From the Canadian company that brought you Independent Theatre Awardgnominee

Serpent Kills (92) "powerful performances" and The Ugly Man (93) "superb..., another dizzy display of virtuoso physical acting..."




Robert Schimmel has a filthy tongue in f .

his head; the sheer quantity oi shit 1

and fellatio jokes that till his set t ‘,

borders on the obsessional. There’s an - ‘u

underlying cynicism, misogyny

; possibly, to his material but who

knows whether that’s the man or the

comedian talking. Whatever, It’s hard

not to be impressed by the sheer

i polish on this deeply ironic New

Yorker’s act. lie shoots and scores just ~ about every time, in contrast to so many British stand-ups who do long

1 midtleld runs only to tlufi in front of

a goal. There’s a precision in the way

Schimmel puts hls act together, but

like the porno he draws inspiration

from, it leaves a nasty taste.


e 'Q

(The Scotsman) comes a nasty musical

comedy about historical revisionism.

V ‘9

Robert Schimmel: deeply ironic

Recommended for fans of hardmosed, American stand-up. (Eddie Gibb) Booms (Venue 3) 226 2428, until 3 Robert Schimmel (Fringe) Assembly Sept, 10pm, 29/8 (Fl/8).


i V i in control. A complex ‘. I’M A character touching on i

; Capuro, Southside (Venue 82) 667 7365. until 3 3 Sept. 10.30pm. £5 (£4).


, ._ i, y


thav er 8. Baoom ' MUSIC or D. RIMMER ,

1 several complex topics:

sex. the brutality of

I I pornography, racism and

5 child abuse. Topics which

deprecating put-down.

almost-assimilated ' sophisticate Omid Djalili : struggles vainly to live

' i could have been explored . Fond of the self-

deeper and with more impact if they had been singled out and focused

on more. but this is Lana's

world, laid bare. Incognito.


; down the fact that he will

forever be a ‘short fat

f kebab-shop owner's son‘ with a big nose and one

Confrontationally naked throughout most of the show. Michelle Banks

"Well written, crisply performed, and hilariously funny.

A sophisticated and entertaining musical that attacks

. ,,.,\,.\.\_,\ . '. intolerance from an unusual angle. ‘,{ ,r sf A’ ((ilobe & Mail)

"Fresh, provocative, entertaining and audacious - go see it. it's worthy of the fanfare." (The Georgia Straight)

thought-provoking as it is entertaining. 'l‘errific performances .. . a 'must see' show." (Vancouver Province)

23 Aug - 3 Sept ll pm, £7/£4

031-2281404 T R A v E R s E


8 - ll Sept 7.30 pm, £7.5/6 041-552 4267


The Alberta Foundation for the Arts



' eyebrow.

A university education and theatrical pretensions

aren‘t enough to convince

his lranian parents that he

: should give up the day job

as a chauffeur to rich

i Ara‘bs. Betraying his

actorly ambitions. Djalili also gives a reluctant

outsider‘s view of the

luvvies and posers that dominate the world of experimental theatre.

g Having quite successfully

milked an appreciative audience with his Berkoff piss-takes, Djalili then inadvertantly gives the game away when recommending his other show. Apparently it‘s a

; ‘serious‘ piece of theatre from Slovakia.

, Abrakebabra, he‘sjust

another luvvie with a

comedy sideline. But at least he knows it. (Stan Ferguson)

I I’m A Short Fat Kebab- Shop Owner’s Son (Fringe) Omid Djalili. Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41) 226 6522. until 3 Sept (not 21 and 30), lO35pm. £5 (£4).


Inhale. A powerful and provocative one-woman show, looking into the troubled life of Lana; exotic dancer. smoker, moral philosopher and

(would-be) sexual

l brings great life and depth

to the character with a very strong emotional

performance. making for a

highly enjoyable. if at times slightly disturbing piece of contemporary theatre. (Joe Lampard)

I lana/Smoking (Fringe) Chameleon Productions. Pleasance (Venue 33) 556 6550. until 3 Sept. midnight. £6/£5.


g to be funny. With a


Like all the most talented and attractive men. Scott Capurro is gay. And does he know how to work it!

Framing his show with an autobiographical narrative, he cleverly puts the consciously- announced bits of stand- up into relief. Realism is heightened as a result and engrossing description all the more credible. From sexual awakening with cousin Kenneth ‘Marlboro Man’ to the perils of performing stand-up in straight clubs. Capurro blends some poignant tender observations with lacerating wit.

Mashing up serial monogamy, San Francisco. even a bit of Streisand: an evening with Capurro is a life enhancing experience. Fierce child! (Bethan Cole)

I Bisk Gay (Fringe) Scott

Lorraine Bowen: are you inexperienced? Dressed in a selection of wacky. spaneg dresses. Lorraine Bowen tried hard

selection of songs which

i were clearly inspired by Victoria Wood. influenced by Raw Sex. and featured

a synthesiser. clarinet and

bass. she sang about

shopping. spinach. crumble and her day trip

to Brighton. Otherwise

she calypsoed round plastic dog turds and danced in big pink bloomers.

Bowen isn't a bad

singer but her material

and delivery were so flimsy that after several numbers you began to wonder how she had the nerve to stand in front of anyone, apart from her bedroom mirror. and perform. You‘d have more fun on a blind date with a Jehovah‘s Witness. (Beatrice Colin)

I The lorralne Bowen Experience (Fringe) Marco‘s (Venue 98) 228 9i l6, until 3 Sept. lOpm. £5.50 (£4.50).

52 The List 19—25 August 1994