Communicado’s Gerry Mulgrew talks to Gabe Stewart about love, life and everything.

The extremes in Communicado's innovative eleven-year track record are epitomised by its 93 and 94 Fringe productions. Last year’s renowned The Legend of St Julian was primarily visual. with the cast emphasising physical language to communicate with the audience. This year‘s Playboy of the Western World, recognises the strength of the written word. Whereas last year‘s reworking of Flaubert's short story dispensed with tnost of the words, this year. I. M. Synge‘s tried and tested classic appears to be surprisingly untarnpered with. With his all-Irish cast. Gerry Mulgrew. Communicado‘s co-founder. Artistic Director. and director of this production. has milked Synge‘s lyrical language for all its worth.

‘The fascinating thing about this play is how closely the thing is written.‘ he says. ‘It's full of wonderful characters. lyrical language. and it‘s very funny. Most importantly it‘s full of simmering desires and passion. In fact this play reminds me a lot of Blood Wedding (produced by Communicado in I988). Synge reminds me of Lorca with humour. And the play‘s got this wonderful mysterious ending. Underneath he‘s got what feels to be some sort of re-working of an ancient Irish myth. It‘s a feature of Celtic myth and legend. so you see it in James Joyce. with a shifting view point on reality. It's got a lot oflayers underneath. It’s about everything really: love. marriage. power of the imagination.‘

For a company that‘s committed to ‘n'sk-taking and exploring the whole

range oftheatre techniques'. Mulgrew is playing this one remarkably by the book. ‘It’s very tricky to play. We‘ve done it with a great degree of subtlety. reflecting the constantly shifting ground between belief and reality.‘ If the acting sticks pretty close to the script. the set allows for more creative license. ‘The set is based on our own interpretations. and we’ve had some



Communicado goes lrisl fun with it. For example we've used a coal—effect electric lire instead of a peat fire.‘ There‘s risk-taking for you. I wonder what Michael Billington will have to say about that? (Gabe Stewart) I The Playboy oi the Western World

(Fringe) Communicado. Traverse

(Venue 15) 228 I404. 16 Aug—3 Sept (not 22. 29 Aug). various times. £8 (£5).

Henry VIII, Diary Of A Serial Killer

It your detlnitlon ot a right left is a right royal tarce where annus horribilus meets a musical Spitting Image, then this Is bound to tickle your Tudor tancy. It, however you have anarchist leanings, or teel equally

stroneg about second-rate humour inherent in many light entertainment programmes, then stop reading here. In order tor the winsomely whinging Prince Charles to tulill his royal manhood, the belligerent spirit at Henry VIII is conjured up in order to inspire a suitable example at husbandry. Cue a slick pantomime oi audience participation as we whizz through Henry’s marital meanderings and a smattering of ho, ho, has on the way. (Ann Donald) Henry VIII Diary Di A Serial Killer (Fringe) Natural Theatre Company, Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428, 13-28 Aug, 11 .4San, £7 (£5)/ £8 (£6).


Top 0’ the morning to you. Gabe Stewart otters tive of the cream 0’ the crop, destined to help settle your porridge.

I Joy Marsha Hunt's novel exposes the trials and tribulations musical fame places on a family. This one-woman adaptation stars Hunt. directed by her own (and Mick's) daughter.

Joy (Fringe) Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428. until 1 Sept (not 22 Aug). noon. £9. 50 (£8.50).

Mark Lamarr: state of comedy

I The Guardian Talks Why pay £7 to line Jack Tinker‘s pocket. when you can see Michael Billington and William Cook discuss the state of theatre and comedy with the likes of Mark Lamarr. Donna McPhail. Stuart Lee and Arnold Brown, Liz Lochhead and Kenny Ireland every Thursday of the Festival for free?

The Guardian 'Ialks (Fringe) Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428. I8, 25 Aug. 1 Sept. noon, free.

I Ten Steps to Starting a Theatre Company Depending on which side of the curtain you‘re standing on. the Independent Theatre Council's guide to running your own company is either invaluable or intriguing.

Ten Steps to Starting a Theatre Company (Fringe) Independent Theatre Council. P1€(IS(1I1(.‘€ (Venue 33) 556 6550. 25, 26 Aug. 10.30am. free.

I The Children’s Kaleidoscope A history of music from Henry VIII to the bizarre musical theatre of Berio. uncovered through multi-media interpretations.

The Children Is Kaleidoscope (Fringe) The Fool is Pro gress. George Square I Theatre (Venue 37) 229 [500. [8. [9. t 22. 23. 24. 29 Aug. 10.30am. £3. I Dance Your Socks DH These dance l workshops from the ever-popular t Jiving Lindy Hoppers let children in on a few trade secrets that‘ll have them blistering the parquet flooring at the next school disco.

I )(III('(’ Your Soeks 0ff( Fringe) Ji l'l/l g Lindy Hoppers. St Bride Is Centre (Venue 62) 346 I405, until 3 Sept (not Suns) [2.15pm. £3.50.

The List I9—25 August l99419