 80 The List 12—18 August 1994