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Do you live to shop? Does the prospect of Princes Street on a Saturday make you shudder with anticipation? If so. you need to see Going Up. This musical show devised by the acclaimed National Student Theatre Company is a humorous and provocative exposure of the terrifying hold the commercial world exerts on our lives. The confident cast portray an array of characters whose weaknesses are magnified by the tacky ideals on sale in a department store. Mixing abundant humour with sharp observation,

theatre. (Justin McKenzie Smith)

I Going Up (Fringe) National Student Theatre Company, Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550. until 3 Sept (not 17, 30 Aug). 12.15pm. £5/£6 (£4/£5).


, Authentic Arabic dance

l can be pretty wild stuff at

E the best of times and you

| can see why Wendy

l Buonaventura has placed

3 such faith in the power of this sensual female form.

I But in a cold dark theatre,

; accompanied by not so

I much a soundtrack as a ‘Book at Bedtime' slot on

The ‘Travellers Tales' soundtrack concerns Western men who've travelled East across the ages. and felt both fascination and fear towards the professional dancers who provoke lust and disgust. The stories in their own right are compelling. and the dance at times peaks to a vital. voluminous high but it’s all a bit too much of a literal ‘Simon says put your hands on your hips and do an Arabic lance’ translation of the soundtrack to drive home its message with real style. (Ellie Carr)

I Dancing Girls (Fringe) Wendy Buonaventura/ Jacqueline Jamal. Demarco Foundation (Venue 22) 558 3371. until 3 Sept, l2.15pm. £6 (£4).


Although it‘s nice to see Marsha Hunt on stage again. it‘s easy to suspect this production is trading on her name. Adapted from her hit novel. it features Tammy Bang’s

daughters. Brenda.

i Chip‘.

Hip to the Chocolate

Joy’s the daughter Baby Palatine (Hunt) has

I relationship. It’s well acted. in Hunt’s beautiful.

I unmistakeable Louisiana

'drawl. but a cut or two

i I Joy (Fringe) Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428. until 1 Sept (not 22 Aug). noon. £9.50

Going Up taps a rich seam E Radio Four. Dancing Andorra and Joy. who. as always wanted, and the midway through the first I (£8.50). of subversive energy Girls fails to bring the big. Bang Bang Bang have a I narrative pieces together half would speed the unique to good musical I black space alive. No I hit with ‘Shake Your what went wrong in their story. (Malcolm Stewart) 'Atonoe heartbreaking and hopeful. . . bursts with sincerity.” Guardian w T4; ={ m WAVERl-EY CENTRE l EDINBURGH l 031 557 4694 Marsha Hunt I KINGDOM CENTRE in i GLENROTHES ALMONDVALE O E LIVINGSTON o I W / I FESTIVAL MUSIC ON co DAVY SPILLANE ONLY £9.99 A PLACE AMONG THE STONES DOUGIE MACLEAN ONLY £9.99 Produced and Directed by Karis J agger { JAH WOBBLE ONLY £9.99 TA“ ME TO GOD BOYS OF THE LOUGH ALL FROM $12.99 "A mixture of tragedy and wry comedy which has something to say about blackness, 21L: . . . t 1 . abou love the blinds, and thou the way we become what we are . B kln i 1 .99 FESTIVAL VIDEOS 1 2 noon JIM ROSE crncus £10.99 LILY SAVAGE LIVE £14.99 . 13 August - 3 September. JERRY SADOWITZ £9.99 Tickets £6.50 (£5.50 concessnons) Jo BRAND £10 99 ASSEMBLY ROOMS CRAIG FERGUSON 51 0.99 54 George Street, Edinburgh Box Office 031 228 2428 £9.99 WHEELS ‘1

22 The List 19-25 August 1994