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overwhelming. The List is the answer to your problems. Between these pages lies an easy-to-use tonic to Festival mania

If you have been swept off your cultural feet by the Festival and tickled by the Fringe. but are finding it all a bit

a guide to what‘s worth seeing, where and why.

Our army of reviewers has been slogging its critical guts out. dragging itself to opening nights and burning the midnight oil to alert you to the good. bad and ugly bits of this whole crazy business. For those with a limited budget and timetable, the best of the Festival, Fringe and Drambuie Film Festival bonanza is highlighted in our Top Ten. Venture further and you'll discover a Hitllst in each Time Zone, informing you of quality shows to suit your schedule.

More than 100 reviews are slotted into neat time bands for your convenience. They will help you discover the gems and the turkeys before you reach for your wallet. if a show cuts across Time Zones. you will find it categorized according to start time. If by the end of the review you still want to go. there is a full listing of venue. dates. time and prices.

We also offer ticket information to ease the trauma of seeing shows and to help with dwindling finances. check out our


For those with theatre and shows oozing out of every pore and desperate for some alternative culture. there are separate sections for Festival Art, Clubs, Music and Film. So take a good dose of The List and aim for Festival heaven.


The index lists every show alphabetically by title which appears in this \veelt’s list and givesthepogenu-berontvhichtheshonis reviewed or previewed. Co-edy encoupesses staid-up. revue and cabaret.


Abducting Diana Moving Theatre 38 Actress Perestroika Productions 46 All Cut Up or lloe Five Great Hones: Kept Dphella Ailt

Stagefright Theatre Company 28 Archangels Don’t Play Pinball

CYT Productions 20 Bitch! Dyirel Faghagl Whore!

Assembly Rooms 81 The Black Ambulance Bang

Thirteen O‘Clock Productions 38 Boiv to the Beast Boilerhouse 32 Camping Dut - Top Tvrins Traverse Theatre 58 Claptrap Blue Harlequin Theatre Company 38 Conventional Deuons

Nottingham New Theatre

Courtess Demarco European Art Foundation 48 Crossing the B8 Fallen Angel Theatre Co 53 Derive Demarco European Art Foundation 41 Demon Mania Productions

Dudes With Dicks The Brian Collective 21 Elvis is Alive and She's Beautiful! KUTA Theatre Company

Fever Pitch Assembly Rooms

Fragile Pathways Theatre Company French KlSS Gilded Balloon Theatre

Go Ahead and Jim The Fisheye Project Going Up National Student Theatre Company 22 Happy Birthday Mr President Bunbury Touring

ilenry VII. tilt! at a Serial Killer Natural Theatre Company 19 line: to Live Volcano Theatre 57 The Importance of Being 2:Ernest

Peter lreland & Company 42 Jack The Mad Abbot 81 The Janishovt Bocs Productions

Joy Assembly Rooms

Just Whores The Wee Red Bar

Kissing Bingo The Cambridge Mummers Kissing Madame - Starving Artists Traverse Theatre

The Laird oi Sarnoa Cafe Royal Lamfirnolting Chameleon Productions Marga Come: in ‘Menory Tricks’

Marga Gomez

Measure for Meastrre Oxford Headlights Meeting Cassandra

Tmu-Na Theatre with Antonia Smits Merlin Wierszalin (Poland)

Milena Venue l23

Mooi Street Moves - Footpoul Prohctions Traverse Theatre

My Chilton! My Alrical

KCS Theatre Company

The Med Brunch Gilded Balloon Theatre The Kiwi larry Kroner Kissed lee Traverse Theatre

The Odd Carole

Borderline Theatre Company

The Oldest Profession Venue 123

One Flee Over The Cuckoo's lest

Blow Up TheaUe Company

One Shot Snarling Beasties

eresteia Edinburgh lntemational Festival Paradise - The Second Draft

The Electric Company

Passion Synaesthesia

A Piece of uy lleert

Festival Theatre USC-USA

The Playboy oi the Western World Communicado

Playing Tor Tile Bedlam Theatre

Beading Rim Freeway Stage

The Bile oi the Ancient W

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner


3:: 8‘3 88:3 383: 8



3:; 8t 88 388i 881

Robert louis Stevenson Diverse Attractions 8 Ito-en and Juliet

Demarco European Art Foundation

The Seven Stream ol the River the Edinburgh lntemational Festival

She'll be Co-ing BDtle the Homtain Backstairs influence

Site 12 Cambridge Very Devil Drama Co. Sleep oi the Just The Wee Red Bar

So llelp Me Festival Club/Adam House Soldier on a Monday Kick Back Theatre Storm in a Teacw Cafe Royal

Technique Sleeping Giant Theatre

Telling llesholnon Theatrestorm

The Tempest

Brave New World Theatre Company "mom Mimus Mundanus

The Web oi Innocence

Spotlites Theatre Company

The Well oi the Saints

Edinburgh International Festival 37 Who Will Carry The Word’

Bulmershe Revival 41 Wing Sp. The Wee Red Bar 42 The Winter’s Tale

Edinburgh lntemational Festival 37


Acing Sonya Ann Bryson 53 Back ill Tile Tor must

The Electric Company 21 Bedding Cley Jones Chaney Productions 32 The Best oi hish Couody

Young. Gifted and Green 81 Best oi Scottish Co-edy

Gilded Balloon Theatre

Bih 8 Bob Acropolis

Big, Big lloeee Bruce Morton

Blonde ltd Brainy Dolly Dupree

Bob Done and the llollnvood Ilorns Bob Downe and the Hollywood Horns Buying Dad Diverse Attractions Rhona Caneren Rhona Cameron M h! the let Dan O‘Brien

Charlie's Angels Be To llell Graham Nonon 55 Continental Brechtiest The Entire Company 21 Corky lid The Juice Pigs

Corky and The Juice Pigs 57 Craig Ferguson - love. Sex. Death and Heather Craig Ferguson 55 The Dave Schneider Shoe Dave Schneider 41 All! Davies Gilded Balloon Theatre

Mark Davis Assembly Rooms

Kevin Day Gilded Balloon Theatre

Dead Boat Cosmetics

Gilded Balloon Theatre

Electricity: The Caged Pony Ben Moor

Fit Dave Cohen

Going Places Heavy Luggage

m M Dominic Holland

llattie llayrldge ltd Unda Slith

Gilded Balloon Theatre

flutter A Docherty Absolutely Productions l'- a Short Fat Kebab-Shop Owner‘s Son Hill Street Theatre

Ji-eein Jimeoin

Phil Kay Gilded Balloon Theatre

Kittens Be Brrrl'rll Melanie and Susan M WT Assembly Rooms

lane Id Woodley Leno and Woodley Late ‘n’ Live Gilded Balloon Theatre lorrelne Bevan Experience

58 883818883 8 3


3868 838:63

88:33:68 8‘3 831833 886

Lorraine Bowen Experience

Love Cats John Hegley

Donna flcPhail Donna McPhail

The lien Who Knew Pleasance

The Harry Liflrthoeso Experience Incidental Theatre (Continued)

Roger W with Tony lioness Roger Monkhouse with Tony Burgess flora Cedaes Klan


Assembly Rooms

do More h. lice by Parrot

N. 3* Jasper! Fossick Valley Fumblers

m Death Ken with Weedy Allen

Comedy Factory

A Pi e1 Meg Idiots Parsons and Naylor M Tediaeoe ‘Co-lc' Paul Tonkinson Peter Boy‘- Serves Fe.

Peter Baynharn Serves Four

M hteruatioirale Harry Hill

:8 88% 888 8 8i

The Publicity Sttl'It

Incidental Theatre (Continued) 37 Risk Bay Scott Capuno 82 Robert Schluoel Assembly Rooms 62 John Shuttleworth John Shuttleworth 35 This Morning with Richard lot Judy

Richard Herring 23 Thoracic M Cambridge Medics Revue 57 Tokyo Shock Boys Tokyo Shock Boys 37 Viva Variety Viva Variety 57 What a Bargain! Felix Dexter 58 Willy's World Nick Wilty 53

Wt - Stillfllanglng

Gandini Juggling Project

Circuit Breaker - The Kosh

Gilded Balloon Theatre

Co-panion Piece Theatre Workshop Dancing Blris

Demarco European Art Foundation Eros of love and Destruction Shak'i

h The Pitt Noflt State Circus

Jewels Edinburgh lntemational Festival The land of Counterpaive Diverse Attraction. Scanning Ricochet Dance Company

La Vita Edinburgh lntemational Festival

ccéaaee a:

An Aerul oi Burgess

BBC Scotland Studio One

Altll Aegis Productions

Battlefield Band in Concert Battlefield Band Combo! Combo! The Fringe Club

The Co-edians Moray House

Antonio Forcione and Kell Stacey

Assembly Rooms

Bene La Belle Angele

Jools Holland ltd llis Big Blld Queen‘s Hall 33 lchiro Acropolis 83 the [M Edinburgh lntemational Festival B4 Lulu ACTS BB 0 B McBlym St Paul‘s & St George’s Church N m Edinburgh lntemational Festival 54 lAalcoll lo Halstre Cafe Graffitti B4 Robert m Dultet

Absolute Blues: Jazz Chicago Style

A Midsumer lifllt’s Drea-

Edinburgh lntemational Festival

Odd Bod'lra'l Moray House

Bed Paterson and Ian Johrtstone Acoustic Music Centre

The Poozies Acoustic Music Centre Songs of Travel: Robert louis Stevenson Centenary Celebrations

Dan Taper Trio Cellar No.l

The Tartan Areoebes Moray House

28a. 82 28 8

An Evening with Robert Louis Stevenson Philomusica of Edinburgh 8 Flush! - The Meal

The London Musicals Company 28 People You Mother Would llave Disapproved 0i Menagerie A Tois 25 B18 - The Ken Musical Adventrae

Edinburgh Footlights Theatre Company 42 Stan Starbust Beyorrd the l

Festival Theatre USC-USA 81 South Airlca. We Love You Cape Town Youth Theatre Company 25

All At Sea/Trustee lint Diverse Attractions 21

The Chith Kaleidoscope

The Fool’s Progress 19 Dance You Socks tilt Jiving Lindy Hoppers 1B Beerdle the Viking The Whale Venue 32 htalsie la the llainlorest

Brunton Theatre Company 41

Chinese State Circes Chinese State Circus 41

Jil lleee Circus Sideshow Acropolis B1 The Bandit: Talks The Guardian 10 Ten Steps to Starting e Theatre Coupe-y

independent Theatre Council 19

The List l9-25 August 1994 3