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\ . At the Stella Artois Assembly Rooms you can snap up m have ch" “mm a pair of tickets to see some of the best shows on this Fat may be a feminist issue but these British Nazi, stopping only for a quick year's Fr'nge' Stella MOB. Assembly are Swlng away days every right-on male comic has song, in a show that shuns rapid-tire , a generous number Of thketS on a FIRST COME, muscled in on the ieminist act and is gags in tavour ot coherent narrative. "RS1- SERVED BASIS. Tickets may be picked up out to prove that not only is he Set against the aggressive slickness ' . sensitive but also he has weight of the late-night stand-ups, Fit could only on the day Of the performance by present‘ng problems too. easin sink under the wieght of its own your voucher at the |nformation Desk in the

It’s best to view Dave Cohen’s show politeness, but at lunchtime it’s iolly, . - - ' ' ° less as up-tront comedy than as an genial and generally tun. (Mark Fisher) Assembly Rooms foyer- TleetS SUbJQCt to avallablllty

autobiographocal monologue with Fit (Fringe) nave Cohen, Gilded . and limited to ONE PAIR PER PERSON.

occasional laughs. He takes us from Balloon ll, Stepping Stones (Venue 51) . playground shyness to keep-tit class 225 6520, until 3 Sept (not 23 Aug), g, EAMON MOR'SSEY i“ A pair of tickets to see

to confrontation with a former leading 12.30pm, £5 (£3). I .‘ 'd presenter. add your . performed v I I‘Measure for Measure “UPI H . a P . I (“mgcl Oxford “MUM” W'" pm“ 3’“ Ireland's leading comic actor on

Headlights. C (venue 19) even make a public fool MEASURE FOR 225 5105. until 3 Sept. ol‘yoursclf. Grcal- lt’s Thurs 18 Aug (10.45pm).

ARE . g ; 3pm“ (£3l- “’Plc“"l’“’h“b‘”' Five pairs of tickets available.

w entertaining (if Richard « V COMEDY

and his minor celebrity I : oftwats on beer). Silly

panel aren't being a bunch (always) and ironic ' (financially). However I much you pay. don’t

. _ believe the hype: Herring Don t buy a ticket for this 3 isn't fal‘ hc's phat. show! Wait for the ticket I (this Morning, pm“ I auction in the courtyard Richard, "at Judy ' twenty minutes before the (Fringe) Richard Herring


A pair of tickets to see

Craig Ferguson perform LOVE, SEX, DEATH AND WEATHER on Fri 19 Aug (8pm).

Five pairs of tickets available.

start. It‘s more fun and ' Plcagancc (Venue 33) 556 _ you mighliust get a 6550. until 3 Sept (not 31 ROBERT SCHIMMEI. ' bargain, . Aug). 11.45 am.£7/£8 . . This is morning TV as Rub/£7) (tickets also for A palr Of IleeIS to see This Shakespeare j auction twenty mins L n adaptation emphasisirig O

can Show bQCk 3' the ; . before show starts).

the misuse of power seems oddly appropriate in 90s Britain: Angelo‘s hang 'em high remedy for rampant single parenthood just might be on Peter Lilley‘s little list.

The admirable seven- strong cast quick-change l their way through a pacy. well-edited Nazi- influenced version. Director Dominic Druce recognises the inadequacies in this ‘problem play‘. and imbues it with more

Sun 21 Aug (10pm). Fi've pairs of tickets available.

l you‘d like it to be: you l l


' A pair of tickets to see Cuba's leading theatre ensemble perform INNOCEN , ERENDIRA on Tues 23 Aug / (12.30pm).

Five pairs of tickets available.

humour than in the orginal. Isabella (Kate _

Rufus) is classically A pair of ththS to see

frigid. tight-lipped Angelo

(Alex Madmen) is the TOKYO SHOCK BOYS

decked out like the MC in Cabaret. and Sarah Thomas, as the manic Duke. simply redefines the role. (Gabe Stewart)

on Sun 28 Aug (6pm). Five pairs of tickets available.

The List 19—25 August I994 23