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More cuddles now

In the theatrical equivalent of a Biff cartoon, Jack Klaft purges himself of the neuroses and hang-ups that constitute an educated person’s romantic relationship. Will he understand her? Will she give him enough space? Will they agree on the wallpaper? If they have a baby should they call it ‘Filofax’?

A mixture of the passionate and the comic, the raw and the ironic, More Cuddles flow shows off Klaff as a

Jack Klaff: in seach of love

performer of remarkable control and a writer of considerable imagination. It might not be the most original of

subjects and its resolution reassuring ; to the point of smugness, but Klaff

invests it with such a degree of detail, insight and drive that it becomes

utterly compelling. (Mark Fisher) More Cuddles llow (Fringe) Jack Klaff, Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428, until 3 Sept, noon, £6 (£3).

The Right

“The best comedy you've ever seen. Indescribable and very, very funny." Imsn SUNDAY luoeeeuoem

“Inspirational slapstick and surrealist

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: Archangels n’t Pay Pinball

CYT: farcical laces slower scenes might have improved the pace, which occasionally dragged. A good clean set and costumes, and superb music all add to a very stylish performance. The very talented cast proved to be a match for the physicality of mime and farce, and played their roles with conviction.

All in all, this non-university, community theatre group, all new to acting, put some professional outfits to shame. (Gabe Stewart)

Archangels Don’t Play Pinball (Fringe) CYT, Adam House Theatre (Venue 36) 650 8200, until 27 Aug, 11 .45am, £4.50 (£3.50).

It’s pointless to try summarising this play; anyone familiar with Dario Fo will know his farces go all over the place. Knowing that the lead character is called Lofty Weather, and becomes, during the course of the play, both a dog and a minister, doesn’t help. It is, of course, both didactic and funny. I The cast all seem to have been to the Dario Fo school of farcical facial gesticulations, and they handle the comic tableaux well. It some of the scene changes need tuning up, similar minor gremlins will soon iron out, although judicious pruning of some


. vegetarian . vegan . macrobiotic .

Persian vegetarian food served in the café dowr‘zstairs.

131iS’l‘lVAl. OPENING: Mon, Tues, Wed: 9.()()am 9.00pm Thurs, Fri, Sat: 9.00am - 10.00pm

83 CLERK S'I‘Rlil‘l'l‘ (next to the Queen's 111111) Telephone Shop: 031 668 2067 Cafe: 031 662 4014


by Walter Savage Londor (1715 - l864)

' Two women. And 0 man. 3 Simply, beauty.

111mm}; WOW(SH : r k ; "7 CRYPnC 0A “A Definite” The Scotsman


Directed by ! (‘ATHIE BOYD

i j $iobhoe Niéolor, Gino lender Directed by (brir lorries

ST COLUMBA'S BY THE CASTLE Johnson Terrace. Edinburgh (Venue 4)

14-20AUG:12.15un(1.250m) THEATRE WORKSHOP - Venue 20 i 22 . 27 AUG towam (11.50am) lSAL'G - 388? (NOT SUN)1.30PM , 00 £3 “CI “(8.50) TICKETS. £5. ( cones) Box Office Tel:0312265415 ,' ; VENUE BOX OFFICE: (031) 220 5959 FRINGE BOX OFFICE: (031) 226 5138


20 The List 19—25 August 1994