Whatever the merits or otherwise ofa Festival such as Edinburgh‘s homing in on one composer to be the backbone of its music programme. this year's choice of Beethoven certainly promises some highly charged performances. Fir/eli'o at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre. with Richard Armstrong. will be a historic landmark the first Festival production to open in the new theatre. Of the performances of all the symphonies. Sir Charles Mackerras conducting the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment in Symphonies 4 and 7 and. on the following evening. N0 9 and the Choral. should prove most exciting. Other evening concerts include Alfred Brendel in a programme of piano sonatas. while the Queen‘s Hall moming concerts offer the Borodin String Quartet in four different Beethoven programmes. (Carol Main)

I Fidelio (Festival). Edinburgh Festival Theatre. 225 5756. 15/17 Aug. 7.15pm. £5—£44.

I Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment (Festival). Usher Hall. 225 5756. 25. 26 Aug. 8pm. £5—£24.

I Alfred Brendel (Festival). Usher Hall. 225 5756.22 Aug. 8pm. £5-£ 16.


/ r I' Italian guitarist Antonio Forcione is featured in two shows again this year. with comedian Paul Morocco in Ole. and in the more familiar context of a guitar duo with Neil Stacey. They tnade their debut playing together in Edinburgh last year. and have issued a live recording frorn the Assembly Rooms in time for their return.

Both players have their roots firmly lodged in jazz. but their set extends to include a mass of other influences from folk. rock. ethnic and classical forms. Forcione's bright.


Jazz Chicago Style.

i audience approval.

E They have aimed even higher this

The Robert Mazurek Ouartet was the

undoubted jazz surprise of last year’s

i Fringe. The trumpeter had been to the Fringe once before, as part of a two-

; man show with an actor, but the band

1 arrived as close to complete

§ unknowns as makes no difference,

3 having booked themselves into a run

i at the Tron Jazz Cellar under the

3 evocative slogan of Absolute Blues:

The gamble worked a treat, and the

f quartet, which featured Mazurek,

E pianist Randolph Tressler, bassist John ? Webber (who was also heard in Glasgow with Steve Crossman during

' the jazz festival last month) and

i drummer George Fludas, extended

their stay in response to sustained

for the whole Festival (with two gigs most days, a total of 42 in all), and have augmented the band’s crisp, punchy urban jazz stylings with the addition of another Chicago-based jazzman, saxophonist Eric Alexander, thus forming a quintet in the classic hard-bop format.

Alastair Robertson was one of the many people impressed by the group during their stay last year. He has issued an album by the quartet, ‘Man Facing East’, on his HEP label in time for their return, which features seven of Mazurek’s own tunes (two of which were co-written with Fludas) and a couple of standards. (Kenny Mathieson)

Absolute Blues: Jazz Chicago Style (Fringe) Tron Jazz Cellar (Venue 9) 667 9390, 12 Aug-4 Sept, 3pm and 8pm,

: year, taking up residence at The Tron £5.

fluent compositions provide ample opportunity to show off both their

4 , musicality and technical ' , prowess. (Kenny


I Antonio Forcione and

Neil Stacey (Fringe)

Assembly Rooms (Venue

3) 226 2428. 12—26 Aug. 2pm. £7 (£6).


i Cellar No i will provide a ; late-night focus forjazz fans. but don't expect the a usual traditional and mainstream fare. The 1 Cellar has emerged as a home for more ; contemporary styles on ; the Edinburgh scene. and bass player/hooker Tony Thomas sees the venue as ‘a chance to hear young musicians in action in a really good atmosphere. and with no cover charge.‘

Tony’s own Beat Dis Jazz Night will be a feature of the programme.

which will also include bassist Miles Danso (15 Aug) and pianist Alex Wilson (18 Aug) from


' Among the highlights are visits from Norwegian. Polish and

London. and American South African orchestras.

pianist Dim Taper (22—23 ' and the Scottish premiere

Aug) from Boston. as well 2 of Lutoslawki‘s Fourth

as Bill Kyle‘s JazzBase. 3 Syrup/1010'. part of an

now in the Saturday slot. : ambitious programme

(Kenny Mathicson) from the Cambridgeshire

I Cellar HO 1 Chambers

Street. 220 4298. 12

Aug—3 Sept (not Sun).

10.30pm. free.



Brightening Glasgow’s summer. and also bringing a feast of music to the Fringe. the National Association Of Youth Orchestras’ annual festival features young musicians from all over Britain. Not only orchestral music. but choirs. brass ensembles and wind bands make for a dizzying range of

County Youth Orchestra (Edinburgh IS Aug. Glasgow l6 Aug).

The National Youth Orchestra Of South Africa. making its first ever trip abroad. plays in Glasgow on 13 Aug and include Roosenschoon‘s Clout/s Clearing alongside the more

; familiar Rachmnaninov

Second Pitmo Concerto. The Cracow Youth

Orchestra. meanwhile.

have Gorecki‘s Third

I Svmpltmtv in their

programme. (Peter Cudmore)

I Festival Of British

; Youth Orchestras (Fringe)

Central Hall (Venue l()()). 229 7937. 13—27 Aug. Titties and prices vary. See Music listings for details of Glasgow concerts.


t They're not ones for l idling. June Frost. Since

Eoin Bennett with P

June Frost

they formed last September they've put out a nine-track cassette. played a 34-(Iillt‘ tour of Europe and built up a strong local following in Edinburgh. Not content to rest on their blooming laurels. they‘ve plannetl a multi-tnedia. no-holds- barred blowout for the Festival. A visual trip complete with slides. dancers. freaks and the occasional naked red man will add to the ambience produced by their haunting sonndscapes. ‘Rather than just being a bunch of songs strung together. we want our concerts to create an environment. to evoke emotions and memories.‘ explains let). their percussionist antl digeridoo player. (Jonathan Trew)

. I June FI’OSt (Fringe) I Subway ( ’enue 39) 225

_6766.l7~19r\ug.24—26 Aug. 3] Aug~~2 Sept. 10.30pm. £4.50 (£3.50).

e x" I'T ' l erth Youth Orchestra

62 The List 12—18 August 1994